If this isn’t telling about the state of the smart phone industry, I don’t know what is. It’s particularly bad news for the folks at RIM — the company behind the BlackBerry brand.

Sensing that his employees were unsatisfied with their company issued BlackBerry smartphones, Clorox CIO Ralph Loura decided to give his employees a choice.

They could choose between three different smartphone brands: the iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7.

Guess which platform the smart folks at Clorox selected en-masse?

As you could probably discern from the graphic at the top of this post, the employees at Clorox were overwhelmingly in favor of the iPhone.

So much so, that 92 percent of employees decided to go with the iPhone, while the remaining 8 percent divided between Android, and Windows Phone 7. For what its worth, 6 percent decided on Android, while a paltry 2 percent went with Microsoft’s offering.

While true, this is just a small sampling of data from one corporation, it’s pretty eye opening to see such a ratio, especially in the midst of all of this “Android has more market share” talk.

What do you think?

I think Clorox employees are both clean, and smart.


  • AppleBits

    I like that Clorox offer different scents of their bleach, too. So this is just the cherry on top. 😉 hehe

  • Manuel

    People only choose Android because they don’t like Apple. Then when they have all those Android bugs, they go to something else and choose the iPhone. It happen to me, and 4 of my friends. Once they got an iPhone, they saw the light 🙂

    Android only has a lot of shares because some people are locked on to companies like Sprint or T-Mobile and Verizon. Before the iPhone went to Verizon, people could only use it with at&t while Android was on all companies. I know at&t users who didn’t know the iPhone could be used with T-Mobile even after all the news about it. People are stuck on Sprint or Verizon, while some T-Mobile users are using iPhone’s.

    If the iPhone goes to Sprint like it’s been rumored to go, then it would be a different ball game. I doubt it would ever go to T-Mobile, but if it did, I’m sure Apple would destroy Android. 4 iPhone’s compared to 600 Android devices on all companies will of course make more shares, but this is Apple’s stupidity with not trying to move their product to other carriers.

  • Rob

    Would have been interesting to see how many still wanted rim

    • Yep, I would have liked to see a sampling of that as well. Doubt it was many, though.

  • szdifjcnkvfj

    So now we get Apples in our bleach?