iQuickCall is a jailbreak tweak that allows you quick access to the number you call everyday. Using the gesture options built into Activator, iQuickCall gives you several methods for quickly prompting the option to call/text/e-mail someone from anywhere on your screen.

There are apps in the App Store that try to solve the issue of quick contact reference in iOS, but iQuickCall uses the system access benefits that jailbreaking provides for a more integrated approach…

All of the gestures/triggers in Activator are assignable to iQuickCall. You can swipe on a corner of the screen, tap and hold the home button, etc. to trigger iQuickCall from anywhere in iOS.

iQuickCall adds its own preference pane to the iPhone’s Settings app. In settings, you can add a number for the call, text and mail options. These different contacts can all be the same, or each one can be different.

Once you’ve entered your contact(s) and assigned your Activator, iQuickCall is ready to help you access your people quickly. Another cool option is that iQuickCall gives you the option to quickly type another number or email from the springboard.

iQuickCall is $0.99 in Cydia. It’s a great tweak for anyone who wants quick access to a certain contact.

What do you think about iQuickCall? Do you use another method for quickly queuing certain contacts?


  • XepptizZ

    Seems like a solid tweak

  • SpideyRules

    This seems like a very solid tweak, like Xepp said, I just haven’t been able to get into Activator that much. There’s so much involved I worry that I’ll forget the original functionality…lol. As it stands now, when someone hands me their iPhone, I still catch myself trying to pull down SBSettings 🙂

  • Sysadman

    I use scrollingboard combined with Click2call. My 8 quick contacts are in two sets of four icons each to the right of my “main” dock

  • Daddy

    I like Voice Control. Lmao

  • sick going to try this app out.