A friendly reminder to all our friends that jailbreak and/or unlock their iPhones. As we reported earlier today, Apple released iOS 4.3.1. If you care about your jailbreak and your unlock, do not update to iOS 4.3.1.

There is no jailbreak or unlock for iOS 4.3.1 yet, so if you update to the latest firmware version, you will lose your ability to jailbreak. Most of you already know that but jailbreak novices might not be aware of the situation…

Make sure to spread the word!

  • Name

    How long has it been since there was a software unlock?? I believe Apple “CAT” is winning the war!

  • Jason Masters

    It’s not really apple it was att but if they become voltron with tmo then there prolly won’t be that high of a demand for an unlock at least stateside.

  • EJ

    When is the jailbreak for 4.3 coming out?!

  • Rifkin

    when i first read that headline, then i started to laugh, because this saying like theres will be a unlock :Dhah, people even have stopped commenting how much they want unlock, because they realize, there will be no unlock, furthermore MuscleNerd doesn’t give us updates, just says that we should stay away from it.
    well i don’t want to sell my iphone, it’s still good for music, games, gps, other cools stuff, “if” the unlock comes, then i unlock it…

    • AMB

      That’s funny I didn’t know you had a crystal ball, could you go ahead and give me tomorrow’s lottery number?

  • Yea when is jailbreak for 4.3 coming ?

    • DomPerignon

      An untethered and bugs free jailbreak for iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1 took between 9 -10 weeks and that was without ASLR, so for iOS 4.3 go figure!

    • Apple Haterz

      It shouldn’t be too long now since comex has already gotten a userland exploit working for 4.3. It should only be a matter of time before he ports it forward to make it work on 4.3.1. Until then, sit tight!

  • Koollguyy

    Dear Apple,
    You gotta know that half the iPhones sold in the US are sent abroad. Thus in your interest don’t give our loved unlockers a hard time 😉

  • Faw

    Please when the release for a jailbreak that work on ios 4.3

  • Seven

    So what’s new in 4.3.1 ? And what is so cool/interesting that everybody want a jailbreak/unlock asap?

  • Thanks for reminding information about jailbreak

  • By this way you are good

  • Kamaraju

    Some time back, there was a discussion of permanent unlock for iphone 4. What is its present position?

  • Name

    Sadly! DEV-team has been lying to us. 4.3 released and where’s the unlocked they mentioned months ago?? Everytime apple release firmware there’s a new baseband. How many basebands so far?? 1.59, 2, 3, 4… Cmon guys keep it real it’s months 6-8 months. No unlock! If you are waiting for an unlock to use your phone! Sell now… And just wait for the i5…

  • MattNZ

    I live in New Zealand, none of the iphones sold here are locked, if I jailbreak is there someway that it would become locked again? If its permanently unlocked then why can’t the jb teams utilize that featue for permanent unlock?