A couple weeks ago we reported that employees of China Telecom had managed to get the Verizon iPhone to work on their network. Turns out you can now use a Verizon iPhone on Cricket Wireless in the United States.

According to Cricket’s own website, if you bring a flashed iPhone to one of their stores, they will activate it for you. Don’t know where to go to flash your iPhone? No problem, Cricket will tell you exactly where to go, just ask one of their friendly employees…

Oh, and for that hooker you want for your friend’s bachelor party, no problem, Cricket Wireless will take care of that too. Ok, I just made that up. All jokes aside, Cricket is pretty explicit about it and clearly wants you to bring your iPhone in. Here is what their website says:

Can I flash a phone to work on the Cricket network?

Yes, Cricket will activate any phone that’s been flashed to work on the Cricket network.

Cricket corporate stores currently do not flash phones to work on the Cricket network but many of the indirect dealer (both standard and premier) have the ability to flash a customer’s phone, and most corporate stores will be able to tell a customer where to go to have their phones flashed to Cricket. To find a list of store locations, click here.

If you choose to activate a non-Cricket phone on the Cricket network, there is a possibility that some of the phone features or service plan features may not operate. Additionally, flashed phones are not eligible for the Cricket Phone Replacement Program or Cricket Warranty Exchange Program. Not all phones are capable of being flashed to work on the Cricket network.

So? Wanna switch from Big Red to Small Green? You’re going to have to jailbreak first and trust that this dude flashing your iPhone knows what he’s doing.

At any rates, it’s always nice to see new possibilities for our beloved iPhone.

  • Thatsgrrrreat!

    Man I wish this happened 2 years back lol
    But it’s very interesting 2 bad I have T-mobile on my 3GS. Only thing I need is 3G the frequencys for AT&T n tmobile are diff. Idk

  • Jason Masters

    55$ for unlimited everything not that shabby !!

  • Igeek

    Damn this is wild

  • Pam

    So… tempting…

  • ddr

    slow as hell…who would want that

  • Jason Masters

    Well it is cheap….



  • I still have not found a Cricket flasher who can flash my Iphone 4 in Portland. Any advice?

  • Gustavo

    Anyone know where to get it flashed in Denver Co?
    Been waiting for this baby for so long ! 😀

  • can they flash an iphone 4s?

    • MovesLikeJagger

      I doubt it. Last time I checked with Cricket, they only wanted to sell me the IPhone 5 instead of flashing my 4s. But because of this, who knows, I may call and ask again.

  • Turtle Simisim

    can you get a basic plan if you get your iphone flashed to cricket