With Apple officially seeding iOS 4.3 GM to developers yesterday, Cupertino also updated its site with details regarding features the upcoming iOS 4.3 software brings. As we mentioned earlier this week, one of the features iOS 4.3 will finally bring is the long-awaited Personal Hotspot feature to AT&T iPhone 4 owners.

Although Verizon’s version of the iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot feature supports five simultaneous devices, once AT&T iPhone 4 owners get the iOS 4.3 update, they will only be able to connect three devices at once.

Now, before you start calling AT&T evil, it seems like this is an iOS 4.3 limitation. According to Apple’s iOS 4.3 features page, only three WiFi devices are supported through the Personal Hotspot connection. If you’d like to tether five devices, the other two will need to be over Bluetooth or USB. So, we would assume that means once the Verizon iPhone 4 gets the 4.3 update, it’ll probably have the same limitation.

Honestly, I don’t see this being a problem for me since I usually only tether one or two devices at a time.

Will this be an issue for you?

  • Shaz

    3 devices?! man i think thats more than enough. 3 is enough ! for me at least. the most id need is like 2.. one for my laptop and one for a buddy if he needs it at the cottage or something..

  • Tom

    JB devices have the ability to tether up to 5 devices. I wonder why apple supports only 3 over wifi.

    • Billy

      You must remember, for advanced users such as (the majority of) readers of this blog, we know that if the iPhone is given the tethered devices a slow speed it’s probably because the network signal strong and only partially the iPhone’s fault. At best, a 50/50 combination of the two.

      However, if that happens to the regular consumer, who is not tech savvy and has not even explored jailbroken lands, then they’ll blame the iPhone, and thus blame Apple.
      Apple has to cover its back and allow just the maximun amount of devices that can work properly and give both the iPhone and the other three devices an acceptable speed. That way the customer is happy, which is ultimately what Apple and its products have always been about.

      In the same way, they didn’t introduce multi-tasking until they knew the iPhone was capable of handling it. Otherwise the typical consumer wasn’t going to think “oh, gee, I better terminate all this processes because that’s what’s slowing it down.” They were going to think “this iPhone sucks, it’s Apple’s fault, and I’m never buying an iPhone again!”

      You and I, as advance users, know what the phone is capable of and that’s why we jailbreak and explore the almost infinite possibilities and uses it has to offer. The typical consumer doesn’t know.

      Agree? Disagree?

      • JTMD


      • juanca

        even one device would be fine
        when no wifi service is available and want to navigate with a netbook for specific purpose

  • Jason Masters

    What about Tmobile users?

    • Kickstar13

      I would think it’ll work on Unlocked T-Mobile USA iPhone 4, but not 100% positive. Will test it out on my unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile once 4.3 is available.

      • Lerimer Santana

        Why would you want to tether over edge on tmobiles network?

    • monaura

      I have factory unlocked iPhone 4 and I’m using t-mobile carrier. I just downloaded iOS 4.3 today, but unfortunately there is no personal hotspot option in Settings.

  • AppleBits

    I still have a good year on my Verizon midi card that supports 5 devices. But honestly, 3 is plenty.

    • AppleBits

      MiFi……not midi. Geez.

  • JoeSmo

    Cost??? Already pay enough as it is – tired of this being controlled by the carrier.

    If I go over dataplan, I pay – that is enough AT&T

  • Tom

    I agree with you Billy.

  • CPAmember

    I hope it works with my iPad, otherwise I’ll just keep using mywi.

  • Jason Masters

    Sometimes edge is all you can get and for the price and flexibility it’s sometimes better than 3G

  • Jazzinjd

    Will there be a charge by ATT for the teather?

  • I have factory unlocked iPhone 4.I just now downloaded iOS 4.3 and also 4.3.1 today, but there is no personal hotspot.plz friend if u know let me now :- i_khan95@yahoo.com

  • Erick

    I updated to 4.3 recently and the personal hotspot was in the menus … after 4.3.1 was released updated as well … The personal Hotspot feature disappeared and the internet tethering as well .. 🙁
    any ideas how to get em back?

  • Dan

    Hi Erick if you are using ATT for your service, they want to charge you to use the personal Hotspot. When you first run it, they move it to Settings>General>Network. From there you will have to work with ATT to set up/Add this to your account. No word on what they are charging since I use MyWi from Cydia.

  • John

    I’m tired of being nickled and dimed bt ATT.
    So how do you jailbreak wit Cydia?