Last week a rumor started spreading around the interwebs saying that Apple was to unveil an iPhone Nano. That wasn’t a new rumor as we had already heard that before but the fact that the news came from the WSJ gave it street credentials.

Then the rumor was debunked by the NY Times who claimed that Apple wasn’t looking into making an iPhone Nano, but was looking into making a cheaper iPhone. When I first read about that, I thought I was in my worst nightmare: a world of cheap Apple products

Historically, and for good reasons, Apple has been perceived as a company that makes expensive products. A basic Mac will set you back $1,000 while a basic PC will only cost you $500. I can’t count how many times I heard “I’m not rich enough to buy a Mac”. Heck, I even said that myself when I was broke.

Apple never was after market shares. They didn’t want to sell zillions of their products. Apple was all about margins and profitability. They’d rather sell a computer for $1,500 and make $600 from it than sell 10 computers at $800 and only make $60 from each one of them.

When the first iPhone came out, it sold for $600. While it wasn’t unheard of to see a smartphone selling for that price, it was unheard of to see such a priced smartphone selling this many units so rapidly. I don’t have hard data on this, but I believe this was a time where Apple was the most profitable.

When the iPad came out last year, the entry model sold for $499. While not cheap per say, it is very inexpensive compared to what it should be priced at. Look at other tablets around. None of them come at a similar or lower price, offering nothing close to what the iPad can provide. Apple priced it so low so it would flood the market and get a gigantic lead on anything Android. It succeeded.

Late last year came the Apple TV 2. A smaller and much cheaper model than its predecessor. Selling at $99, you could tell this was just $99. I remember opening the cheap box and finding a cheap product in there. You could tell Apple hadn’t spent much on packaging. The most shocking thing to me still is how the battery compartment cover of the remote is too small and kinda floats around. The Apple TV 2 wasn’t inexpensive. It was cheap!

But hey, you get what you pay for, right?

The latest noticeable price cut on Apple’s product line is of course the MacBook Air, which used to sell at $1,800 and now starts at only $999. Steve Jobs who once called netbooks “cheap laptops” had just started selling his very own cheap laptop. The reviews came in. As usual, the Macheads welcomed the new MacBook Air as new messiah, while the rest of the tech land gave it good but not amazing reviews.

Over the past 2-3 years, Apple has constantly tried to bring the prices down and it seems their strategy now is to not go for the margins, but to go after market shares. They want to seriously compete with Microsoft, RIM, Nokia, and of course Google. The only way to do that is to lower prices.

But don’t get fooled: when prices go down, quality goes down!

Just like everybody else, I like nice things. I don’t define myself according to what I own, but I like driving a nice car, having nice clothes on my back, and… I like having a kickass phone! But what happens when this phone becomes so cheap that everybody can afford it? Well, everybody buys it, and the once extraordinary phone becomes ordinary, lacking special distinction.

Ordinary is boring, and while ordinary sells, it doesn’t make money. It just creates cash flow.

As a recovering PC user who was slowly introduced to Apple’s world over the past 4 years, I have come to really appreciate, respect and love their products, but most importantly the company behind the products. I don’t wear a fanboy blindfold and while other Mac bloggers praise the company, I often criticize Apple and try to decrypt what, why, and how they do things.

If I had to make an analogy to the car industry, I’d say Apple is like the Audi of car makers. Beautiful, elegant, powerful, simple, clean, but not cheap. That’s what you get right now when you buy an Apple product. You get a beautiful, elegant, powerful, simple, clean product for which you paid a hefty price.

I’m worried that if Apple enters a pricing war with other tech giants, it won’t be able to keep its shine. It will lose all of its appeal. They will not sell products everybody dreams of owning, but they will sell products that everybody can easily get access too.

I have a Masters in Advertising, and wrote a thesis titled “the importance to be a brand”. So yes, I do have a thing for brands. I find them fascinating, and Apple more than any other brand. I just don’t want to see Apple becoming the next Nokia, going from being a glowy company to becoming another soulless corporation.

I want to own an iPhone that makes me feel like I’m driving the Audi S5. I want a phone that makes me feel like I’m part of something. A phone that makes me feel different. A $100 iPhone will not do any of that.

  • Joe

    Audi? More like lamberginie.

    • Me

      Lamborghini is made my Audi.

      • Goofygreek

        Technically they are both owned by volkswagon.

      • SillyBear

        And really in the end none of it matters

  • warnerve

    Wow, jerk-ness at its best.

    You just said that you are happy to feed Apple’s obscene profit margins just because you think that it makes you extra-ordinary, even if millions of people around the world use the same product. I like Apple, and they create some cool -and overpriced- gadgets and I own and love a couple of them, but it is people like you who makes me sick when they pull out their iPhone or iPad and have that “look at me! I have to be special, because I own the apple!” face.

    Get a shrink man. Seriously.

    • Nelsong

      I think he was just saying that it’s cool owning a product that isn’t common. Depends on your area, but I’ve met people who have the Evo 4G and people always ask what the phone is, and they’re interested. It’s not necessarily to show off. I too like my phone to be different . I don’t wanna blend in.
      iPhones aren’t common in my area

      • Exactly what I meant. Thank you for clarifying things up.

      • shanetastic

        It isn’t just about having something different. It’s about having something that makes the author feel superior. Otherwise just buying a unique case or painting his phone red would do the trick. Apple makes fantastic products. But apple fan-boys are elitist. They don’t think “I am unique because I have an iPhone.” (let’s be honest, having an iphone isn’t that unique these days.” They think, “I am better because I have an iphone.”

    • shanetastic

      That’s how I read this article as well. I think the psychological study that determined that ipad owners were “selfish elitist” had a lot of truth to it. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all Apple users…I even plan on getting an iPhone 5. But this article first and foremost says “I am special because I have something expensive and out of the reach of many people.”

      I don’t buy the quality argument at all. Would you say that an iPhone 3GS is poor “quality”? No? Then how do you explain it be so much less expensive…

      I think it would be a smart move for apple to make two lines of phones: one that is cutting edge and has the price tag that goes along with that and one that is made from the parts that went in last years model and less expensive. It seems like everyone would win here. The people that want latest, greatest could still have it, but others would be able to have a peace of the Apple pie as well (bad pun intended).

      • So are you telling me you’re buying all your clothes at Walmart? You don’t wear any brand? Your car is a Kia? You don’t drink Coke or Pepsi but the store branded “Cacolac”?

        And the iPhone 3GS was cheaper than the 3G because it was exactly the same phone with a couple things changed here and there. They didn’t have to spend millions on more R&D.

        This being said, I agree that Apple should have 2 versions of the iPhone. A normal iPhone, and an iPhone Pro, for people like me 🙂

      • shanetastic

        @Sebastien: Great points. I’m no saint. I think everyone loves to feel like they are better than other people. It’s human nature. I’m not judging, I’m just trying to clarify the way that you and most other iPhone owners feel.

    • charlesrubowski

      Warnervous, what do you gave in your gayrage?

      • charlesrubowski

        Sorry, I mean garage

  • bopa

    there is a chance of cheaper products but with the same quality

    • Chris

      Never… That’s absurd… Once they go cheap, they will keep trying to go cheaper and cheaper, and the materials required to make the product will get cheaper and cheaper and before you know it, your cheap ass product won’t be no good after a good year and a half

      • shanetastic

        Of course that’s not absurd. It is possible that both phones have the exact same quality (solid build, reliability, bug free) but one has some fancier capabilities. For example: if there were two iPhone 4’s and one had a front facing camera and one did not, they would still be of equal quality, one would just have more functionality (and thus cost more).

      • Uri

        You are wrong. Apple is far from turning into a cheap products company. $999 for a netbook is still pricy… but not ridiculous.

  • it sounds like you just want a phone that tells the world your better than everyone else

  • Roo

    LMAO Audi. An iPhone is not an overpriced POS volkswagen lol.

    • Vik071

      A typical comment from an ignorant person. While VW and Audi share some of the technologies (like GM and Ford or Honda & Toyota do), two companies are different in the way they build their products, market them and how they dispose of them. On the luxury side, over last two decades Audi is a single company that invested close to 2% of their total sale figures into R & D. Btw, SUV models Q7 & Q5 share the same production platform as Porsche Cayenne.

      • Roo

        Audi is owned by volkswagen. Volkswagen markets its “luxury” (more like BMW-wannabe) line through audi because some people think an audi is a status symbol lol. Also referring to your comment about the q7 & q5 platform answer this, what is the Porsche cayenne based off of? Besides, the Porsche cayenne is one of the biggest mistakes to come out of their stable. You can badge it Porsche, twin-turbo charge it, etc. But at the end of the day, you still just have an overpriced volkswagen touareg in your driveway.

    • Juvix

      Although the parent company is Volkswagen AG. Don’t confuse Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, or Lamborghini with a Volkswagen vehicle. They are all built different and designed different. And a parent company doesn’t make you the same. They are all subsidiaries of Volkswagen AG and operate independently. Just clarifying.

  • charlesrubowski

    Cheaper devices? they would have to change from apple to banana logo : )

  • Exactly. The brand is the key in apple success an loyalty of followers. A cheap iPhone will drive the long time, brand proud users, away. It will become just another one.

  • charlesrubowski

    Or peanut logo

  • I seem to be misunderstood, and it seems most people here buy iPhones for their great quality/features, and not for the “social status” owning an iPhone provides. Come on people, you didn’t buy a phone, you bought a status symbol. If you really wanted a phone, you’d own an EVO.

    • charlesrubowski

      Status helps a lot. Girls love AUDI!

    • Vik071

      I disagree. The reason I have owned from 3G model to the current one is because it provides a simple yet powerful platform for mobile computing. In addition to that, the jailbreaking community has brought the capability of this device to unexpected level. Simply put: it works well and delivers on the expectations. The only thing that sucks is that Apple should force networks to sell unlocked units accross the globe.

    • Joey

      I agree with you 100% if it wasn’t for the status symbol of the iphone people wouldn’t be buying it on the after market for three times what you could buy it from Apple I have seen it go for as much as 1,200.00 for an unlocked iphone4 it seems that AT&T is that bad or is it that people on other carriers want to say HEY LOOK AT ME I HAVE AN IPHONE4 !!! Now I have had all four of the major carriers bad service and dropped calls happens to all of them but I must admit I’m happy with AT&T and my iPhone 4

      • Jason.N

        Heres the thing. People buy it after market like craiglist because they do not want a contract with att and end up terminating it. The highest I seen are 700 buck which most are around 400-500 range and it has been months now and no buyer. I got mine for 300 buck.

        I got an old iphone 3g and loved it. Got a iphone 4 a few months ago. I got it not because I can show off but it run apps faster.

    • iPhoNerd

      Sorry Seban, I have to disagree there 🙂 I buy iPhone every year as they introduce the new model since iPhone 3G, I will continue to do that. It is not for showing off my status. It is because I am a techie and I love best gadgets. I drive a Lexus hybrid not because I have to show my status, it is my passion for the best technology and comfort. I use a MacBook Pro, not because I have to show off it, but I like to use a reliable computer. I am not a millionaire but just an average person with average annual household income around 100k with all other liabilities such as mortgage, auto loan etc etc. So I don’t believe people think that I am showing off things as they know that I am a middle class man.

      I believe there are many people out there just like me other than those who just wants to show off :P. Some people wants to show off even if they cannot afford it. So I don’t think your judgement (Come on people, you didn’t buy a phone, you bought a status symbol. If you really wanted a phone, you’d own an EVO) was right there 🙂

    • Walt French

      Two words: Bull.

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    Someone send this to Steve Jobs… Haha.
    -It was pretty cool when I was the only one at my school with an iPhone. Now everybody has one. 🙁
    So I kind of lost interest for phones.

    • charlesrubowski

      Rsrsrs. Now he needs a shrink

  • Jose

    I’m not agree with you. I think if the price goes down they can keep the same quality, because the parts are cheaper every year, and most of all Apple warranty is excellent!

    • Jason.N

      But you have to remember that new improve quality parts come out every year thats why the old stuff goes down.

  • Will

    I agree with you Sebastian 100% !

  • Carlos

    I agree with Sebastien, Apple its a brand awesome, and exclusivity make it especial, that’s why the most of us love it. And don’t forget that quality is what the customers want from a product.

  • Walt French

    Newsweek has long ago moved its 2004 (2002?) interview with Jobs, so you have to use the wayback machine to find it.

    In that interview, Jobs said Apple’s 1995 mistake was going for “obscene” profits rather than market share, noting that Sculley was a marketing type… and why, so was Ballmer!

    Maybe he was just talking up the idea that with HIM at the helm, Apple could regain its lost market position. But I think he really wants hordes of people acknowledging his vision, not just a few artsy types and the socially insecure. That means, in his words, “real artists, ship.”

    Sebastian, perhaps the biggest flaw in this argument is its implication that there’s no middle ground between “expensive” and “cheap.” The iPad is a perfect counterexample: priced at HALF the cost of the HP Frankenslate at its introduction, it was immediately MUCH more attractive and usable due to its instant startup, light weight and finger-friendly design.

    That’s what Apple is capable of at its best, and what we can hope for on future iPhones that extend Apple’s reach to serve hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people who would like (or maybe, as the world becomes even more connected, NEED) an easy-to-use mobile phone.

  • I heard this argument after the iPhone 3G was announced with the $299/$199 price point. They said that the iPhone would no longer an exclusive luxury item and everyone and their second cousin would have an iPhone. To some degree, that was true. The iPhone became immensely popular without making leaps and bounds in the market share because of its exclusivity with AT&T. And, yes, the build quality did suffer a bit. The aluminum backing of the original iPhone was much more sturdier than the plastic backing of the 3G/3GS. But, correct me if I’m wrong, did the aluminum backing hinder the phone’s call quality? At least from anecdotal accounts, I heard the call quality for the 3G/3GS was better than the original phone.

    If Apple does make a cheaper phone that isn’t just a 12-month old model, I’m sure there will be a second premium model that it can sell the geekboys like us. I think a simpler, more basic phone will be better for those who like the iPhone but mostly just use it for calls, e-mail, texting and basic web surfing.

  • AnotherBrian

    I think Apple still makes quality products, I think they buy so many parts at once they still make a good profit.

  • DK

    Wow. I’m disappointed. “Come on people, you didn’t buy a phone, you bought a status symbol. If you really wanted a phone, you’d own an EVO.”

    I will admit when I got my first iPhone, I bought it because it was exclusive and cool. Nobody had it. It was like owning a Lambo.

    However, when I learned about all the functionality, I loved it. It was not just a toy, it was a tool. When I jailbroke my iPhone, I learned about even more functionality. It really couldn’t be beat. Because of the interest level for the product, great support, and myriad of features, I continued to buy iPhones.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fanboy. I don’t even own a Mac. I am just trying to make the point that although I may have bought it as a status symbol, I still continue to buy it for it’s supreme functionality. I also would not buy an EVO just because it does not work as well for me as my iPhone. Also because I don’t want to switch carriers because there is no 4G in my area.

    I don’t really want apple to make a pos iPhone for everyone, but eventually they will be making products for everyone.

    To Sebastien, if you would rather have an EVO, then fuck iDB and go get an EVO and smash your iPhone. I personally enjoy iDB, but if you have an iPhone because it is a status symbol, you should just shut it down.

    • Nelsong

      He obviously likes the phone for functionality and the great capabilities it can do if he has it jailbroken and talks about tweaks and etc. Not just for the social status. I do agree that the Evo 4G quote he said was a bit disappointing to hear, but nevertheless like I said in another reply, it’s just cool owning a device like the iPhone, not to show off, but simply because it’s different. Of course it depends on your area. I, for example, live in an area where there’s almost no iPhones. I have friends with 4 inch screen android devices and it’s cool seeing their phones too. We’re pretty geeky , and yes we use our phones to their full potential, but never to show off or to feel superior. I’m just a 16 year old kid with a phone I really like. Period. I think that’s what Sebastian is trying to say. And if a smaller iPhone would be sold, then the iPhone would be more and more common. Sure millions of people have it already, but like I said, it depends on your area.

      I probably won’t be taken seriously for revealing my age, but I feel like I’m one of the few that understand this article differently, not negatively. 

      • Thank you

      • iXanczy

        Agree, great post Nelsong.

  • i think apple will make new product for our society fastly..

  • Best Apple Give Us Energy….

  • Thanks for your giving good information

  • Daniel

    I own an iPhone (iPod touch) because I wanted an iPod , and I kinda got greedy when I saw Apple’s iPod touch with music, video, and apps. (I was also looking for a small laptop/netbook and the iPod seemed to be a good alternative for email etc)

  • John

    Bad arguments, bad article, dull opinions.

  • Pro

    Apple will never ever discontinue its ‘premium’ model of the iPhone, but a cheaper but better than others iPhone could raise the marketshare of the iOS.

  • STK10

    Here in Australia You arent cool if you have an iphone (even tho there still are plenty of fanboys who think they are) Iphones are so common here. Since android has come out on heaps of brands there is now a suitable alternative to the iphone. Android phones are also selling a lot. the iphone nano would compete directly with these phones and keep apple in the race. Apple can see if they didnt offer something else they were going to get overtaken by the cute little android and noone wants robots to rule the world!

    • Painman

      Let’s be honest, you could have stopped your comment after 6 words 😉

      • ghiles


  • Anonymous

    I recall seeing quality defined as the point where cost meets value. To me, the iPhone falls within this margin, but that is all. For the record, “PC” stands for Personal Computer, not anything else. An Apple computer will be annihilated by any custom built PC at price. So what makes the iPhone different? I believe it’s popularity; the developers that have been attracted. Be careful letting Apple define words for you. They’re already telling consumers how to use the hardware they purchase and, if they would have their way, be the only bridge to applications for the iDevices.

  • Thor

    I for one did not purchase my i4 as a status symbol. Evidenced by ugly Ballistic case it sits in. Nobody that sees my phone knows it is an Apple. I chose it over an Android for the usability then after the JB I love the functionality.

    Durability is the iPhones major flaw in my opinion though that flaw is not exclusive to the iPhone. I do not go to the gym or pool with a Waterford sports bottle. I find it hard to believe that even the most coordinated do dot occasionally drop thier phone. Let’s face it unless your phone never leaves the confines of a plush carpeted living room a naked iPhone is extremely unlikely make it 24 months. Once you put any kind of case on this thing the beautiful style just went out the window.

    • Painman

      That is so true. Mine lasted 4 months before i managed to drop it onto a concrete floor and completely smash the back. Luckily replacement was quite inexpensive, but it has left me unable to trust myself with a ‘naked’ iPhone4.

      Here’s hoping that the next expensive version of this fantastic phone has a more durable outer case so that I can once again go ‘naked’ 😉

  • Painman

    I started buying iPhones at 3g stage. I bought it for all the reasons that Sebastian has stated and I had the 3GS and 4 for exactly the same reason.

    However, I disagree that selling ‘cheap’ is a bad thing if they have a range of products. Because of the type of person that I am, I would pay the extra for the top of the range anyway but it would be good to see the iOS market growing and strengthening.

    Our phones are only as good as our apps. Whether the App store or Cydia supply them is irrelevant, the stronger market will draw the majority of developers and we want that to be towards iOS

    In any case, we can still be elitist in our Audi’s right?

  • Jeff

    What in the world is this article based on? I hate websites that write articles based on rumors and hearsay. If you knew ANYTHING about Apple you would know that they would NEVER create a “cheap” product. Not in a million years.

    Congrats on wasting your time and all of our time by writing this article

  • Zigge

    Why is everyone making such a big deal of it?
    Sometimes it’s hard to express yourself right 🙂

  • Vitaliy

    Absolutely!! I could not afford an iPhone up until iPhone 4! I awaited for it every single day. I dreamt about it.And I still am in love with it just as i was when i got it first day, just as I was when first iPhone came out! I want it to be like that always. Ill save m money for it and buy it even if it is expensive!!!

  • babeh

    better hurry, some rumor that steve is dying!

    • ghiles


  • Die asshole

  • Andrew

    You have a very low selfsteem, buying things won’t take you to the top of the status piramid.
    If you buy it just to show off what a dissapointment, you better buy a vertu Phone or a Nokia full with diamonds.

  • Dadditude

    I wasn’t going to comment on this at first, but the longer I thought about it, the more what you said irked me. In your comment, you said the following:

    So are you telling me you’re buying all your clothes at Walmart? You don’t wear any brand? Your car is a Kia? You don’t drink Coke or Pepsi but the store branded “Cacolac”?

    As a matter of fact, I DO buy all my clothes at Wal-Mart, except when I get lucky enough to find something my size at the thrift store. I also buy store branded diet cola, unless Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi is on sale cheaper. Our car is a Hyundai, and the only reason we could afford it is because it was really cheap, because it had been rebuilt after a major collision. These cost-cutting measures that you look down your nose at are the only way that people like me can afford to make ends meet, much less afford a luxury item like the iPhone. I finally managed to scrape together enough money to get an iPhone 3G, and was only able to get an iPhone 4 because I got enough money from selling my 3G. If I am lucky and pinch my pennies, I might be able to get an iPhone 6 (or 7). I have an iPhone not because it is a status symbol, but because it is a piece of technology that I wanted, so I made sacrifices in order to get it. The problem Sebastien is having is that he doesn’t understand that there is a difference between “inexpensive” and “cheap.” Apple would be far more likely, based on past performance, to make an inexpensive iPhone than they would be to make a cheap one.

  • Holy crap. I’m an apple user and I have to say, get off your high horse. You even stated that for Apple, it’s all about profitability. Even regarding the Audi comment, you forgot they make the A3, Mercedes make the C, the BMW 1?

    Apple isn’t perfect, look at us modding our own phones and computers as proof and Apple severely disapproves and has been a soulless corporation in that Big Brother regard.

    This article that reeks of classism failed to recognize that Apple made things like the iPod nano and shuffle which in my eyes cheapened the PMP lineup more than anything else because it actually went backwards with a lot of things. And this isn’t coming from someone who has a Masters in Advertising. This is coming from someone who works in Advertising (the creative field anyway) and I haven’t met anybody in it who saw the point of a Masters in Advertising (sorry for the ad hominem but it was spoken here as if it was some sort of credential).

  • chewbie

    I understand that you don’t want a “cheap” product because you care about quality.
    I understand that you like the brand and you want it to be known for making extraordinary products.


    how the **** can you be so selfish as to not want others to experience the joys and benefits of having that particular “extraordinary” device? If Apple phones become commonplace, it just means that the bar has been raised and that consumers win. Your inability to feel happy for others who own Apple phones sickens me! I bet every time you see someone pull out their Apple phone, you die a little bit inside because you feel less “extraordinary” yourself.

    You are not your phone! You are not your cloths! Grow the heck up dude!

    a future Apple phone owner

  • b1scu1t

    If they do make a cheaper iPhone, I highly doubt it will be crap and it will especially not degrade the quality of the expensive iPhone.
    They know it’s a flagship product and as with all their products, they uphold the quality of all their products.

    iPod classic was release and couple of years later a cheaper iPod, but the cheaper iPod was never a “crap” product or anything. Different, but you get a good experience if that certain product is what satisfies your needs.

    I absolutely LOVE my iPhone 4 and I will always buy iPhones, but for someone like my girlfriend that can’t afford the expensive one, it would be great if she also had an iPhone.
    We can then, more frequently enjoy the features that are exclusive between iOS devices.

    But like they said, it won’t be a “smaller” iPhone, but maybe just one with less storage space or something like that, seeing that storage is the most expensive part in the iPhone.
    So I think, all the iPhone-ness would still be there 😀

  • Inaam

    It’s soo fascinating reading all these comments, I was always taught as a child “it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice” obviously something the author of this was never taught! I totally 100% agree with “CHEWBIE” how selfish can you be? There’s millions of other human beings in this world that would love to have an iPhone but can’t afford one, ok I’ll be honest I have an iPhone 4, not because of status symbol but I was offered a extraordinary upgrade deal through my network, worked out even cheaper than getting a HTC Desire HD, I agree apple should make 2 lines of the iPhone, one for the “selfish greedy arrogant who know deep down HTC P****S on an iPhone, but no i still want an iPhone, because I want people to think I’m rich”. And another “Value for money” iPhone for decent hard working down to earth people”. What some people don’t realise is that you are not judged on how rich or special you are by what cellphone you pull out of your packet, but what richness you have in your heart is really what determines a person, you mention AUDI? Ok let’s see, from what I can remember Audi make all sorts of cars fir different BUDGETS, an Audi A3 costs £15,000, and Audi R8 costs £100,000, technically both have the same badge? Obviously I’m not saying they both are the same standard of cars, obviously one is a Supercar, the other a Basic family car, if it works for Audi I’m sure it will work for apple, make one expensive cutting edge iPhone for the people I’ve mentioned above, and another more basic value for money iPhone for the “Normal members of our society!!!”

  • Inaam


  • Selfish, arrogant, stuck up and desperately-needs-counseling is you should be described aptly. I bet deep inside, you want Apple making a $500 iPhone “pro” so elitist chauvinistic idiot like you gets bragging rights. Grow up. Also, it is possible to sell cheaper products for higher quality. EG: The macbook pro is powerful and has a design which is an engineering feat. But the quality, even at the humungous profit margins, is short of good. I and many of my friends have personally experienced issues with the laptop. Apple compensates for this (and is identified) by the high level of customer service (doing repairs on any broken/faulty part. But the product itself is such, that many parts stop working after just after warranty expires( 1 year). For this, Apple makes you purchase an expensive “apple care” plan to service your cheap(like hp cheap) macbook pro. But apple can move back to high quality materials and reduce their profit margins slightly. They’re probably already getting a 300-400% profit margin on $1800 MBP and ~500% profit margin for $2200 MBP( As most laptops are produced around $500 at current rate of production)