It’s hard to believe, but it was almost a month ago when Steve Jobs announced he was taking a leave of absence from Apple due to undisclosed medical issues.

What has he been doing? Does this spell doom for the next iPad and iPhone release dates?

These were some of questions that everyone was anxious to know; exactly how would Steve’s leave impact Apple’s ability to maintain their status quo?

Well if a recent Wall Street Journal report is anything to go by, the impact has been minimal, if any. That’s because throughout his leave, Steve Jobs has been maintaining his storied work ethic…

Whatever his illness is, we’re presuming it’s serious. Otherwise there would have never been an announcement about a leave, and everything would be business as usual.

Tim Cook has since taken over Apple’s day to day operations, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Jobs has been taking business meetings at home and on the phone.

He’s even been seen on Apple’s Cupertino California campus from time to time, and is reportedly knee deep into the plans for the next iPad and iPhone.

That’s good news for Apple, their fans, and Mr. Jobs. Although the condition is serious, if he’s healthy enough to be travelling, attending meetings and making important business decisions, chances are it likely isn’t anything life threatening.

There’s been rumors swirling around the rumor mill that Steve might step down from his position as CEO, but from the looks of this report, those rumors are likely false.

Aren’t you happy to hear that Steve is still up and at ’em?

[WSJ via iClarified]

  • Jason Masters

    First!!! And yes I’m glad the Lil guy is up and about I would love to have his job to play with apples toys all day!!

    • rizo g

      we dont do that here , no one gives a shit whether you are 1st or 194th

      • Jason Masters

        Lol obviously you do don’t worry next time you’ll get first!!!!!

      • Obama

        Hello rizo g. Don’t worry son, your first will come soon.

      • rizo g

        is ur life really that pathetic that u need to type “first” in a techno blog so that u can get a sense of accomplishment?

      • Guys, please calm down. We’re all friends here. No need to talk smack to each other.

      • Jason Masters

        Some people can never be pleased

    • SillyBear

      8th!! I feel very accomplished now!

      • rizo g


  • BabylonX

    Rumor has it that he has cancer. This is what I believe too. It’s unfortunate but you don’t make such an announcement because of a toothache.

    • Goofygreek

      I thought he was having liver problems. Lol. Oh the rumors.

      • Jason Masters

        He looks so skinny and there’s only two illnesses that cause that much weight loss cancer and aids and I hope it’s not aids.

    • ThOmAs RoSs

      Hope it’s not aids or cancer

      • Obama

        Not to sound messed up, but he has been getting skinner and skinner. Look at when he started doing the show cases for the iPod when it was in the 2 or third gen. Around the time it was a nano. He was kinda fat, but know he’s gotten really skinner. Who knows, maybe he’s a veggie

      • BabylonX

        Aids has a much greater life expectancy than cancer nowadays. I read somewhere that a patient with aids could even live 40 years after infection given the correct treatment. On the other hand cancer kills you in some months or you may have few years If you are lucky.

        So I hope it’s not cancer or aids but between these two I prefer he had aids.

  • Doug

    It doesn’t matter what disease ge has or how skinny he’s getting. He is going to be the worlds first iRobot. Hes going to have his brain put inside and apple made android. Look for it on shelves summer 2016. Msrp of 200,000. It’ll be extra for a white model which has a much larger memory capacity.

  • Jason Masters

    Yeeahhh Egypt is freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • BabylonX

    Um… Ok!