This is definitely a win for consumers. As you know, Apple places a small Liquid Contact Indicator inside the majority of their devices to identify whether or not the device has been subjected to liquid damage.

The reason for this is because water damage eliminates the consumer from being eligible for AppleCare. In other words, liquid damage isn’t covered under warranty.

Obviously directly submerging your iPhone in a body of water is a good reason for Apple to deny your claims, but what if your iPhone’s LCI triggered accidentally due to extreme humidity? What then?

In the past you would have been labeled as one who mishandles your iPhone, but it looks as if Apple is taking the sensible approach and relaxing its strict water damage policy. Take a look at their updated policy:

Note the highlighted portion in orange, which is a strict departure from the company’s former policy.

I’m sure the class action lawsuits they’ve had to endure in the past regarding this very matter didn’t slow Apple’s decision, but this is very good news for consumers, a fair move by Cupertino.

Have you ever had to make a water damage dispute with the Genius Bar? Was it legit, and how did it go?


  • Androsia

    My question is, if the device is shown to have corrosion when reviewed by apple, will customers still receive out of warranty charges? I fear that this win may axially end up being a loss because of people imagining their device has never seen water when it clearly has been damaged by it. Those are the people you’ll see complaining to apple now…

  • Jason masters

    Actually they said I had water damage to my old itouch and it never saw water it was humidity from being in the bathroom with shower on but the problem actually was the iPod was defective but because the water indicator they said they couldn’t help me well I eventually just traded it for a song. Now this is good news

  • JB

    How about this scenario. You’ve got a decent case on your iphone, but not one that covers the headphone hole. It’s raining and you answer your phone. A few raindrops hit the phone and triggers the LCI without any adverse affects to your phone at the time. Some time later you actually have a problem that didn’t stem from this incident. You’re
    screwed, right?

  • Kirman

    I just got my iPod in contact with water on the screen but nothing happened

  • Grable

    i just read this and took one into the apple store TODAY that had water damage on the charge port that i had tried to take in before and was denied replacement. they started by saying it would be a 199 out of warranty replacement and i stroked his ego a little he came back with a brand new out of warranty replacement FREE OF CHARGE. 2-11-11 fresno ca. i own an iphone repair shop and i have several of these sitting in a drawer. ill let you know how it goes.

  • Mark

    My iPhone 3G went through a 45 minute was cycle. After opening it up, drying it out and removing fabric softener from the battery terminals, it worked just fine. Took a month for the LCD backing to dry out though. 6 months later when the plastic back panel cracked I was turned down due to water damage. Still, it was one way to clean the phone off.

  • Angie

    I had a iPhone 3G that had charging issues. Before I had a chance to take it to an Apple store, it took a dive in a mug of soda. Even though it was already defective, since the water damage was indicated, I had to pay the $199 out of warranty charge to replace it. I have no idea how long it sat in the soda. I put it in a bag of instant rice and it did dry out enough to work as it did before its special spa treatment, but it wouldn’t hold a charge for more than 2 hours.

  • dylan

    just paint the indicator with the right color paint and a fine as hell brush…kblam you win

    • Phil


  • bswiss

    slide the back cover off (after removing the two screws) drop a bit of bleach onto the indicator dots, as well as the one in headphone/connector port, it’ll turn them white in a few minutes, less obvious then paint

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