You mad? Toshiba’s teaser site for their upcoming tablet line looks like any regular Flash website on a normal desktop web browser. Visit that same website from an iOS device such as the iPhone or iPad, and not so much.

While it’s obvious that the Flash aspects would be omitted from the iOS versions of the website due to Apple’s well documented lack of support for the plugin, it’s not the lack of Flash that has people talking this time…

Visiting from an iPhone yields a deliberate war of words against Apple’s devices in particular. This isn’t some thinly veiled subliminal diss, it’s an obvious knock against the iPhone and the iPad.

Interestingly enough, Toshiba’s tablet lacks a solid release date and even a name at this point in the game. It seems to me like you’d want to have your product further along before taking shots at the competition.

And isn’t Toshiba an Apple partner anyway? Won’t they directly benefit from Apple’s success? I guess that’s just the way things work in today’s world.

What’s funny is that if you remove the “apple.html” from the end of the website, you’re presented with a Flash-less, full HTML website that works just fine on any iOS device.

It’s obvious that Toshiba went out of their way to throw stones in Cupertino’s direction.

What do you think about all of this? Childish, or wise marketing strategy?

I think you know which way I’m leaning…

  • Burge

    And that’s all thay got..? And yet name the device people want to have …….that’s right is a Apple device ! iPhone, iPod or iPad

  • imouse

    Burger…so very very wrong. Apple devices are for those people who are easily misled into substandard device purchases. So many things lacking from ‘i’Devices..flash being just one example.
    Apple have done a great job in sucking in idiots with more money than sense with ad bombardment, shame they didn’t spend that money on getting their devices right first.
    yes I have owned pad, pod & phone (3,3g,3gs &4)
    Now I’m a happy Android user and no longer suffer from that most horrible of mental disorders….AppleFanboyism

    • soccerkrzy

      I’m calling BS on owning everything and switching to Android. A jailbroken iPhone 4 is still the best phone on the market, there isn’t a single competitor that comes close. Now an unjailbroken device, that’s a different ballgame.

      There was no such thing as an iPhone 3 dumbass.

    • Manuel

      If you like that Android phone, with crappy flash context, freezing, a poor excuse for battery life, restarts on its own, horrible music app, crappy market and the 30,000 remake Apple apps, not to mention there is no true way to use your phone unless you root it, then I think you prove your a moron. I have flash on my iPhone, and I don’t have a problem seeing flash context, but on Android, its done like a 5 year old. Videos don’t load and if so, they cut after a second or two, web browsing is crap, and HD Dolphine and the stock browser is crap. If this is AppleFanboyism, then your spitting AppleHaterism nonetheless being on a site that talks about the iPhone lol.

      One more thing, I think the iPhone doesn’t lack in anything, since the last time I checked, I’m jail broken and I think most of the people on here are too, and can do more then Android and it’s sad excuse of a phone line. Tell Android to update their users to 2.2 instead of leaving them in the shit creek and forcing them to buy another phone every week. Those who buy android are pure Apple haters. Example: You

    • james

      yes…since you dont get it ill tell you, most people who have an idevice use it because of the multitudes of great apps available or simply because they want a decent PDA (ipod touch)

    • Goku

      If you own a droid what the hell are you doing in an IPhone blog? I guess this is the closest you can get to an iPhone since you don’t like that sorry ass droid you exchanged for an iPhone right?

    • Pirates Suck

      Yeah, you are so happy with your Android device that you spend your time on an Apple-centric site trolling Apple products. Android users are some of the sorriest, angriest people on the web. Enjoy your Android and get the hell off of the site. Friggin’ tard.

    • U really think android is better than a jailbroken iPhone? You can get flash and change the theme of the iPhone to look just like a android. Bottom line u and android suck apple’s balz.

  • Mark

    ‘Cause, you know, Toshiba is such a force in the tablet and Cellphone market.

    /desperate for attention

    • soccerkrzy

      Uhm, this is their first device and it’ll be a good one; granted, I’m sure the iPad 2.0 will trump it except for the flash part.

      Toshiba is currently one of the best laptop manufacturers, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think their tablet will be good.

  • tim

    Burger…so very very wrong. Apple devices are for those people who are easily misled into substandard device purchases. So many things lacking from ‘i’Devices..flash being just one example.
    Apple have done a great job in sucking in idiots with more money than sense with ad bombardment, shame they didn’t spend that money on getting their devices right first.
    yes I have owned pad, pod & phone (3,3g,3gs &4)
    Now I’m a happy Android user and no longer suffer from that most horrible of mental disorders….AppleFanboyism

    • Twited21

      I’ve been thinking about going over to android
      Can you teather the 3G from your android device ?

      • Santa

        Yes. On Froyo I have WiFi Hotspot to do that. I can install any app on Htc Desire without root (jailbreak ). I have 2 iPod touch 3 and 4, but my phone is Htc Desire with Froyo…because I like to watch movie and tv on Internet . I have tested both, iPod touch 4 and Desire on the same condition under the same wifi network and the Desire is faster to load a page even if is some flash on the web page.
        I want to buy an iPad , but the only thing is missing on this device is flash so I will buy a tablet with android because I have flash, I don’t have to use iTunes to put movie, music, pictures on my device. I will do that on any pc not only on 1 or 5 , I will not loose any app or music or pictures when I synchronize my device…and the list can continue.
        I don’t understand why apple don’t want flash. If they put flash on their devices, they win a lot of android buyers. My Desire was 450 euro aprox 700 usd so it’s not cheap. When I buyit I have two options iPhone 4 or Htc Desire, the flash make my decision.

  • Akuma

    Thats good marketing. Pointing at others fails (Yes! Apple is a fail for not alowing Flash! Just bad programing on apples side!) and ensuring your own product is superior.

  • pcman13

    Ever heard of frash? You won’t need it for this, but yet…

    • Jjgc

      Frash….from comex? Only able to see 10% of flash sites? Are you kidding me…..i have an iPhone 4 and my touch 4g and Let me tell you the the iPhone is way behind. I can see even streaming flash on it….i can put 16, 32 memory as i desire and of course swich battery. Oh wait…..i can also download anything from the web. iPad with no cameras and no flash? Are you idiot? Guys idevices withuot Jailbreak is a total waiste of money, no question.

      • Jailbreak is awesome! That’s the only reason I bought my itouch.

  • Kevin

    what a bunch of apple bashing retards Akuma tim and tim (yes its pretty obvious that you’re a troll, two IDENTICAL messages, 2 different names, how stupid do you think people are??)

    Flash is atrocious and i couldnt be happier that its not on any of my iDevices, hell i even go out of my way to disable it as much as possible on my main computers as well. no this isn’t blind Apple fanboism, i will take shots at apple all the time for stupid miscues. Mac App Store == retarded, walled garden on every iDevice == inexcusable. No Flash == smart, it kills battery life, bombards people with auto playing video ads for things they will never care to buy, yields clunky archaic games, the list goes on. The company at fault here is Adobe for resting on their laurels being the only game in town, if they had worked to make Flash better rather than bemoaning Apple leaving them out, maybe they wouldn’t have been left out!! Flash is an old, bloated, lumbering behemoth, and i will be happier than a big in excrement when it finally dies.

    • Wizzy

      And also it wil eventuatly be replaced by HTML5 which Apple DIDN’T left out

    • Jjgc

      Do you idiot think that the entire web world will change from flash to HTML 5 Only because Apple say so? Apple Only rules in cupertino. H264 is amaizing but come on Apple everybody will have to reconvert the vídeos Only to make them available to idevices

  • Kevin

    that was supposed to be pig in excrement, but you get the idea.

    • Goofygreek

      Lmao. I don’t think I could’ve said that any better.

  • kevin. i have an iphone an ipad and two macbooks. your an idiot. provided it’s got flash & a camera I’ll switch to android. i would never base my purchases on Jobs’ rendering flash useless..

    • soccerkrzy

      Ah, my favorite insult in message boards…”your an idiot”…lol.

      Why you’d buy an iPad whenever you have an iPhone (if it’s an iPhone 4…it’s better than an iPad…) and two macbooks…maybe daddy’s money helps you out.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Well, the name shows it all

  • CasperBoo

    have you all seen flash on Android? LOL and that is what you want on the iPhone/iPad? Thank god for no flash. I have to admit, when I bought my first iPhone and heard there was no flash, I was pretty upset, but just like the process of switching from Windows to Mac, I realized how little I really needed to keep going back to Boot Camp and VMWare Fusion. I now realize how little I use flash. On Safari and Chrome on my Macbook, I have separate plugins to block all flash content unless I physically click on an icon in the upper left corner of the place it would appear. Guess what, I click on MAYBE 1 in every 1000 flash blocks I come across. On the iPhone and my iPad, the only “Flash” content if you will that I would ever view is videos, and guess what, I get those on the YouTube App, the Hulu App and MANY and soon all major video streaming sites are doing so with other means, such as HTML5, so I really have yet to come across much if any sites that I get stopped from viewing. Any website that is buit entirely in Flash is going to die out real quick… just a real bad idea.

    • Jjgc

      Wao idummies…..this is totally insane. A plugging to disable flash….sorry but you really sick of Steve jobs mania. I really don’t know what type of web you visit……oh sorry…

  • Clay


    So by your definition you’re an idiot since you got sucked into buying and iPhone, iPad and iPod. 🙂

  • Apple should just buy toshiba and get rid of it like the hd DVD.

  • Drew

    hopefully this will make apple add flash support who knows

    • Jjgc

      Even more now the adobe is developing a new type o flash that works only at 25% of the previous consume. Let see what will be next apple excuse.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Yeah yeah they are… For how long? 2 years????

        Let’s speak of it when we see it. And flash is really for advertisements currently, which I have no intention to see.

        So, bugger off and find something else to whine about.

        (And for all, if iPhone is not good un-jailbroken, then jailbreak it. That’s it.)

  • Manuel

    Like a lot of people have mention, flash is horrible on Android. Using a droid 2, a samsung Vibrant, cap and Continumm, Flash is by far the crappiest experience in the world. Any thing I want to see that has flash, Apple has found a way to convert and allow me to view it with no problems. On Android, it’s a problem to get anything to load or even work right. Flash sucks and is why those Android phones move like shit. Lets be even more frank about things here, what else can the Android line do or has besides flash? Tethering? Root? Unlocking? Voice calling? 3G and EDGE voice chat? Pandora skip? Fake all apps into thinking they on wifi? Themes? I think it’s truly safe to sad that when you take an idevice JB and take a rooted Android phone, we know who comes out on top.

    • Jjgc

      With this testimony I know you don’t have an android. My toch 4g and galaxy tab… problem at all with flash……so shut up

    • Santa

      Manuel try a Htc desire or a nexus one and then we can talk about speed, flash, app. I think the only android you use it is 1.6. Try the latest!

  • Telejeesus

    I have iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1 redsn0w tethered JB and frash DO NOT WORK 🙁
    All flash content just shows gray and if I try to tap on it there comes same error message every time (someting “(error)()-=)”)

    ANY HELP or other tweak than frash ???

    • Jjgc

      That’s what I’m talking about. Don’t work… freak…..

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        You guys really can’t read/think but shit, right?

        Just get over with it.

        Apple devices don’t use or support flash. PERIOD.

        If you want to be able to see lovely advertisements on your phone, it’s ok. Go ahead and buy an android device and stop trolling in an iDevice related blog.

        Otherwise, if you are open to discussion, someone tell me one big project/site that does not work on iDevices because of flash and does work on Android’s webkit browser? (I’m not even mentioning how buggy and laggy it is to use flash on a phone…)

        And, just try to find some new arguement rather than cooking the same rice over and over again.

        HTML5 and H264 is an industry standard by the way, not something “closed” like Flash… Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t matter. But it’s scientifically proven that HTML5 and H.264 give more performance and use less resources, which are more important if you’re talking about a mobile device.

        You may like the Flash way, just don’t try to make us buy it. I don’t…

        (And if Adobe was just a slightly decent company, they would have introduced some work into their bloated Flash code… But, now? No, just promises that the world -and their Flash- will be better, some day! Bull SHIT!)

  • Robert

    Frash is horrible. Flash on Android works, but it is sluggish.

    And when it comes to the iPhone, it’s all about Facetime… :-p

    • Santa

      FaceTime is obsolete. I have Tango to do that on Android and on iOS.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        LOL… Obsolete???

        I’d better give my friend list to Apple, rather than Tango’s producer… That’s a point.

        And, where was Tango before Facetime? Where was Skype’s video chat before Facetime? I know Facetime is not something new, video chat was there for a long time. But it DID CHANGE THINGS…

        Just as Apple did with the original iPhone, with 3GS ,with iPad and lastly iPhone4…

        Others seem to like “following” and no matter what device or os you prefer, you should give credit where it’s due. And, in innovation, nobody deserves it more than Apple.

      • Santa

        Yes, you are right, continuing your toughts where was Ferrari when Ford make the first car? :silly:

  • 4h34d

    No flash on iPhone is no fail. Screw flash, that’s old stuff nowadays, html5 beats it on almost every possible way. So not supporting it is a way to make you realize why it should not be used at first, for the same reasons others have pointed out, which of course is a GOOD thing. Flash has lived and now is dying, just let it go. It’s time to move away from that proprietary crap and welcome open standards such as html5.

    • Jjgc

      Idiot tell me at least 10 websites in HTML 5? Do you know what are you talking about. You just another Steve jobs repeater.

      • Robert


        Don’t be OS biggots. If the iPhone could properly support Flash, it would. Unfortunately Flash is quite CPU intensive, so smartphones do not run it well. I have a Galaxy S, which is one of the faster smartphones, and a lot of Flash sites are quite sluggish. There’s no way Apple would support that lack of performance, nor would they like to see battery consumption be any worse.
        I’d love to have Flash support on my iPhone instead of a little red box, but the slowness would make it annoying, like on my Galaxy S.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Jjgc, wow what a moron.

        Youtube alone would feed your hunger “bugger”…

        And, who DO YOU REPEAT?

  • XTTR

    What the hell do you need flash for?

    Watching youporn.
    Staring at stupid commercials.
    Playing the 1000st reincarnation of Moorhuhn.

    I banned flash years ago. Never missed a thing.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Well, Youporn is a GOOD point there… 🙂

      I don’t miss it on my phone either tho.

  • Ali

    Let’s not forget that flash wasn’t made for touch devices. It was made for keyboard and mouse; even Android devices that support flash can’t handle for example rollover and other functionalities that require keyboard and mouse. Besides there are alternative solutions like SkyFire that in my opinion could take the pain away. Also the integrated solutions like hulu are far better than having a sluggish web app experience. In the end let’s not forget that Apple look at consumers as consumers not geeks!

    • You pretty much summed up my thoughts here. Good comment.

      • Ali

        Thanks man.

  • Santa

    Benchmark your device and then talk about Android and iOS or HTML 5 and flash. I rest my case.

    • Robert

      I got 57 for flash, 18 for canvas, on my Galaxy S.

      Still clunky. $400 home PCs that would run this smoothly have spoiled us.

  • Ofgf

    Ha! You’re all c*nts!

  • joking_guy

    do you know why apple calls the browser safari?

    because it is really hard to find a page that will work completely

  • Ali

    Android on iPhone anyone?!

    • 1lung

      ^^ This. ^^

      • Robert

        Why? It would be slower than an Android device (which costs 2/3rds the price of an iPhone).

        Let Apple continue in their ways, Google in their’s, and Microsoft in their’s. This is much more beneficial to the consumer.

  • Here is our light-hearted response to Toshiba Tablet’s “Such A Shame” page 🙂

    “It is one thing to trash-talk the competition when you can back it up with substance, but to throw out a challenge with nothing more than a CAD mock-up of the tablet and a non-specific release date…well, you are just asking for us to come take pot shots at you”

    For the full article…

  • WhatDo

    These apple fanboi’s really make me laugh… You seem to think flash is the devil yet it runs the internet. You know it whether or not you want to come to terms with the facts is up to you. What it comes down to is, if you want to go to or or any website on the internet that has videos you need flash. Without it you are in the dark ages. Apple relys on their proprietary software and hardware to rework the world. Sure you can make a youtube app. And a hulu app, but effectively it is “mobile,” internet, which is bullshit terms for fake a internet browser. If you want a full, desktop-like browser experience you need flash, like it or not. HTML5 is indeed great, but it will not replace flash. Its like thinking Mac or Linux will replace Windows? It isn’t happening, as people want to go with the easiest, most convenient road to coding. HTML5 does not have the power to do what flash does, and from the prospect of even attempting to use html5s flash-like capabilities, is a ridiculous task as the internet is what it is, and you can do the same thing, with flashplayer, much easier. At any rate to anyone saying iphones are still the flagships of the phone markets, they must be living in a cave. Iphones lack of flashplayer has completely left them in the dark. Their browser is a browser of 2007-8s market, not 2010-11. Evo 4g took off with android 2.2 and ever since, any phone that can’t go to and play a video, with your phones unique IP address, not requiring a no-flash rework app, will simply be left behind. As we move forward toward the dual-core processor phones it is extremely clear to see that all carriers are using android 2.2-3 to meet flash needs. I bought an evo last year and it runs magnificently. I had always complained of all the new phones that came out claiming to be “full html desktop browser experience,” didn’t have flash and wondered why not? Finally android stepped up to the plate and got it done. Since then I can watch videos from starwars the clonewars from, to hulu and loomba off of pirated movie sites. The functionality is difficult to work with on some video players but overall well done for a first generation implement. As we get into android 2.3, I am sure it will be improved.