If you’re looking for a way to make your iOS experience seem snappier without any damaging overclocking hacks, then look no further. There’s a new package for the jailbroken iPhone called FakeClockUp that does just that.

The tweak will not change any hardware settings, but rather alters the UI animation speeds so that transitions and other animations will occur shorter or longer, whichever you prefer…

To get this tweak you will need add the source http://hitoriblog.com/apt/ to Cydia and you’ll be able to make your animations faster (or slower) to whichever specifications you’d like. I found 2x to be the maximum speed without losing the iOS feel.

You may notice actual improvements in speed and realize how much time is taken up by superficial animations to create the Apple experience on the iPhone. Actual load times will not change for apps, but rather the speed of which the app is scaled from icon to full screen, or speed by which the multitasking effects occur.

To me this made it seem like the apps loaded slower, although that clearly is not the case. If you try it out, let us know how it affects your experience.

  • Scott

    That source didn’t work for me so I got it from http://repo.insanelyi.com instead.

    • I noticed that insanelyi had it as well. I went with the other one because I didn’t know whether or not insanelyi would post pirated packages. I would assume it is more reliable than an obscure Japanese blog’s repo. Thanks for the tip.

  • leviboxer

    Source worked for me and what a super tweak!!!!

  • Freebo

    None of you experiencing lockups while in the settings app?

    • I have not. Could be a conflicting tweak.

  • ghiles

    Whats is your Lockscreen wallpaper? and What about theme?

    • hmm

      yeh thats a pretty clean and cool looking lock screen. what theme is that?

    • This video was not mine. However, the awesome theme is pSuave HD. The Compiz/Beryl/Cube paging effect is called Barrel.

      • Mike

        R u sure that’s barrel? I thought barrel just made your home screen look like the inside or outside of a 3D cube? Any idea what else it could be?

  • six4seven

    SWEEEEEEET!! Works like a charm! Very zippy.

  • mike

    speeding through the transitions makes most app launch quicker

    apps like mobile mouse run almost instantly

    cool tip thanks

  • Will

    I actually could tell the difference

  • Irha

    Interesting, might be useful for older generation iphones, if it seems stable enough.

  • six4seven

    This is honestly the best tweak. It makes it seem like everything has sped up!

  • greytone

    This is very cool. I have a question though. I got the update to TV Tube Sleep which sped the animation up just right. Now with this everything else feels better but the sleep animation feels too fast. I know it’s a really minor detail but how might I go about downgrading TV Tube Sleep to its original, slower version?

    • I would email the dev of TV Tube Sleep, or find his twitter account and ask him. Until FakeClockUp gets app exclusions (which I don’t see happening) the only way for TTS to work right would be for speed change options in the app. I’m sure he’d at least give you the old version.

      • ghiles

        there Is a new jailbreak tweak called sleepFX and it’s by the same makers of tv tube and in the app there are many more animations and u can change the speed of it

      • Will

        He’s abosolutely right . Lower the speed and you’re good to go . That’s what I did !

  • John

    Hey Nick is there a tweak to disable animations all together? I value function over aesthetics. If we could speed turn off animation all together our iPhones would be so much faster.

    • I really doubt it, since the animations are required for page loading, network usage indicators, the slide-to-unlock, and the battery meter (i think). You can up the speed to 10X and you will not see any transition animations at all, but there will still be slight delays while each feature loads. I believe the default slow animations help to mask how slow certain tasks load in iOS4.

  • Marcello

    What’s that beautiful lockscreen theme?? It’s not psuave, although psuave is also beautiful.

  • Love it, this is what i waiting for,
    my iphone 3g will speed up..

  • simon

    Let me say, as a iPhone 3G user, thank you! This makes it seem like I don’t have a near-ancient P.O.S. anymore!

  • The code really worked well for me and it’s really cool. Thanks guys

  • Will be interesting to see if this tweak affects battery life significantly.

  • Basit Iqbal

    Working like a Charm!

    I so wanted this, as my 3G was really lagging after the iOS4.1 update.

    Great I love this thing 🙂

  • Damian

    Absolutely great tweek. Was actually looking for something like this for some time. In the video, what are the settings and themes for the lockscreen to look like that? Would really like to know! Thanks

  • Japol

    The tweak gave a decent job, though, loading settings, messages, notes, calculator, etc is not as snappier as it should be on it preceding iOS version. I am talking about iPhone 3G on its 3.1.3 FW. The tweak however eliminates the unnecessary animation on every application transition, so like scanning the messages and viewing it has an improvement. Overall, I will rate this tweak 7 out of 10.

  • Gorgonphone

    tweak of the year easy..

  • Tim

    This was beautiful. Though, somewhat humorously, when moving app icons around, they wiggle like crazy.

  • Sku

    I’m on IP4 and this tweak really make every things run faster 😀 Even when I delete or moving application :))

  • Tyc0

    My God.. This Is Nice.. Crazy Tweak But Powerful.. Love It.. Like Tim Said, I laugh at first time i want to move the application in my 3g.. It wiggle like crazy.. haha.. Thank You So Much!!!.. B)~

  • Marcello

    To bad the Sublimehd lockscreen theme he was rocking Does not have a 12 hour clock. Lame.

  • Mwebsterpgh

    Anyone know what was the tweak that made icons roll between pages? This tweak is awesome!

    • Damian

      He answers that question in the 8th post. Are you that lazy?

      • Mwebsterpgh

        No but you must a boring life making a stupid comments on blogs you Douchebag.

    • Mwebsterpgh

      After some research you have to go to settings in Barrel and change to Curl and Roll Away.

      • Mwebsterpgh is right. Go into settings and you’ll get a slew of transition options.

    • Mwebsterpgh

      After some research you have to go to settings in Barrel and change settings to Curl and Roll Away.

  • Stewart

    I’m new to jailbreaking. How do you “add the source http://hitoriblog.com/apt/ to Cydia”? I’m familiar with Cydia but can’t find where to add that source. It is not listed as one I can add.

    • Nick

      In Cydia click Manage > Sources, tap edit, tap + or Add, and put the URL in. Tap Add Source, and Cydia will update your sources.

  • Stewart

    Thank you. Got it done.

  • iPhone3g

    Hello. I need a quick response! Anyone tried this on an iPhone 3G, iOS 3.1.3? I haven’t, but in the tweak’s details page, it says “iOS +4 required”. If anyone could please help, thanks.

  • brian mitchell

    What theme is that?

  • brian mitchell

    Sorry it’s already mentioned.

  • brentsw3

    Magnificent tweak. Just makes the device more responsive and accurate. I love it!!! Practical tweak that should be installed on apple devices by default!!!

  • Se7eN

    Please be ALERT with this app i already have version 0.2 and some days after i installed my Iphone started melting a liittle bit on the plastic.

  • dale j

    i being using this tweak for about 2 weeks and it does work great. i also would like to let you know about a bowser that i found in itunes called icabmoblie,which is like safari but better, when used with bowser changer it is alot faster at downloads check it out

  • Not working on iPhone 4S

  • Anonymous

    FInding that if you use this tweak with Twittelator Neue, the sped up animations causes the app to freeze. The only way to unfreeze is to force close the app.

    I really like this twitter app but I think I really like this tweak better.

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