I’ve never really considered ad-blocking a feature I needed to have on my iPhone, and after using AdBlocker, I still feel that way. That’s not to say that AdBlocker is a bad jailbreak tweak, in fact it is excellent at some of what it does.

My point stems from the fact that ads just aren’t that big of an issue on the iPhone. Honestly, when was the last time an advertisement on the iPhone seriously annoyed you?

In fact, the main place where I find ads that annoy me is in Cydia, but ironically enough, AdBlocker doesn’t have an option to block ads in Cydia…

Granted, AdBlocker does a fine job on Safari advertisements, and there is an abundant amount of filtering options available in the Settings.app. I tested AdBlocker on numerous sites, and it eliminated the majority of the advertisements with no problems.

If this is all you’re looking for, then certainly AdBlocker is something you may want to look into; it fulfills this duty commendably.

In other areas, though, AdBlocker failed to perform. This is especially noticeable with advertisements in Cydia, as there isn’t even an entry for Cydia.app.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can download AdBlocker from Cydia for the price of $1.99.

Do you find advertisements annoying on your iPhone, or can you live with them?

  • mopo

    well me personally annoys ad everytime i search the web not connected to wifi… why would i wanted to waste my time waiting to load content i dont care about…. each ad consumes data and time to load so just for faster web browsing i d apreciate this tweak…

  • Jorge

    I completely agree, Adds in safari or other applications are not really an issue for me, but I really consider adds in cydia as a real pain in the ass, I hate them. Actually I modified the script on my iphone to not show adds but doing this I lost visibility to Screenshots or being able to purchase the application.

  • DomPerignon

    Same here. The only ads that annoy me are the ones on Cydia I don’t care about the ones in Safari.

  • LG

    I tried AdBlocker and liked it initally but within about 24 hours my Mobile Safari started crashing every time I opened it. Uninstalled AdBlocker and this stopped so I do suspect this was the culprit. This was a couple of week ago, though, so maybe that bug is fixed. I’ll try again since I already paid my $1.99… maybe it was just a fluke and it was *so* nice to have that extra screen real estate back in Safari.

  • Phosphorus

    Last time I used this it redirected me to Cydia everytime I started safari, just like fullscreen for safari did =(. Is there a working crack for this?

  • Vik071

    Works like a charm. Especially in installous! 

  • Austin

    The AdBlock extension for SBSettings blocks the ads in Cydia.

    • DomPerignon

      Thanks for the tip. It works like a champ. NO MORE ads in Cydia and Safari.

    • dieselboy

      Can you be a bit more specific? I have adblocker and am running iOS 4.1 jailbroken. Which package do I install to get rid of cydia adds?

      • DomPerignon

        Add: http://repo.modyouri.com to your list of SOURCES and from there scroll down to:

        SBAdBlockToggle and install it.

        Is this specific enough?

  • Gorgonphone

    if you have limited data this is a must but i have unlimited so i am not bothered at all..

  • Does this work well with Pandora?

  • I think there are far too many excuses that state : ads on the iPhone are honestly not that bad.
    Yet the fact is the opposite is true. There are also unsavory apps that dish out through their ad revenue scheme, viruses, trojans, and other adware/spyware crap. It’s quite surprising just how bad and widespread this problem is.
    You might buy an app, and they remove the ads..okay fair enough, but should the ads be there in the first place invading your privacy? One thing I have always hated is adfarm revenue models, which churn out just about anything and everything including the aforementioned spyware/adware onto the iPhone.
    I’ve known people who have had their phones badly infected with spamware from these ads.
    Yes devs need paying but the brutal reality is, there is absolutely no reason to enforce spamware down our throats to entice us to buy their ‘so called’ ad free solution. To me that is a racket, and the sooner it’s stopped the better.
    To the devs, either make your app purchase only where by there is no incessant ad rotator on it, or make a free knocked down version of the same application without the adverts…let us choose if your app deserves buying without forcing all this crap down our throats.

    In the mean time, there needs to be made available, an app that can block all ads on any application…and it needs to be free..once we have this, maybe the developer community will realize in short order…make better products or no one buys your junk..don’t like it? then get out of the business making applications, no one is forcing your hand to make anything, its entirely your choice!

    • uhm. this post was made in 2011…

  • csgmiike

    This post may be several years old, well things have changed. The ads are now even redirecting to the App Store to try to get me to install an app – Candy Crush Saga is the biggest offender.