I don’t know about you, but ever since mobile phones with address books have been popular, I have an awfully hard time remembering anyone’s actual phone number, even close friends and family.

I know that’s pretty pathetic, but I bet the majority of you are in my boat as well. This makes the concept behind StartDial all the more intriguing. Why would anyone want to make their phone.app always open to the dialer?

Maybe the developers of the app have realized that we have a deficiency when it comes to remembering phone numbers, and they’re secretly trying to help us? Who knows, but other than that, I can’t really think of a reason why I would regularly use this tweak.

I guess it could be good if you’re a business person, or perhaps a telemarketer who is always calling someone who is not in his or her address book. I could definitely see the benefit there.

I think StartDial would be a whole lot better if there were some additional options in the settings app that let your configure what section your Phone app opened to; it would be a lot more useful then.

StartDial can be downloaded free from Cydia if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

Are you going to try it out?

  • StanTheMan

    guess what, today the 3rd, I still woke up late. Bullshit. Goddamned iPhone alarms!!!!!

    • Reytube

      Put repeat all day

  • Filippo_Biga

    Hi, I’ve already sent out the version with those options 😀
    It was originally meant to be the first version, but I messed things up 🙁

    Sorry for that, I hope the new version will be out in a few days! 🙂

    • Kylerayk

      @fillippo – thanks for keeping up with what users would like! It’s because of developers like you that force Apple to listen to consumers or go Android/Windows. I look fwd to the new version and to the next products you put out. Thanks!

  • Z

    I honestly don’t like making various modifications to the stock apps like msgs, phone, safari etc. Simply because if something is messed up, uninstalling the most recently installed tweak does not always work. For ex.: back in the day I installed FindIt for safari which messed up my safari bookmarks and caused safari to crash when scrolling through those messed up bookmarks or else scrolling down the page would make it crash. Annoying really, but even after removing FindIt the problem persisted.

    PhoneCloser is another tweak that I was not happy with. The tweak worked great, but it prevented all incoming/outgoing calls from appearing in recents.

    I’m not complaining, just making everyone aware of complications they may face playing with default apps.

  • David

    Here’s why this app is useful to me:

    When I need to call an address book contact, I use the native Spotlight function (it’s faster than doing it through Phone.app or Contacts.app). So…

    This jailbreak app is useful to me because when i open phone app, chances are I am going to dial a number that is not in my contacts, and it sucks when the first thing u see is NOT the keypad.

    Thanks Jeff & Filippo!

  • Sounds great but I use kuaidial, it is an amazing dialed app.

  • Bryan

    Hey guys! Excellent tweak! Sadly I’m not able to use it 🙁
    I installed version 1.2 and whenever I enable the Startdial tweak at the settings menu and go to my phone.app, the screen goes black. I need to go back to settings and disable the tweak to have the phone icon working again.
    Is this happening to anyone?