You might remember a couple months ago when we showed you this metal back cover for iPhone 4. It seems that another company was inspired by the concept and came up with 5 variations based on the same idea. My favorite of course is the one with the pwnapple logo on it.

These metal covers aren’t cheap. But $24 a piece might just be the price to pay to get a unique device that will sure get you some attention…

See the MIC Store for more details.


  • Wow, I’m feeling those…Sebastien are you rocking one? How do they hold up?

    • No I don’t have one of those. I’m really considering the pwnapple one though!

      • Will

        I agree …

  • Just sweet , I am getting 1, I wanted 1 that says ‘ I love IDB ‘ lol …

  • Eye Fone

    I need to dump my 3GS for this. Darth Vadar FTW !!

  • Leon

    They’re all pretty lame cept for the pwnapple and the robot.

    • Dirk

      Yea, all the rest are a little too big and obnoxious… But the ‘robot’ is androids logo… iPhones competition! That might be ok with a rooted iPhone running android os, but last I knew only the older models have been successfully open-booted to stood and this plate is only for ip4

  • Good products but expensive

  • daemos

    Why all the same photo? All 7 silhouettes of the different photos/logos are photoshopped into 1 photo. How legit is this company? How good is the quality? What does it REALLY look like?

  • Lee

    I have one from the logo peels off… They now sell blanks. Think someone can start laser engraving them?

  • Abwns

    Woooow O_O ..
    Very cool , but I love first image ..
    How much first image ..??

  • Sohail

    I have one of these and they are awesome.. Makes iPhone look a lot better.

  • Imahottguy

    The Beatles? Are you effin’ kidding me? I want one with @Arampe’s avatar! 😉

  • Gravley

    Can we customize those iPhone 4 covers and embedd our faces on them? Lol. Just joking. Yeah, the one with the pwnapple logo seems pretty cool.

  • Angryman

    where the i buy this

  • MALdito

    Wow! As I would have said earlier in my life:
    “Yo son! That sh*t is dope! Imma cop one o’ dem things, B!”

  • Amazing designs. I just wonder if there are tips on how to create my own designs.

  • Are there any available skins for iPad too? Just like this skin.