The developer of the popular Cydia app Wi-Fi Sync has confirmed that the current desktop versions are completely compatible with iTunes 10.1. Some are holding off due to the hopeful release of an untethered jailbreak, now that iOS 4.2.1 is right around the corner.

I have been using iTunes 10.1 with my jailbroken 4.1 iDevice since the release, and so far I have not experienced any complications. I can confirm that Wi-Fi Sync does work for me, as long as I uninstall it between iUpgrades.

The developer emphasized that iTunes will work; there are no new client versions on the website as of today. He also teased us with a promise of awesome features in the upcoming version 2.0.

I am genuinely excited to try remote syncing. I signed up for the beta, but I have not received any details yet. Have any of you heard anything from the developer? Speculations on coming features? Let me hear your guesses.

  • I just hope the bug with iTunes that effects restoring your iDevice gets fixed in 2.0. I love Wi-Fi Sync, it’s extremely useful. Kudos to the dev, can’t wait for the update.

  • AppleBits

    Stupid one here: what all can/do you sync with it? I’ve not heard/used this. I do have Photo Transfer, which I use to transfer chosen photos to/from my iphone/ipad. It’s great, actually. But that’s just for photos, I do believe. And I’m trying out the MobileMe thing. So IF (big IF there) I decide to pony up the dough for that, would this Wi-Fi sync be a better option for me? I really only care about syncing my iphone/ipad/macbook for calendar and contacts. The rest I can live without. Suggestions? Thanks!

    • AppleBits

      NM. I just found their website which explained how it works. Cool.

  • Thor

    What do mean by an iUpgrade? iOS or iTunes? POS hosed my phone and cost me 2 hours to get everything working again.

    • Dracossaint

      I heard they’re thinking about 3Gsync (pretty self explanatory) and I believe either btw thor

    • Tom

      Ah quit your bitching I spent 3 days trying to upgrade to 4.2.1:)

  • Oscar14A

    Is wifi sync in cydia

    • Kev


      • Oscar14A

        Thanks just downloaded it, wow great idea but all we need is a tweak so that we can use are iPhone/iPods during the sync

  • Kev

    It’s been a love / hate relationship for me. Sometimes it’s synced but not backed up. Sometimes seemed to have synced but error message at the end, but the times it has worked its brilliant. I stoppe using it though for the aforementioned reasons. I’m hoping it is just made easier to use out of the box and irons out the little incompatabilities. If it does it will be fantastic.

  • Neil

    Wifi sync won’t install for me keeps throwing an error up saying unable to patch a file. Any ideas

    • senor fluffy

      is it named setup.exe?

  • Richard clark

    Same here and I named the file setup.exe it worked great until iTunes 10.01 came along also done what the dev has said can any one help me out thanks richard

  • Rockallite

    Wi-Fi Sync 1.1a is NOT compatible with iTunes 10.1 on Windows XP & 7 Chinese Edition. iPhone 4 stops sychronization with iTunes with error 0xE8000065.

    Uninstalling the app solves the problem instantly.

    • Noalter

      Getting the same error here, any ideas of how to get wi-fi sync to work again?


      • Jean-Louis

        did u manage to sort this out dude? im getting the same error

      • Try the official support site for 1.1: WiFi Sync – Zendesk/

      • Nick

        @Jean-Louis – for now, 2.0 seems like the only way to do it. The beta is free for WiFi sync owners, and the Windows installer is on There’s a change in the way that it installs, since iTunes likely made it harder to do.

  • Die-Nasty

    Can anyone please upload the setup on mediafire or anything else than RS.
    I keep getting an error that says all download slots are full or need to an account. And ive been trying for two days now.

    Thnx in advance!!

  • Noalter

    link on mediafire:

    still having the error 0xE8000065 on itunes, even after uninstall and reinstall.
    any ideas?


  • Die-Nasty

    Thx alot Noalter =)

  • Die-Nasty
    • Freebo

      Gee thanks, that was very helpful. NOT.

      (did you even read that yrself before posting?)

      • Nic

        I set AppleMobileDeviceService.exe to run as administrator, turn off the phone, connected it to USB and once it turned on it started to sync. I then opened wifisync and that worked too.

        GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 Intel X58
        Intel Core i7 930 LGA 1366
        CORSAIR XMS3 12GB DDR3 1333
        win7 ultimate x64 (not SP1)
        iphone 3G jailbroken 4.2.1 (wifi only, no cell service)

  • Nick

    As much as I hate to say, I would advise all to hold off from Wi-Fi Sync until 2.0 is released. I think the developer is putting more time into the updated clients, and since the beta is to be released very soon (to all owners, according to the devs twitter account), it won’t be a painful wait. There are definitely known issues with some of the installers, and I would NOT mess with any alpha release (1.1a) if you do not want to see iTunes errors. Leave that for the testers. But right now, the app is on sale for $2.99. If you do not own, grab it, and wait for 2.0 to come out, since the upgrade will be free. Consider this a 2.0 pre-sale. All unsupported devices will work again, and all future Apple devices will be supported.

  • The Wifi sync for windows downloaded to my computer ( Windows 7 ) But when i try to run it , it says ” Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy. ” SOMEONE HELP !!

  • MathewPL

    Hi guys, I’ve actually got prolem witch iTunes error Ex8000065 on my iPod Touch, and I solve it by turning off my iDevice and reset paired devices on my computer. I hope it will help for someone.

    • Varun Nagwekar

      Hey MathewPL, thanks for your comment. It really helped me solve that problem. God bless you!