Wi-Fi Sync: iTunes Compatibility and 2.0 Hype

The developer of the popular Cydia app Wi-Fi Sync has confirmed that the current desktop versions are completely compatible with iTunes 10.1. Some are holding off due to the hopeful release of an untethered jailbreak, now that iOS 4.2.1 is right around the corner.

I have been using iTunes 10.1 with my jailbroken 4.1 iDevice since the release, and so far I have not experienced any complications. I can confirm that Wi-Fi Sync does work for me, as long as I uninstall it between iUpgrades.

The developer emphasized that iTunes will work; there are no new client versions on the website as of today. He also teased us with a promise of awesome features in the upcoming version 2.0.

I am genuinely excited to try remote syncing. I signed up for the beta, but I have not received any details yet. Have any of you heard anything from the developer? Speculations on coming features? Let me hear your guesses.