The folks over at TiPB have posted a nice and handy walk-through guide for iOS 4.2 features for iPhone, detailing all the new features expected in the latest iOS rollout, due this month (maybe as early as this week?)

While it’s not a major overhaul, there are several features iOS 4.2 is bringing that enhance the user experience – especially for iPad users. So which 4.2 features are you looking forward to getting the most on your iPhone?

Personally, I can’t wait to utilize AirPrint and also the new text message tones which can be assigned to individual contacts. One’s a major new feature, the other a desperately needed tweak.

Of course, I won’t be enjoying either feature until I know it’s safe to jailbreak 4.2, which shouldn’t be too much longer after the release. So let us know in the comments which feature you’re looking forward to the most! Or if there’s a feature you’re STILL waiting for, vent about that, too!

  • James

    The fix for recurring alarms.

  • Tony

    A feature to make me a hot breakfast every morning

  • Ivana

    Text tones! I wish I had a compatible printer…ah well.

  • Larry

    Airplay is the biggest feature for me, might even have to get a second Airport express!

  • Brandz

    An audio crossfade for iphone would be great! 😀

  • bonez

    i want btter battery life !

    • Eric

      iPhone 4 battery is by far better than any stood phone. You sir are a moron.

      • CooBy


      • Malwai

        Sigh…. Why the name calling… Play nice.

  • i want to jailbreak my iphone right now!!!

  • helo

  • ghost

    Unlock iphone 4 2.10.04

    • Felix

      Me too

  • Rajasekhar

    Provision to change new mail alerts sound the small beep is not audible. And ofcourse battery life and fix fir hanging issues

  • Eric

    Airprint for iPad. And airplay for both.

  • TY

    I just want fixes…

    Bluetooth needs fixed.
    Screen lockups neet to stop.

    And yes the new text tones will be nice.

  • AirPrint for iPhone!

  • Iphone is suck

  • Marco

    i hope they fixt the damn bugs in alarm clock and that finally they solve the problem with the sensor thats keeping my screen to go on during calls or even end the call

  • Pete

    Yeah, havn’t we’ve been told this sensor issue will be fixed in 4.1?

  • Bugzy

    Feature to read .ics files from mail and add to calendar would be great. I’ve heard it’s in 4.2 but not certain.

  • Rif

    UNLOCK “05.14.02” for 3G. EVERYBODY are WAIITINNG !
    and also hould be faster on 3G games are horrible, when playing some games. sad thing

  • Praxiss

    I want the alarm clock fixed!

  • Godri

    Who goes around printing all the time ..,, how many ppl who have both iphone and a itv…..
    honestly i am looking forward for only the cydia update that come along with 4.2 this time