The wait for a stable way to get Flash on the iPhone is almost over as Apple has quietly approved SkyFire, an app that was submitted about 2 months ago. SkyFire, which will be available on Thursday in the App Store is the first app of its kind to be approved by Apple.

I don’t think I have to refresh your memory by explaining that Apple and Adobe’s Flash aren’t BFFs. Apple has made it pretty clear before they wouldn’t not allow Flash on any iOS device. SkyFire goes around these restrictions to allow Flash content to be downloaded to their servers, then “translates” and renders the video into HTML5, which is supported by all iOS devices…

SkyFire won’t work with every site though. For example, it will not be able to convert Hulu videos, or Flash games. Everything else should be a go.

The app will be available for download on Thursday morning for $2.99. How much do you value Flash content? Enough to pay that price?


  • Burge

    Iam not that bothered about flash on my device..

  • Adam

    At 2.99 with no flash games or videos I’ll do without thanks.

  • MikeLo

    Wow finally, I can’t wait till Thursday & download it for free of instalious.

    • Steve

      Please don’t.

      • MikeLo

        Sorry, in my mind it’s already done, hope it’s not disappointing like frash

    • soccerkrzy

      It’s idiots like you that give jailbreaking iPhones a bad reputation.

      • MikeLo

        Are you serious ??? Cause I get cracked apps I’m a idiot. Look at what blog your on & think about what your saying. If it’s such a problem don’t come to this blog and don’t jailbreak your iPhone…& keep sucking Steven jobs dick while your at it. Dickhead

    • Rob

      Me too for freeeeeeeeee!!

      • Danny413

        Helll yeah I’m getting it on installous for free 🙂 long live piracy

  • Interesting. Another 3rd party browser. It’ll be interesting to see how many people actually adopt this. More and more video is available via HTML5 now, but there are a few obvious omissions. I suppose it could be quite useful in those instances.

  • William

    Naw, I don’t really miss Flash on my iDevices so I won’t waste the money for it.

  • iPhoNerd

    It is not worthy to spend 3 n get dissappointed. If developers confident about their product let them releas a lite or free version then will think about if is is worthy for he paid version.

  • Aleksander

    Isnt it allrady free in cydia..? Oh well.. It sucks anyways.. xp
    Why dony install Frash? Flash for iPhone & iPad 🙂

  • dennis

    come on ppl, we all know u might not *buy it* 1/2 the ppl will wait for it to be on installous

  • Damian

    I have flash on my 3GS. I use Frash.

  • Floyd

    Screw flash, viva apple.

  • DomPerignon

    Frash does the trick for me. No need for spending $3.00 for the same end result.

  • theComer

    what do they mean by translating? is it like converting? doesn’t such a process take a long time? hmmm I guess it might be worthy if it’s fast enough then we can join the two apps features, skyfire to view flash videos and frash to view interactive flash formats unless if there would be a conflict between them.

  • John

    Frash works fine

  • oil

    Flash s*cks. You want flash, you will also get the ads! and a slow browsing… What a deal!…
    On mac, try to get the safari’s HTML5 plugin for youtube videos… It’s so quick and so perfect without flash…

    It’s crazy how Adobe is trying so hard to have flash on our mobile, we don’t want the same app on every phone, with flash and Mono and .NET we’ll have some standard apps… the same that are on windows mobile >> what a shame.. Steve Jobs was true…

    • Phosphorus

      This only enables you to play flash video. The flash ads and games won’t be able to play in this browser.

  • Phosphorus

    Oh my god, all of you are stupid.
    Especially this guy called John, he’s everything bad on this site.
    John says: November 2, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Frash works fine

    FRASH IS FOR ANIMATED FLASH BASED CONTENT ONLY. Like games and animations but not video! This is why Skyfire is the better option since it actually let’s you play the other half of flash content, videos. I don’t even play flash games, I only use flash to stream videos.

    The only option besides Skyfire would be imobilecinema and it’s slowly dieing and doesn’t support sites like megavideo and a lot of other common flash video sites..

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Where can I get Frash?

  • DS

    Why pay if frash is out there.
    Not interested. Flash us free for all why pay for it on the iPhone???

  • Joe

    This is some bullshit it’s free on android But when it comes to apple you go to pay assholes. It’s just like hulu+ I will not waste money on this.

  • Karl

    I don’t think I go to any web content on my iPhone where I’ve been disappointed not to be able to play flash. Do iPhones need it? I won’t pay for it I won’t down load it for free and I won’t be getting frash. Tried frash once and it caused more trouble than it was worth. Viva apple.