EZDecline is a new jailbreak app that let’s you easily decline phone calls. If your phone is locked and you receive a phone call, the only thing that will show on your screen is the “Slide to Answer” option. EZDecline tweaks that a bit by adding the buttons to “Decline” or “Answer”.

Priced at $0.99, I don’t find this mod much useful because this feature is already available under a different form on your iPhone…

When you get a phone call on your iPhone, you can easily stop the ringing by hitting the volume or power button once. The phone will keep ringing on the caller’s end but it won’t be ringing or vibrating on your end.

Now if you want to send the caller to your voicemail, simply hit the power button twice. It will stop ringing/vibrating and the caller will be sent straight to your voicemail.

Would you pay $0.99 for this tweak? Or like me, would you rather keep the stock features that give you the option to either turn off the ringing or send the caller to voicemail?

  • Juan

    for the exact reasons you stated, this tweak isn’t very useful… for me.

  • indeed, quite useless…

  • Steve Jobs

    I agree this tweak is useless. But if we all find it useless (including the author), why was this article even written and posted? Seems pointless to me…

  • SpideyRules

    It’s sad that there have been many more, MUCH more useful tweaks available for FREE, and this incredibly insignificant tweak (thanks for informing me about hitting the power button twice to send to VM, btw) is 99 cents.

    Really? I understand wanting to get compensation for your time and effort, but make something useful. This tweak is as useful as someone designing volume controls directly on your lockscreen when the hardware of the phone can already do the same thing!

  • Burge

    I’ve been waiting for you to cover this…all you need to do to decline a call is press the on/off button. So why on earth has someone made this tweak …pointless..

  • cmarcolette

    I purchased the tweak. Until reading this article I was not aware of the power button trick for sending a caller to voicemail, only the silence via volume button. I still like the fact that this tweak displays the two choices. I guess I’m just stance?

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    I’m pissed that I purchased the “McCleaner” which is an Awesom app thy let’s you Make a blackList for callers numbers that will block,send to vm and more instantly but now that I have my IP4 it won’t except my prior serial number and ask for an entirely new Purchase of the app from Cydia and it’s 10bucks!!! Fcccck!!!

    • in your case get it free from sinfuliphone repo 🙂 ….. I don’t support cracked apps but in your case u paid for it !

  • JC!

    If you remove the app this wont give you back the option of slide to answer! AHHAAAGG if you guys know any method please let me know!

    • Sergani

      Any solution?

  • weebsurfer

    It IS a start though maybe?????. How’s about buttons to reply wit a text template, etc. “I’m in a meeting”, “You don’t want me to answer the phone where I am now.”, “you suck! I’m not answering.”… And such. Gimme a reason other than not knowing you can press a button for free.

  • T-Mizzle

    I didn’t know about being able to hit the button twice. Thanks!

  • For me it’s worth it. I just bought it and it’s nice like apple would have designed the icon

  • me

    just press power button twice. no need to install anything

  • Veso

    I just want to know how to install EZdecline… Please, help me!!!