The news fell a couple days ago that Rock Your Phone had been acquired by Cydia. This is without a doubt the biggest business move ever made in the jailbreak community, and it is a clear sign of the potential of “underground apps”.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Rock even though it had some really neat features. We’ll all remember how fast it loaded as well as its backup feature, among others. Is this going to come to Cydia now that Rock is dead?

From what I understand we shouldn’t get our hopes too high for what’s to come for Cydia. It seems at this time the only thing that might make its way from Rock to Cydia is the backup feature that saves all your packages for easy reinstall should you restore your iPhone or get a new one. That is a big step forward.

Saurik also confirmed that some developers like Chpwn are working on improving Cydia, specifically its UI. Cydia doesn’t look good but to be honest, I’m more concerned about its performances than its looks. Unfortunately, making Cydia faster doesn’t seem to be on the to-do list.

I’m worried this acquisition of Rock won’t do anything but kill the little competition there was between the 2 major third party apps installers and that in the end, the end user will be stuck with no option but what Cydia has to offer.


  • Burge

    Although I like Cydia more than Rock , and all I used Rock for was for the backup. But all I think of is that Cydia has killed off any threat of not being No. one in the jailbreak world.
    Would Mr freeman sell Cydia to Apple if the price was right ?

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Boo…what was wrong with having best of both worlds?

    • Agreed. I loved the speed of the Rock interface, and the push notifications for app updates. Going back to Cydia’s slow interface was just terrible. I wish they’d left Rock functional… I’d still be using it.

      • Austinderf

        Yeah! I agree with that! It was fast, not I have to wait for the stupid reload every three seconds!

  • Turbo

    I’d say throw Cydia in the bin and don’t look back! It sucks! Most of it anyway. Instead, convert the Cydia repo’s so that Rock can read it.

    • Yes, I wish they would do that too!

      Unfortunately, Saurik wrote that Rock’s tremendous speed advantage was from “a few incorrect/dangerous shortcuts” and doesn’t seem interested in exploring that option. I question the validity of this… maybe there were some “dangerous shortcuts” that should be fixed, but I doubt they were the only reason Rock was doing everything sooo much faster than Cydia. Rather I suspect Saurik doesn’t want to adopt someone else’s interface in place of one he crafted, so he’s forcing all Rock users to come back to Cydia.

      It’s a shame; Rock was a much better user experience than Cydia or the App Store, and now we can’t use it anymore.

  • Rahul

    I had no idea there was something else besides Cydia.. mayb cause am new to this jailbreaking thing..

    • Stink

      Ther is cydia, rock, icy, and a few others

  • Ethan

    Any time the removal of a competitor, however small, ends up leaving one business as the monopoly-head, trouble can insue quickly.

    PS- Cydia is slow.

  • Stink

    Does anyone know if installer works anymore cause although a lot of ppl hated it i liked it

  • Turbo

    Rock was never really a contender of the throne. It didn’t have any where near as many softwares as Cydia. At least none of the ones I wanted! I always tried Rock first, but when the software didn’t exist there, I had to go to Cydia. And wait for an eternity for it to start up. If it didn’t crash a couple of times first!!

  • Turbo

    Installer still works for me… Did a couple of weeks ago anyway…

    • Stink

      Really?!? Send me a link or tell me how to get it plz cause i really really want it

  • Turbo

    The app is apparently named ‘Installous 3’ and it’s availible from Cydia repo:

    • Burge

      That’s not installer, that’s for putting hacked apps on a device.
      Installer was for putting mods and tweaks on a device like cydia and icy and package. Installer got put on a device way back when we used pwnage tool back at the start of jailbreaking on device on 1.x.x and on 2.x.x. Installer is no longer around

  • Brian

    Well, that sucks. I do admit that I do use CYDIA over rock for almost everything.

    However, there are 3 main reasons I dont like seeing rock get aquired by CYDIA.

    1) I did use and loved the rock ‘back up’ feature. I have yet to find any package or app that restores all your stuff as well as ROCK.

    2) Numerous times CYDIA has had ‘issues’. Whether it be not loading, crashing upon opening, crashing when adding repos, crashing when trying to download an app and etc….In fact, CYDIA seems to always have issues nowadays. IF the issue is serious, ROCK has saved me many times and allowed me to use ROCK to figure out what was wrong with cydia and fix it….Once, when CYDIA was just crashing without even opening….I opened ROCK and saw like 50 CYDIA files all greyed out. I simply re-installed those files, which took no time, and boom, CYDIA went back to working…well, working as well as it can anyway….Another time, I had some bad files and CYDIA was dead….5 minutes on ROCK and I removed the bad files from cydia, and boom, CYDIA back to working……

    3) CYDIA has too many freakin issues. The issues have gotten steadily worse as each day/week/month passes. And the issues are far to vast to list or I would be typing all day. MOST EVERYBODY I KNOW, agrees and says CYDIA is just going downhill fast. I know very few people who say “I love works great for me with very few issues”….

    The issues with CYDIA have gotten so bad, I try my best to never open it. If I do open it, my blood pressure rises 50 points just thinking about having to open cydia…hmm…what problems will pop up this time and how much time will i spend trying to fix stuff, is my usual mindset when opening cydia.

    I mean good grief…..Just downloading a simple app has a 50% or better chance of crashing my device…doing almost anything on cydia gives a large % chance of ‘screwing things up’….

    I’ve gotten so fed up with the CYDIA issues, as I said, I try my best to not even open it….Sure that new app looks cool….but it aint worth opening cydia and is not worth the chance of the major issues that may hit me trying to get a simple app……

    Frankly, I know ‘beggers cant be choosey’……I know ‘nobody owes us anything’…..I know ‘Cydia is for our benefit and is pretty much the only option’…..But I also agree that it doesnt matter what it ‘looks like’..what matters is does it work and does it work well and consistent, and NO, CYDIA does NOT work well and nor is it consistent. CYDIA has gotten so bad the last year in fact, I know MANY people that simply will never open it again and no matter how much they love their jb/unlock, they will NOT get another jb’d/unlocked apple product when their current one dies…..between the non stop cydia issues….apples constant ‘tricks’, it just aint worth it and I do think things will continue to get worse, not better..Cydia, being our only option, will continue to get worse…Apple will ensure most JB’d/Unlock owners spend half their lives ‘working/fixing/updating/restoring and etc, their idevices’…..IT AINT WORTH IT!!

    Apple fanatics will always be apple fanatics and nothing will convince them there are other and better options, but the fact is, there are TONS of phones now on the market, with many more coming that simply blow the iphone out of the water…and owning one of these other smart phones will not require you to spend half your life trying to get your device to work….

    The Iphone WAS the king..No doubt about it…but that was THEN, not now…..And being jb’d/unlocked was also ‘king’…..but again, that was then, not now…..

    Apple sucks…cydia is unreliable and there are plenty of phones that do everything an idevice can do and more and without the constant issues and without you spending half your life trying to get your phone to work.

    Lastly, why doest Saurik or whoever just admit cydia has issues and take care of them? People have been complaining that cydia has gotten really bad for quite some time now……TONS AND TONS of people….so it aint a ‘mirage’…..I see somebody on twitter basically bitching at people telling them to stop complaining and just send crash logs……sheez….Again, I do realize they do not have to give us CYDIA..but they ARE…THEY ARE CHOOSING TO DO SO…..So, they should STOP BITCHING ABOUT PEOPLE BITCHING about the problems…..If they CHOOSE to keep CYDIA UP, then they need to ACCEPT THE BITCHING….If not, then FIX IT SO PEOPLE CANT COMPLAIN OR JUST GET RID OF CYDIA ALL TOGETHER….

    But putting out a product that has serious issues is wrong….look at how everybody bitched at apple for putting out stuff with ‘issues’ or having products with ‘issues’ that are consistent and never corrected…..The very people that bring us CYDIA and all it’s goodies, RAGGED on APPLE for this…they always have and they always will…..So why are they wondering why the same mindset should not apply to them?


    If people (apple fanatics) were forced to use a better non-apple device for 1 month, they will be shocked that a phone can do so much, with so few problems and will give their idevices away to people who dont mind non stop issues and wasting half your life trying to get your phone to work….

  • Turbo

    Now, that’s what I call a RANT!!! :). And, they ARE fixing it. I hope. Ditching Cydia, put Rock in it’s place. That’s the only resonable way to go… But… You never know, Saurik might be an idiot….

    • Stink

      Plz answer

  • Juan

    The Rock backup feature is no better than PkgBackup. Also, instead of bitching about issues, send crash reports to chpwn. he’s tweeted his address. if you can’t even do that, you’re in no position to complain. either help or stfu. that is the open source world.

    as far as “competition”. what competition? the only competition were apps exclusive to Rock like MyWi, My3g and other “intelliborn” apps. Instead of Rock doing things like using using the community created and open sourced libraries (like likestatusbar to put icons in status bar), they made their own which is required by some of their apps. IMO, this was dumb as it created division.

    I for one only used Rock for MyWi. Never opened it unless MyWi needed me too. As far as Cydia crashing, I’ve learned that most my crashes are when I queue apps for install. I’ve never had any cydia crashes as claimed above (not discrediting claims). Cydia has no control over what you do/install. Add repos until you turn blue. Devs are not required to sell via Cydia, they can set up their own payment methods.

    I for one am glad to see Rock leave. They present themselves as opportunistic capitalists. At least the dev team and the regular bunch of devs aren’t. They’re just open source dudes. while Cydia probably makes a pretty penny running, Jay doesn’t present himself as a greedy bum like those from Rock. I mean MyWi for $20? Seriously? I think even half that price is. not that I’m poor…. it’s the principle and taking advantage of. I dunno. I guess I’m not upset by this, quite the opposite.

    if you don’t like cydia, stop using it and install programs the other way.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Sorry if we all dont think like you Jaun. Everyone has their own opinions and prerogatives.

    • Juan, STFU. Your a bitch. Give help or advice, and stop complaining. Oh and intelleborn was a great idea. Stop bitching. No one wants to here you.

  • Brian

    SoCoMagNuM says: September 13, 2010 at 8:40 am
    Sorry if we all dont think like you Jaun. Everyone has their own opinions and prerogatives.
    Well Said!! Who is this guy to tell people to STFU? Does he think only he has the right to voice an opinion? Why does he seem to claim to know what others are thinking or doing?

    I havent tweeted 1 thing to chpwn, no bitching to him on cydia and no, no crash reports sent….

    Why bother?

    I have better things to do then to sit here all day long messing with CYDIA, sending crash reports and etc….

    For the last year, all I have heard is they ‘are fixing cydia’….yet it just keeps getting worse and worse…..

    PKGBKUP better then ROCK restore? I guess he is entitled to his opinion, but I disagree. In MY cases, ROCK has always restored everything back far better then PKGBKUP….I’ve used both quite a few times and on different devices. PKGBKUP never worked anyplace close to what ROCK did.

    I know others like PKGBKUP and thats great…..but for me, the ROCK RESTORE feature blows PKGBKUP away…..


    LMAO. And is this what Juan is doing with his long rant? How is he helping by telling people to STFU and then adds nothing ‘helpful’ other then his ‘opinion’ which he is bitching at others basically saying our opinions are not welcome….

    If ‘HELP OR SHUT UP’ is his motto, maybe he should look in the mirror, take his own advice and HELP OR SHUT THE F UP…LOL……………

  • Brian

    Last post should read

    “Either HELP or STFU”

    LMAO. And is this what Juan is doing with his long rant? How is he helping by telling people to STFU and then adds nothing ‘helpful’ other then his ‘opinion’ while he is bitching at others basically saying our opinions are not welcome….

    If ‘HELP OR SHUT UP’ is his motto, maybe he should look in the mirror, take his own advice and HELP OR SHUT THE F UP…LOL……………

  • Turbo

    Juan: People HAVE been sending in bugreports. People HAVE been making the author(s) known of the issues. They just doesn’t care (any more?). Cydia is so buggy, that it’s unusable. This could impossible have come as a surprise! I’ve done my fair share of OpenSource programming for more than … 20 years now! Ok, in the beginning it wasn’t called OpenSource, but ShareWare or FreeWare, but still…
    The least you could, as a coder, is to test it throughly. And try out most any use case. The Cydia devels haven’t done this. It’s quite noticable…

  • appletiser

    for me the whole reason to jailbreak was because i didn’t like being dictated to by one company. now that Rock is no more Cydia has become the dictator of the jb community. admittedly Rock offered little in comparison but it was always my first point of call due to the friendlier UI. choice is a big deal for me and frankly if Cydia do not improve and transplant over the best parts of Rock then i may as well remain unbroken and stick with the official dictator. ):

  • Burge

    End of round one
    Brain , turbo and SoCoMagNuM 1
    Jaun 0
    And it think that there is pros and cons for both Cydia and Rock, but I still like Cydia more, and I only have it crash when lining up more than 3 items to install. After all this is jailbreaking and Apple didn’t make it to to run on these devices

    • Stink

      Shut up burge i agree with juan

      • Burge

        So do I . Fuckwit

      • Burge

        Is your name there ? No

  • Z

    Well, according to Saurik, it wasn’t exactly an acquisition, more of a strategic move.

    I’m expecting some major changes coming to cydia. It’s a must. Cydia is still at FW 3.1.3 progress wise, and it needs to be “updated” to iOS4 =)

  • Thisdood

    Frankly for my slow-as-all-hell iPhone 2g Rock was a welcome addition to my device, im sad to see it go 🙁

  • Kam

    I see a possibility of paid cydia coming with a license fees now.
    Though people were donating but since jailbreak is now a biz rather just an intrest of developers after u jailbreak u may be asked to get a license with min. Fixed cost!

  • Brian

    Didnt want to but just opened CYDIA.

    Why do I see an update for ROCK?

    I do notice the homepage on CYDIA is different and I did see the cydia+ = thingy which I clicked on an read.

    Saurik said that they will be implementing the ROCK BACKUP/RESTORE feature in to CYDIA.

    Wonder how long this will take?

    Why am I seeing a current update for ROCK? That doesnt make any sense…..Am I really supposed to update ROCK now that all this is happening….or wait?? With all that is going on, I really am baffled as to why I see an update for ROCK on CYDIA….That makes no sense….Hopefully it will all be explained as to what us users of CYDIA and ROCK need to do and when we need to do it….

    I really hope that other then the BACKUP/RESTORE feature they get CYDIA back to working well..Bugs and crashes will happen, but the past year it has gotten really bad…..Now with no ‘competition’, What will push them to get the bugs worked out of CYDIA?

    Obviously if we are jb’d/unlocked then we need something like CYDIA…But if it doesnt work 75% of the time, then what good is it?

    BTW, just for the heck of it since some said issues can arise if you have too many repos added (I already knew this as CYDIA has to load each of the repos and all info and the repos may have their own issues which flows over to cydia..)…so I removed every repo except those added automatically by CYDIA upon JB’ing.

    It didnt solve anything…Still endless errors, endless reloading and constant crashes when doing things on CYDIA……

    The biggest thing I will miss with ROCK was its ability to fix CYDIA. I’ve had CYDIA ‘die on me’ several times for different reasons…ROCK FIXED THE ISSUES EACH TIME.

    Now its gonna be much tougher to fix CYDIA without ROCK……

    Oh is what it is……I’ve donated quite a bit to the ’cause’, but no more….I’d rather help feed some needy/homeless kids then keep donating to ‘the cause’. Im flushing my $$’s donating to ‘the cause’…my $$’s could be better spent…….

  • That isn’t fair to many people, considering all the backups. Surik could at least keep the backup & restore severs running. This is just like Apple’s old Monopoly over the mobile App Market.

    • Brian

      “That isn’t fair to many people, considering all the backups. Surik could at least keep the backup & restore severs running. This is just like Apple’s old Monopoly over the mobile App Market.”

      Well, he said that the BACKUP/RESTORE features from ROCK will be implemented on CYDIA. The Questions are, will it be this decade? Will it even work as well as ROCKS version? What motivation do they have considering they sell apps that back things up and this will stop sales of many of those apps?

      Lastly, with CYDIA being the last one standing, what motivation do they have to do anything now? CYDIA has been going downhill for quite awhile….Now, with no ‘compeitition’ they have little motivation to make cydia better and work out the bugs.

      I’ve been hearing that CYDIA ‘is being worked on’ for ages now….yet it just keeps getting worse, not better.

      This is what I see coming. Its all about MONEY. They can claim otherwise, but please, dont insult our intelligence…its the way of the world..but these guys claim to be different and not care about $$’s?

      My guess is along the lines of something another poster said…..My guess is they will start selling licenses and what about the possibility that they come up with 2 versions of CYDIA…The current one, which would be free to users but would utterly suck…they wont spend any time on the ‘free version’..instead, look for a NEW CYDIA, in which people pay a fee to use..the new version will be better then the old one..that is where the $$ will come from and that is where their time will be spent…plus, they know people will get fed up with the old version and go ahead and pay for the new one..they arent idiots after all……

      Anyway, this is all just a guess but I do think things are going to turn in to ‘its all about the money’…just a matter of how they do it…..with millions of people relying on the need for something like cydia, the dollar signs are growing in their eyeballs, imho….

      I also think they know they better capitalize on getting these dollars before its too late….before long there isnt going to be a need for cydia… aint dumb either…just slow and arrogant ;>)

  • Yea I saw that.

  • halfrican

    In my opinion between rock and cydia rock wins hands down everything about rock is better, it’s faster,cleaner,more appealing to the eye wich is something most people don’t care about but in a advertising marketing world where your trying to win a competition against some other company you have to take all aspects into consideration and rock has done that. It’s user friendly easy to use interface out does cydia in every way so for cydia to buy out rock is just cause their scared and thought that they were gona loose the race and dis what they thought was their last resort and bought them hopefully rock won’t leave but if they do cydia better step up their performance

  • Brian

    “but if they do cydia better step up their performance”

    They didnt care about the performance when ROCK was here so why would they care now?

    Like I said, it is my opinion that these guys are not dumb and know it is all about tapping in to a revenue stream that likely will not be available for long.

    I see them grabbing as much $$’s as they can, while they can, while also claiming this is not their goal (making $’s before it is too late) and there will always be a need for CYDIA.

    Nope. In my opinion, Jb’rs and unlockers wont need CYDIA.

    Apple may be a tad slow to ‘adopt’ certain things or in giving features users want…and they may be quite arrogant as well…..But APPLE aint dumb……awhile back i heard from a very good source that apple was implementing measures that will brick jb’d/unlocked devices……seems my source is saying they are doing a complete 180 and will soon embrace the ‘jb/unlock scene’…and the reason?

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$’s…..They KNOW they can make a TON more money EMBRACING and CONTROLLING ‘the scene’ then in spending $$’s trying to stop it, which is now futile with the introduction of newer smartphones and technology……

    I highly suspect (so does my source) Saurik knows this is coming and they will try to get as many $$’s as they can before CYDIA is no longer needed by any idevice owner…….

    I guess only time will tell how this all plays out but anybody thinking APPLE ‘is not on top of this’…..may be in for a surprise…..

  • It’s not that simple. But I don’t believe Apple will use themes and Tweaks for quite a while. Thes neat features slow down our idevices and build cache files though we don’t realize it. These programs can conflict with one another, and repeatedly slow down and crash are systems. Are systems can become very unstable, and even become bricked as a result of constant crashing and conflicts. Apple most likely isn’t to keen on turning to the ideas of people who went against their will and hacked devices they worked hard on perfecting. This all opens up gateways to app piracy. Witch is wrong.
    Don’t get me wrong though, I love to jailbreak and always will.
    After all, I’m PwnHkr.

  • Oh, and be careful, listening to your “reliable” sources. Many people don’t know what they are talking about completely, and just say what they here. You all should use logic & reason based of observation and observation from the past.

  • To understand what is coming next.

  • Brian


    Watch and see. I agree with much of what you say but do feel that cydia will no longer be needed and yes, I do believe APPLE has some ‘surprises’ in store that will enable them to make their users much happier, allow them to make far more money, make cydia 100% obsolete and not needed by anybody and while accomplishing all this they will likely be making it much harder, not easier to get ‘cracked apps’……

    All we can do is wait and see what happens but i think BIG changes are coming that will be welcomed by everybody, other then folks that make $$’s on the jb/unlock scene. Their ‘revenue stream’ is likely to be diminished greatly, imho……..

  • PaCo

    ok!… hooray yay! etc… but if rock doesn’t work anymore, how do I install the cydia browser? :,(

  • Vincent

    VERY Pissed about this. I’m glad that Cydia + Rock are now collaborating, but I’m annoyed that they “killed” the Rock app. It is much better than Cydia, and I hope Saurik adopts the design in the new Cydia

  • carlyn

    i must say i do love the ui and the backup feature of rock… ive been using that app more than cydia… i hope they keep the backup feature though…

  • Twister

    C’mon Saurik – make Cydia faster! Since Rock died, I have been unable to load Cydia on the first go. It always crashes and takes me back to springboard. I switched to Rock because Cydia was so slow and ugly. Bring Rock back!!!! (Or update Cydia to include the features Rock had – backup, restore, app check, etc.)

  • Ett

    Cydia stinks so much… we just don’t need to list what’s wrong with it. EVERYTHING is wrong with it. speed, interface, stability, usability. it’s just all wrong. saurik is obviously there only for the money and is a lazy developper.

    who in 2010 wants to wait 4 minutes just to get and update list. or 2 minutes just to open a freakin app.

    R.I.P Rock who made jailbroken experience 10x better than cydia.

  • Turbo

    I just upgraded to 4.1 on my 3G. And I must say that it actually made Cydia faster! It’s still way to slow for comfort, but it IS faster. Noticeably faster…

  • Jailbreaker

    I miss rock. It was the best. It worked for me even after it was acquired by cydia, but after I updated it, it was gone

  • I want Rock back!!

    Much quicker and easier. Download multiple apps at once, never crashed, cached db.

    Someone swallow their pride and bring it back! It’ll make a million more $$$’s for you! I still have’t purchased a thing from Cydia, but loads from Rock.

  • Cydia Hater

    I never got a chance to try rock but it sounds awesome [I watched some videos]. I hate cydia it takes so long to load!

  • Twister

    Cydia sucks!! Takes forever to load, sometimes crashes on load or refresh, seems very buggy when browsing apps. PLEASE BRING ROCK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cydia Hater

    I agree

  • Turbo

    This is my top three list of what I hate about Cydia, in order of importance:

    1. It crashes when you add multiple apps to install (Queuing). It crashes randomly – sometimes on the second app, sometimes on the tenth. And everything in between. And this is true on G4 as well, so it’s not just a memory issue…
    2. It insists on restarting the SpringBoard after an install – I liked Rocks choise – ‘restart when closing Rock’ much better! Then I could keep installing and what not, and THEN restart…
    3. It takes time to load – ages on <3GS, but slow enough to be irritating on G4…

    As seen, I put the load time as number tree. This is a list of what I HATE about Cydia. Below this comes a longer list of 'what makes me angry' with Cydia and WAY below THAT, is 'things that irritate me about Cydia'… 🙂

  • Florent Steyaert

    I was a huge fan of Rock too.
    You were right. More than 1 year later, Rock features are still not integrated to Cydia. 🙁