Rock Your Phone is Dead. Long Live Cydia!

The news fell a couple days ago that Rock Your Phone had been acquired by Cydia. This is without a doubt the biggest business move ever made in the jailbreak community, and it is a clear sign of the potential of “underground apps”.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Rock even though it had some really neat features. We’ll all remember how fast it loaded as well as its backup feature, among others. Is this going to come to Cydia now that Rock is dead?

From what I understand we shouldn’t get our hopes too high for what’s to come for Cydia. It seems at this time the only thing that might make its way from Rock to Cydia is the backup feature that saves all your packages for easy reinstall should you restore your iPhone or get a new one. That is a big step forward.

Saurik also confirmed that some developers like Chpwn are working on improving Cydia, specifically its UI. Cydia doesn’t look good but to be honest, I’m more concerned about its performances than its looks. Unfortunately, making Cydia faster doesn’t seem to be on the to-do list.

I’m worried this acquisition of Rock won’t do anything but kill the little competition there was between the 2 major third party apps installers and that in the end, the end user will be stuck with no option but what Cydia has to offer.