Apple’s event today wasn’t filled with too many surprises. The iPod Touch was beefed up in features that included many of the predicted and leaked abilities that were floating around. Mimicking nearly all of the features of the iPhone 4 makes me wonder now more than ever if the Touch is specifically designed for those who don’t want an iPhone.

Adding FaceTime and Retina Display to the Touch gives it both of the best features from the iPhone 4. The speedy A4 chip will make the two devices close to equal in processing time, something that the iPhone previously ousted the Touch in considerably. So what’s the difference?

The biggest difference in the two will be the iPod Touch’s rear camera. iLounge reports that those hoping to get the brilliant photos that you’ve seen from an iPhone 4 will be very disappointed with the 0.7 megapixel capability. Yes, that’s less resolution than the original iPhone. My guess is that this was done to maintain the super slim design.

The other big reason that the iPhone will always be better than the iPod Touch relates to those who jailbreak their devices. The option to turn your phone into a Wifi hotspot is priceless for some users, and since the Touch has no cellular network it also has no tethering.

Those differences aside, the two devices are scarily similar. I wonder how many iPod Touch owners would die out if a carrier besides AT&T was granted the iPhone. I have a strange suspicion that once the exclusivity runs dry on the iPhone, so will the number of iPod Touch owners.

What do you guys think? Is the iPod Touch designed with non iPhone owners in mind? How many of you with iPhones plan on buying the iPod Touch? Give us your heartfelt feedback in the comment box below.

  • Burge

    For the price of the iPod you might think about getting a 3G second iPhone instead, ok so it’s not on the same level as the new ipod ie the screen and face time but at least you got a phone with your iPod

  • Burge

    Sorry ment to put 3G second hand iPhone

  • Kj

    I’ll buy one for my daughter so we Can use facetime when i’m travelling.

    I have a problem understanding why someone who do not want an iPhone 4 would want an inferior copy instead.

    • Shadow

      The iPhone is by definition inferior so what’s the difference?

  • How is it able to shoot video in HD but have such crappy resolution in stills? Sounds like the camera is more than capable, they’re just crippling it with the software.

  • Francesco

    hope i can buy one got work for college thou but i make sure ill have 1 of the new ipods but imagine what ppl could do if jailbroken lol damn it comes out sept 8th lol

  • The new iPod Touch is definitely designed for potential users that simply don’t like AT&T or are in contracts with other carriers and use their phones for business. There are plenty of people that I know of that have Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile, and have an iPod Touch for working out or playing games. Now, with the ability to use FaceTime with any other iPhone 4 and iPod Touch user….that’s huge. Plus, it’s just a smaller version of an iPhone 4 with, what Jobs said, “no phone and no contract.”

    I think this is big news!

  • Like John M Said, How Can the iPod Touch only have a 0.7 MP camera if it can shoot 720p video? I think the iPod Touch has the same MP as iPhone camera, we will just need to wait and see.

  • Z

    I doubt touch is for someone who doesn’t want an iPhone. It’s for someone who doesn’t want a phone and monthly charges that come with it, but DO want to enjoy all the great features of a palm held device.

  • brent

    @ John M and StanHell

    A 720x480px image (the resolution of iPhone 4 video) is a little more than 1/3 of a megapixel or @ 0.35 MP which is half the resolution of the 0.7 MP still camera. Video resolution is never going to be as high as the highest possible still photo resolution…that is unless they invent a TV/monitor that displays 5 million+ pixels (the resolution of the iPhone 4 still camera)

  • brent

    Wait, sorry, iPhone 4 video resolution is 1280×720. About 0.9 MP. The still camera being 0.7 MP makes me think they are cropping down a little to compensate for low image quality or more specifically to compensate for the digital zoom which inherently reduces image quality unlike an optical zoom.

  • Mac

    Let do the math
    AT&T want $418 upgrade-new iPod $229 I will save $189
    AT&T charges me $130 month

    I can get 4g service for 25 dollars and
    Hack my I pod to use it as phone with google
    Voice free talk I will save $1500 a year
    So by by AT&T

    • Vik071

      Really? And what will happen with Google Voice when there is no wi-fi to connect to?

  • Fman52

    I think this is pretty cool but got the iphone4 the first day so no need

  • thanks @brent for your clarification.

  • Nicolas

    TI never bought an iPhone because I have a better plan with T-Mobile. So I bought an iPod for music and to use in my car. I was going to buy one but the super android came along and once again the T-Mobile is a better plan for me needs. Now I use my iPod less and less because the android takes care of the music too. I might one day buy AB iPhone but never with at&t. That’s my story.

  • Killasmitty

    This is way over prices 270+ with taxes for wats suppose to be originally a mp3/video player? And who really plates games on it anyways? Ull play a games for like a week and get bored of it

  • Eldaria

    iTouch also does not have GPS, if they really want to make it “if you don’t want an iPhone, got an iTouch” the only thing they should leave out is the phone part.

    • Shadow

      Agreed, they need to stick a gps chip in there. Then it might be worth getting.

  • JAK

    There still is something about having an all in one device, regardless of the carrier. Yes the new Retina dispay iPod touch is tempting, but if your like me, I like the simplicities of having my phone, music player, portable 3G Internet, decent camera, bundled…. I think the only thing that will keep me with AT&T is the Grandfathered unlimited package so I can hotspot tether as I wish without incurring any extra costs… Thems my thoughts…. That’s a bummer on the camera… Did I read that right? The new touch with have a camera that has a lesser megapixel camera than the iPhone 4? How does HD imaging work with that?

  • Erick

    I’m posting from my iPod 3G. I am heavily considering the 4G (mainly for double the resolution).

    I don’t want an iPhone. I find it ironic when I see people comment, “Why buy an iPod when you can get an iPhone?”. I have exactly the opposite opinion.

    I don’t want AT&T. I don’t want to tie my primary portable media device to my cell phone contract. I own the 64GB model because I actually want the extra space. I’m always in range of wifi; I don’t need/want the 3G network (plus I have a smartphone for that).

    Not to mention the jailbreaking. Why would I want to deal with the constant cat-and-mouse game of hacking my PHONE just to get the full potential out of it.

    In my opinion, it seems like the majority of users are new to owning a smartphone and they’re unnatually bias to the options out there. Infact, I could have posted this 3x as fast from my own phone but I tend to only look at iPhone related sites from my iPod.

  • DarkReaper

    @Erick looks like Apple preventing jailbreaking is to their disadvantage… People who want to have an iDevice but may more likely opt for cheaper options like iPod/iPad, cos of the risks involved. Btw I own an iPod touch too!

    Posted from my iPod.

  • Felix

    Having a constant 4g connection on the go on my itouch 4 really deters me from getting a contract with AT&T. I have a free SMS number where people can text me or call. So you see I really don’t need the cell phone feature to stay in touch with friends/family/work. The higher resolution camera of the iPhone would be nice as opposed to the quality of the one on the itouch 4g. But the pictures are good enough that it’s not a big deal. Besides, the quality of the videos is awesome 720p!

    Does anyone have a copy of the ichatr app that was removed by the app store recently. I would like to try and install it as soon as there is a jailbreak for 4.1 iOS.