There is a new jailbreak app available called Volume Booster 4.0 that supposedly boosts up the volume of your iPhone. I say “supposedly” because it didn’t work for me, although I tried on 2 different iPhones. Maybe you’ll be more successful than I was…

After downloading Volume Booster from Cydia, you have to go an activate it in WinterBoard, just like you would activate a theme. You won’t see any icon or options in the

The app description in Cydia says that this only works with iOS 4+, but again, it didn’t work for me. I could really take some volume boost though, as the iPhone speaker is close to being useless. Anyways.

Give it a try and tell us if it works for you.

  • MikeLo

    Didn’t work for me, I tried to install it twice & no luck 

  • Austin

    Nope doesn’t work. I wish it did though I agree with my iPhone speaker being pretty much useless.

  • Duetschpire

    Well I’ve been using the old versions of this tweak as long as I can remember on the 3.x FWs and never worked. I downloaded this new version last night on the 4.01 FW, but nothing different. NON of them ever worked “at least on my 3GS.

  • Kev

    Resoundingly useless.

  • sounddie

    The only volume boosts that worked were back in the 2.x days.

  • interceptor

    this is doesn’t work

  • Sb

    I tried it 3 times delete and reinstall on 2 iphones and three itouches and it dont work its just a waste of time


    It only works when your headset is plugged into your iphone.

  • this doesn’t boost up the ringer volume

  • Tom

    It DOESNT work PROBABLY because you’re not in the EU, or it’s not an EU iPhone, so no volume limit was there in the first place =/

  • Kamesh

    I think it did make some minimal difference
    Or is it psychological 🙂

  • Yeah, I could never get this tweak to work. It has never made a difference in my iDevice’s volume.

  • mrkleen

    Doesn’t work.

  • Z

    A volume boost from winterboard? That sounds dodgy. However, I’m “happy” to see complaints about the speaker volume. Since I updated from 3.1.3 to 4.01 the volume dropped. Hopefully, some developers find an opportunity to see the difference in the sound output in both of the furmwares and come up with a fix.

  • Z

    Why write about something that doesn’t work or didn’t work for you?

    • Because it could work for you.

      • Z

        I gave it a shot, tested in a few players, ringer volume, with additional settings in iPod on/off – nothing… Waste of quite a bit of time really. 3GS iOS4 here. Sorry

  • Takean

    I would laugh it it really was a sort of
    Trojan. Lol

  • Eslehz

    It’s only for when you are listening to music through your headphones. Not on any other applications.

  • I would be worried this would blast out the speakers, has anyone tried this?

  • iPhoneTTDDSE

    Macpaul- Seriously? Did anyone try this, really? Every comment per says they tried it and the author says he tried it on two different phones and yet you ask if anyone tried it. Fucking retard….

  • Stymied

    Does work through the USB connection.