Apple Bans JailbreakMe From Its Stores

By , Aug 5, 2010

Well, it only took Apple 4 days to realize they should block access to from their stores’ wifi network to stop those pranksters from jailbreaking iPhones, iPads and iPods. According to 9 to 5 Mac, pointing a device to from inside the store redirects to Apple’s website.

I’m sure Ethan will be happy about that.

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  • magma9495

    Hmm, maybe I should go there and tether from my nexus one and jailbreak the iphones. 😛

  • LOL!….. Finally I can sleep.

  • Apple taking notes: “next step, block others WiFi networks inside the store”.

    Funny thoughts Magma

  • Vik071

    I’m scared. Maybe Apple will disable wi-fi completely in the next iOS update…

  • iPhoNerd

    Only 4 days??? If I was apple I would take only 4 hrs to do that. lol

  • goofygreek

    @Vik071. Lmao. Maybe they will just get rid of the internet all together. Only website you can go to is gonna be that will be the day.

  • thefallen

    Apple will never get it. JB’s give the iPhone PUBLICITY! smh nevermind…

  • Mitch

    Lol I wish I had an apple store in my city. I would do that everyday hahaha. I love jay Freeman.

  • Well, he only need to add another alias to his website to have it all open again , sounds cool..

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  • I was able to jb 3 iPhones and an iPad while I was in for my MacBook yesterday! Didn’t have the time to do more. But it was fun!

  • Rix

    Just turn off the wifi and use the 3G connections if the site is disabled…. Worked like a charm for the 10 that I “vandalized” 😉

    • Sleep

      Do what now? Please help me.

  • jailbreakus.con is the same thing as all you do is slide and let it jailbreak it. Try it in an apple store.

  • is the same thing as all you do is slide and let it jailbreak it. Try it in an apple store.

  • Zip

    F(_)cking Genious!!!

  • Bilal

    Any one can tellme advantages of jb