Signal is a new jailbreak app by Dev Team member PlanetBeing that lets map the cell towers your iPhone is connected to and displays detailed cellular information from the baseband. I can’t see much use for this app unless you’re the kind of guy who really wants to know where is cell phone signal is coming from.

The app is available in the Cydia Store for $4.99, which I think is a bit pricey for such an application. The good thing is you support PlanetBeing and keep it motivated to work on baseband-related stuff (ie. iPhone unlock).

If you download this app, please let us know what you think about it.

  • Mezz

    Looks like a cool app… But I’m all about free apps 🙂

  • tbowick

    Bought it and haven’t gotten it to find any towers on my iPhone4. May just need time to collect and aggregate data, but I would have at least expected the main tower that I am currently using to show up…

  • GarethDPhillips

    Bought it too, and it doesnt work for me either. I get my location (just the same as in the google maps app) but then nothing happens. Even after ten minutes.

  • Ajhorta

    32g iPhone 3GS. Worked ok for me. Got red tower signal when I first started it up along with other grey circles. I will try on the road tomorrow. Signal strength is 95 dBm to 103 dBm.

  • Risto T

    Is it available on the Rock store as well. I hate cydia

  • NURV2600

    Works great on my iPhone 4, very interesting to see what towers the new phone chooses (since they say it has different modem firmware). Walking home from work, I can see it switching towers as I move (although my location doesnt update until you relaunch). When I get home, Im connecting to towers sometimes miles away in a crowded city, when there are much closer towers nearby. ALso, the info screen is quite nice and informative if your just that sort of geek.

  • Chn

    Several of the towers are plotted right in a nearby lake! Does anyone know from where they get the tower locations?

  • Alex

    Will this work in Australia?

  • iamweasel

    this app needs a update, tower locations are off when you can see the tower and its not on the map
    other than needing a update its informative and helpful just needs to be faster and more accurate

  • Hey dude,

    Signal for iOS5 A5 is broken, any chance of a fix – love that app 🙂

  • Ray Born

    Omg pls update this. I paid and will never be able to use unless I go back to os4xx? Not your fault but pls update. Makes me mad when I try to pay for something I know I could get free by other means and it doesn’t work.

    In my defense, most (I thought all) things that dont work in ios5 won’t let you purchase but this is in featured section and does allow purchase, albeit with just a warning of maybe works, maybe doesn’t. I expected buggy but not a $5 brick app.

    Don’t leave us hanging on this pls…