Those of you who have installed JailbreakMe on their iPhones might be running into some problems, specifically MMS and FaceTime completely disappearing from the device. Obviously this is not normal but Comex is working on it. I am sure he will fix this in the next few hours. In the meanwhile, sit back and enjoy your newly jailbroken iPhone.

I will keep you posted as soon as JailbreakMe is updated and fixes this issue with MMS and FaceTime.

UPDATE: This has been fixed. More info here.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    thanks for the heads up. ill subscribe to this thread hopefully for an update on it.

    also thanks for all the dev teams and affiliates work. i was patient and yall came through. will be donating.

  • Janey

    Jailbreak was successful but now I have lost all mms capability????

    • Nurul islam

      How two Jailbreakme 4.0.2

      • Nurul islam

        iPhone 3Gs

  • john

    I tried doing this on my daughters ipod and now when I rebooted all I get is the Apple Logo

    Any help?

  • john

    gotcha thanks

    Its currently restoring.

    Wonder why it didnt work.

  • Jason masters

    The fix is to restore from backup then jb again and it should be fine I did and it worked brought back facetime I never lost mms though.

    • Straegle

      @Jason you have iPhone 4 correct? I lost my mms & FaceTime aswell.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i only lost mms and facetime once my phone reset. until then it was working with cydia installed. ill wait for a fix. no biggy

  • iPone

    I dont knwo if it’s me but I cannot access 3g nor wifi anymore after a restart…. this is devastating since i’m away from a computer

  • Zmbieapocalypse
    Add this source to cydia then search for iphonedelivery, install, reboot phone and go to settings and turn on FaceTime and everything will be fixed!

    • Straegle

      Damn!!! It worked. Your amazing!!!!

  • Saice

    Hey sebastian I did this and I got my MMS and Facetime back.
    Goto Cydia -> Manage -> Sources, click Edit then add to the repo. Once it refreshes click on the new repo site and install the iPHoneDelivery package that exists in this repo.

    Exit Cydia.

    Now on your iPHone Settings -> Phone -> Facetime (now shows up, turn it on)…it will say “waiting for activation” – restart your device and walla! Everything works! (At least it finally did for me!)

  • Molly

    Is the MMS loss a problem on 3GS iOS4.1?

  • Kim

    My mail app still doesn’t work… Any ideas? I need this fixed ASAP THANKS

  • blue

    Just a heads up. After the jailbreak i lost facetime and MMS. I restored through itunes and neither were back. I tried to restore the phone 3 times with no avail. Finally had to use the fix listed in this blog. Any ideas why restoring didn’t restore the 2 programs?

    • Ski

      Have you found a fix to the mail not loading. Need help???

  • Prateek

    I jailbreaked my iphone 3g 16gig and after jailbreaking my wifi stopped working….. Can u help?????

  • emo

    hey guys the same thing happened to my iphone 3gs MMS but i reset everythign and my cydia is gone but still no MMS can any of u guys help me ???? please

  • Ski

    Installer rock from cydia. And that fixed everything. Not sure how.

  • Ski

    I installed rock from cydia. And that fixed everything. Not sure how.

  • hi there from Australia, the iphone delivery quick fix did not work for me, is there an aussie difference i need to install? love the jailbreak, but wish my mms and face time still worked

  • IGNORE MY LAsT COMMENT…. you guys rock it hard. it works, gotta loveit… get a jailbreak upya…

  • MILan12345333

    does it work on ipod touch4

  • Josh

    Wat is FaceTime is it facebook or summit