While moving in our new apartment Tina found 2 sets of BodyGuardz screen protectors for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2G/3G so I figured I would give them away to some of you.

Here is how to enter to win one of the 2 BodyGuardz screen protectors:

  • You must leave a comment telling me why you should get a free screen protector
  • You must live in the US. I will not ship stuff anywhere else but the United States
  • In your comment, you must tell me what device you have (iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPod Touch 2G, 3G)
  • You get extra points for retweeting this post or sharing it on Facebook.
  • Only one entry per person

I will pick 2 winners by the end of the week. I will email the winners to ask their mailing addresses so make sure you don’t use a bogus email addy when entering you comment.

  • Shazard

    Please save my Iphone 3G T.T I’ve been beaten to a pulp with the clumsy stick, and I fear for the life of my dear Iphone. I just couldn’t live with myself if she dies by my hand, I just couldn’t. Please help me protect her, she’s all I got. Thank you very kindly from the top to the bottom of my heart.

    ….P.S. If I die first, I’ll put in a good word with god =D

    • Neil Davis

      Ok .. I have a 3G.. To put this on.. It’s for my sister who has never got a case for her phone n birthday is coming up.
      I retweeted this and have shared on my Facebook account .. Long time follower of you.. Plus I never win anything but wanted to try anyway! Thanks for all the info n support btw while I have your attention!

  • Nader

    I have an iPhone 4 and my wife has a 3Gs. She just received it. It would be a nice gift for the one you love. I will share this in Facebook. I live in the US of course.

  • This comes at a really good time because I just had to throw away my other one!

    Device: iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    In USA: Yes
    Retweeted: Yes (@The_Swiftman)

  • Alex

    iPhone 3GS
    I want the bodyguardz because I forgot to get my cousin a birthday present and he got a 3GS for his birthday with no case.
    In USA: yes

  • Francesco

    i should receive a free screen protector because my ipod was dropped by my big brother and the back got scratched so it would be a little gift for ma ipod’s back injury lol

    IPod Touch 2ng Gen

    NJ, USA

    Retweeted: HELL YEA @francescosuarez

    Facebooked:HELL YEA Francesco Suarez

    Myspace: HELL NO lol funny

  • Robert’s iPod Touch

    Oh my goodness this is an amazing opportunity for me! My owner hasn’t been using a screen protector or the longest time and his greasy hands constantly plague my beautiful touch screen, not to mention I’m in risk of being scratched each time he drops me (which also happens far too often). my 2nd gen self can’t stand this abuse much longer, please send over one of those bodyguardz and I’ll make sure to put it to full use protecting me!

    -Thankfully, Robert’s slightly-abused-2nd-gen iPod Touch

  • Apple hater

    I’ll email you my address so u can sent it to me. Thanks for giving stuff away

    Thanks for playin loooosers.

    Thank you come again

  • Terry

    I am unemployed and cannot afford one 🙁

  • Tyler South

    Hey I just got my fiancé a white 3GS that she has been wanting for a long time. We have a 7 week old baby boy that we are basically spending our entire paychecks to take care of and she would be thrilled to see this come in the mail. Thanks for the consideration, nice of you to do a giveaway!

    • Albioni

      I have 8 month old baby and I know it’s a lot of work.
      Anyway, I just bought an iphone4 and I gave my fiancé the white 3GS I never had a screen protector as I was treating my 3GS as a second baby. I know my fiance doesent treat nothing else like the real baby so I was thinking the screen protector will be nice on my second baby.
      Considering the fact that I could easily buy one myself I would like my points to go for Tyler.
      And thank you sebastien

  • jolitzdv

    Hi,honestly i really need that bodyguardz because i dont have one on my 3GS,that would be great and i will be very happy if you will give it to me if not its ok, on behalf of evrybody thank you for giving this to the luckiest person 🙂

  • zeb

    You must live in the US. “I will not ship stuff anywhere else but the United States”……………
    WELL fcuk you to me old china ………..LoL just joking………
    But don’t come crying to me if you need a new kidney or lung or something …. I will absolutely 100% not ever never send you my spare one to the US ..I only post within the UK………….. 🙂

  • Chad

    I am broke/ unemployed with an iPhone 4 w/o protection. Could really go for some. Thank you.

  • jannmyke

    heard bodyguardz are tough huh?? u gotta give me that case, sp everytime me and my girl fight, i dont end scratching every inch of my 3gs iphone when i throw it, the only scratch free part of my fone is the top where the simcard sits and it was just beacuse its protected with a clear tape to hold up the pieces of my phone!

  • My mother’s birthday is coming up and I’m buying her an 8GB iPod Touch (that’s classified as 2G, right?). She’s very clumsy, and has to deal with my newly born sister, so a case would go a long way in protecting her device.

  • griff

    I believe i should get the 3gs cover because 1. THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME, I APPLAUD U FOR KEEPING US FOLLOWERS UP TO DATE ON IPHONE/IPOD/IPAD NEWS. 2 My case now is flimsy silicon case which doesnt protect against scratches. and 3 because im clumsy and drop my beloved iPhone a lot.
    USA: yes
    Retweet: Yes

  • thasickness

    Plain and simple I’m on your site probably 10-15 times a day and I get all my knowledge from you and all my downloads from this site.. I have an I4 and the wife has the 3gs.. We are your biggest fans.. we followed you and your fiance around the world on ur trip and we both watched your video when u got ur I4.. So how bout showing love to ur biggest fans…

  • Z

    Haha, smart!

  • Alan’s iPhone 3gs

    I love this site and probably check it 10x a day for updates. I’ve never had a skin before because they’re a little pricey and would love to try it out. Thanks.

  • Y2S

    Well, I’m in India, do I am unable to participate,
    My points would go to Robert’s iPod Touch for obvious reasons

  • Andy

    I have a 3gs and have been following your blog for over 1 year.
    I would love to receive one cuz nigahiga is funny.
    Just saw this vid, lol.

  • YCM

    Believe it or not I would like to get a protector for my iPhone 3gs, but there are so many good stories claming for a protector and all these stories somehow are connected to me.

    I’m a husband. My wife has an iPhone with no screen protector ( I feel for her iPhone though. Just think about it; big nails, don’t mind if our litle girl plays with it….).
    I check this site every 3hours. I recomended it to my friends, (they used to follow qwck pawn).
    I live in Washington DC
    I have never, really, never win something.
    I’m one of those guys who doesn’t believe in wining by chance, but I hope someday I win something to change my believe.

    I jailbreak and unlock.
    so far, my favorite blog is the jailbreak legalization.

  • Bryce

    3G. I need one more than the rest of these fellow IPhone bloggers because last night as i ventured into a forest to retrive a magical sheild, made by the elves, for my phone it was stolen from a band of trolls, who snatched it out of my hand as I was walking out of the candy cane forest. I usually don’t like to enter contests but I neededthe shield from the elven community, since it is in the hands of a deadly troll gang I must ask you to bless me with one of yours. I have already tweeted your post, and all of my magical friends will be have read it.

  • Shazard

    Hey, Im the first guy up there who commented, can u take me outta the running please, I would feel awful if I received it over someone with a family. Also I think you should give it to someone who wants to give it as a gift. You’re giving, they’re giving. A nice pay it forward thing you know. My 2 cents anyway =) Ciao.

  • Jason

    Mybe this is not the right place to ask..my phone app doesnt have a red bagde showing missed calls.Does anyone know why?

  • LaShawnda

    I really need one and I’m willing to have intercourse with anyone to get one. If you pick me I promise to give you a lifetime of free sexual favors. All you need to do is call and arrange my transportation. Also, I’m bi, so three’s company is fine. I’m from Jersey Shore. I have a ipod touch 1g.

    Thank you!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Desire

    After reading a blog post you published a few months ago when Apple decided to say that the glass on the iPhone is so durable that a screen protector is not necessary and that they would discontinue selling them, I decided to put their theory to the test and removed mine. Needless to say, the glass is not immune to scratches and my 3GS is in need of protection.

  • Jason

    I won an apple ipo touch in a sales contest. My son who is 4 got his first “iPhone” like his dad. He uses it and amazes his mom and I. My son is the future generation of this country. Please help me preserve this great piece of technology so his brother Joshua can enjoy it (2). Thank you from Nashville TN

  • kayren

    I have a 3g. I should get a screen protector just because I want one. I am employed and don’t have small children and don’t have anyone with a birthday coming up. I just want a new screen protector.

  • knabac

    Twitter name: knabac Retweeted. Location: South New Jersey, east coast USA. Device: iPod touch 2G. My reason for wanting this: I had recently got money for my birthday. A wrapsol for the ipod touch was one of the things on my birthday list, when i went to buy them on ebay, both of the cheapest ones were gone and I was not able to recieve my wrapsol. I do not own a computer, so the ipod touch 2G is the only internet i got, and thats only if i get lucky with wifi (other than my home) Basically i am saying i would appreciate a little bit more, to protect the only internet i got. hahaha. yours truly, knabac.

  • Neeraj

    I wants!

  • Neeraj

    I need this because i work with yeast all day(seriously) and my iphone tends to get disgusting yeast marks on it while i am at the lab. This would be great in fixing that little issue 🙂

  • Vaughn

    The reason why I think I need the screen protector is because I just spent $45 on a kiosk brand front and back which ended up lifting up in three days. They fixed it twice but the bumper has now messed it up. They told me to pound salt! Need protection fast, no glove no love.
    4G iPhone.

  • Charles S

    First off, congrats on the new move. I think I see a surf board in the back? Do you surf? If so I’m assuming you’re in Florida or Cali.

    “A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.”

    Let’s say that my wife is very unsuccessful according to that famous quote!

    Besides the need to buy expensive things, she has the habit of not taking care of them. The other day, I her using my iphone 3GS as a coaster to her “coffee in a paper cup!” she is the sweetest thing though so I try not to get too angry about it. But I’ve been looking to get a good case for the 3GS.

    The apple on the back is well…. a sliced apple now that it has tons of scratches on it. Still, I can save the rest of the body if I get a case soon. I’ve posted this site on my facebook as well and I recommend this blog to all my friends looking for iphone news and jailbreaks. Thanks and take care… good luck in your new apartment to both of you!