Use iPhone 4 Data on iPad 3G

If you have both an iPhone 4 and an iPad 3G, I’m sure you tried to switch SIM cards to see if you could get free 3G on your iPad using your iPhone 4 data plan. In that case, you probably were unsucessful and even though you would get 3G connection, you couldn’t make use of it.

The guys over at TUAW figured out that to get your iPhone 4 3G data plan on your iPad 3G, you simply need to change the APN settings. To do so, go to your iPad settings under the Cellular Data section, enter the following APN info:

  • APN name: wap.cingular
  • password: CINGULAR1

Then reboot your iPad and you should be good to go.

Needless to say that AT&T might not be very happy about this little workaround. Like always when using those kinda tricks, be careful as AT&T might figure out what you’re doing and send a SWAT team over to your house to get this iPad back or something.

  • Bobby Mo

    Does this work with my iphone 3GS data plan?

    • @Bobby Yes it would work but you’d have to cut off your sim card as it is bigger than the sim required in the iPad (micro sim)

  • Drew

    Very smart! Now about jailbreaking for the iPad….

  • Tom

    Nice trick. But I still prefer to use Mywi because it is such a hazzle to swap the sim(s). God bless
    Jailbreaking community.

  • Bobby Mo

    Woops, forgot I had the wifi only iPad. MyWi it is……

  • Eric

    @Drew what about jail breaking the iPad?

  • myI-phone 4 has blank black face how do I getting setting back on in english

  • hifzur patel

    Using idea SIM card and if
    I would put this apn and password
    In my iPhone 5 g then will it be work please let me know