MuscleNerd has been teasing us quite a bit lately on Twitter. One of his most recent tweets suggests that although the new baseband OS is giving them a hard time, the Dev Team is indeed one step closer to an iPhone 4 unlock, which requires a complete rewrite of the unlocking tool UltraSn0w.

One Step Closer to iPhone 4 Unlock

Now that the Spirit jailbreak is ready and the Dev Team is being this close to finish up the work on the iPhone 4 unlock, we can only imagine (and hope?) that both the jailbreak and unlock will be released in a few weeks when Apple ships an update to iOS 4 in order to fix the antenna issue.

  • Confused


  • Jon

    He’ll yeah!

  • I can not wait for the iphone 4 unlock to finally be released. I have been waiting for this update as I’m sure most iphone users are. The unlock will truly make this a great phone..

  • Jason masters

    These guys deserve a medal if your ever in Chicago beers on me!!!
    Thanks to you I get a great phone on a better network and I can customize my phone the way I feel !

  • JAK

    Question on this new up and coming unlock/jailbreak.
    With IOS 4.0 installed currently, and the tethering option now currently showing that you have to call to activated vs. the before no prompt to activate and just use. Will this update likely put us back to being able to tether like before without Apple’s tether pay plan option?

  • sanjay

    plz make it fast m dyin to unlock my iphone 3gs 16 gigs with 4.0 firmware in it plz dev’ssss do tht as early as possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz