iPhone 4 Black & White

Every time Apple comes with a new iPhone, I try to write a post about why their latest device sucks. It’s stronger than me. I like to be the devil’s advocate. Just like I wrote an article about why the iPad sucks a few months ago, I wanted to write an article about why the iPhone 4 sucks.

This time though it was slightly different because I don’t really think the iPhone 4 sux. Sure it has a few issues, but does it make it a sucky device? Absolutely not. I guess this article will cater to all the iPhone haters out there.

It has screen problems

If you’ve read just a little bit about the new iPhone 4, you probably came across articles mentioning the yellow spots on the screen. My iPhone 4 screen is completely yellowish, which is pretty annoying for a $742.69 device… Apparently, this is just a temporary issue though.

The screen breaks easily

There has been videos going around the web showing how the iPhone 4 screen, supposedly 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, can be easily scratched or even broken. So much for the NASA technology that was used to build these screens…

The battery sucks

Every year Apple claims the battery is better than the previous iPhone’s. Every year I find the same crappy battery life on my iPhone. My iPhone 4 battery sucks! It died after just about 24 hours of normal usage: no gaming, no video, just some light internet browsing and tweeting.

The antenna sucks

I haven’t had this issue but apparently the iPhone 4 antenna loses signal when then antenna band is touched. This is an isolated issue that has been reported by a few people. That’s still pretty inconvenient for a new device…

The carrier sucks

Unlike every iPhone blogger out there, I don’t have anything against AT&T. The coverage in my hometown (Encinitas, CA) is excellent, except on the beach where no carrier has coverage anyway. However, it sucks that we are locked to only one carrier in the US. I am pro-choice. I don’t care who gets the iPhone next, I just want to have the option to choose my carrier.

Apple’s multitasking sucks

Apple’s “fake multitasking” sucks for 2 reasons. For one, it’s not real multitasking because not all apps can take advantage of it. Sure you can argue that multitasking drains the battery, but that’s not the point here. Second reason why multitasking on the iPhone 4 sucks is because it quickly gets ugly in your app switching dock since Apple doesn’t kill apps until the OS deems it necessary. At any time I have between 10 and 20 apps in my app switcher, making it very busy.

Storage limitation sucks

One of the big let downs of iPhone 4 is the storage limitation. Although Apple could have put 64GB of storage in there, they claim they didn’t have the room for it. I think they just want to sell you a 64GB iPhone next year. That sucks because marketing is taking over customer needs.

Do you think the iPhone 4 sucks? Why? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

  • Anonymous

    iphone….The Biggest Trojan Horse in 50 years.
    Ok….my wife talked me into buying this piece of junk. I had the iphone 3gs and was happy with simple standard features in a smart phone, but listened to her anyway and upgraded to this trojan horse. The first few days, I was like….wow…..this is really neat…..Of course I am talking about the main feature of the iphone 4s (in my opinion)……Siri…..I…..like thousands of others were in awe of the this feature and all that goofy non-sensical things you could ask it……ok…..that wore off, and I was actually starting to enjoy the real features of Siri…..Setting appointment reminders…..texting messages, setting calendar alerts……checking traffic and weather…..things that we use in our everyday life….enjoying it….that is….until the last few days……over the last week, I have had many times that Siri returns me the network connection issue….and I have reset it according to posts on the internet, only to find that it still does not work…..Way to go Apple….A#1 screwup….Steve Jobs would be embarrassed by the sorry excuse of a product that Apple has placed on the market place. Oh…you say it is in Beta? Well….where was the caveat that this crap was in Beta on all your television advertisements????? You have sold the market a device that you cannot support…and for that, you should feel embarassed……Steve Jobs would have never let this hit the marketplace in this condition. Your new CEO, whoever he is, should note that he has screwed up big time by allowing this to hit the marketplace before it was ever ready…..Without Siri, iphone 4s is an inferior product to others out on the market place….After this post, I will be contacting my service provider and begging them to allow me to return this atrocious piece of technology and allow me to purchase an Android….. Steve….you can roll over in your grave now…..we miss you and your company will never be the icon it was without you.

  • I agree te I phone 4 sucks I have one now that I’m responding to this to. The reasons why they do is because okay say you have a problem with your device like you lock yourself out u can’t just go and fix it through your phone you have to go on iTunes and reset your phone it’s such a long process first of all second say you download a movie from iTunes on your computer so you pay ten dollars for the movie just to find out your phone can’t even sync it the way it is to your phone you have to go convert it on your computer then drag it to iTunes then try to sync and then that doesn’t even work and then I call the Verizon people and they say well iPhone says it can just load it the way it is to your phone and I said obviously not if bits not doing it now. For me it’s to complicated and everything has to be down the long way which can be extremely frustrating.

  • iphone 4 is shit! i got my iphone for 100 euro
    appel you can’t take mhy money suck it :p

  • Edwin Daniel

    Freaking when your scrolling down and the notification board goes you with your over and over again.. Gaahh

  • iphone 4 is the best and better than iphone 4s because the battery life is better retina is amazing android sucks period its like comparing mac to pc

  • The only thing that sucks about the IPhone is the storage but everything else is either already fixed or does not apply for me in Canada. My IPhone has survived falls from 4-5 feet, even then it’s only $80 to fix the screen in a apple store. Even then Rogers fixes the phone for free. never had any atenia issues. Multi-tasking not an issue, hey the battery is still better then the blackberry’s.

  • Well, let’s see. Superb app functionality and choice, outstanding interface, build quality excellent…sounding like a fan aren’t I?

    Appalling telephone (remember that ancient app that everyone seems to forget these days when writing a review??)…lousy signal reception, battery life unacceptable, and then there are its other faults..predictive text annoying, not as robust as claimed, negligible ring volume, no expandable storage or replaceable battery…….

  • It sucks ass. First off, I can’t get the damn thing to power off when I want some peace and quiet. 2nd, it does have a shotty battery as you mentioned. Mine lasts about half of what yours does. It will freeze. Sometimes doesn’t want to play sound when I watch YouTube or want to listen to MY ITUNES THAT I PURCHASED. as I type this, I’m on my iPhone and can’t see anything in typing which is strange. I’ve had it 3 months and have problems with it pausing my music or videos. SOS. I want an android and a redund

    • kayla_zerby

      if you cant see what your typing, how are you typing…?

      • The answer here is of course… badly.

        <3 slideIT keyboard on ym jellybean nexus.

  • John mack

    Iphone 4 is very good. It doesnt sucks.

  • John mack

    iphone dosent sucks

  • Honestly, I like it a lot and with the new iOS5 installed on it, it’s better than my old android phone.

  • kayla_zerby

    You people are just too greedy and don’t see the wonderful piece of technology it took Steve Jobs about 10 years to create. Just because something gets boring after a while like Siri doesnt mean all the rest of it is bad. And you would expect it to get boring because thats what it’s supposed to do. It is supposed to help you set appointments and text messages. If you overuse and overlook the features of Siri and all of the others then maybe you should think about how much time and effort it took the Apple team and Steve Jobs to even come up with these things. I bet you son of bitches couldn’t come close to it.

  • Runefire

    The iPhone is great like you said, but my problem is flash or vids in general. Lets take the Youtube apps. The one that comes deafult, is slow as hell no matter how fast your intenet/wifi is. And the safari youtube cant work for shit! Want to watch a vid? TOO DAMN BAD! You either get the infinite “Buffering” circle, or a bullshit message that says: “Sorry, an error has occured” I counted 3 vids I could not watch IN A ROW because of these errors. If you are going to make the same thing every year at least make it decent to use!

  • Edward

    My “iphone 4” sucks!! Out of nowhere by itself! it got ruined now i cant use internet!!! “cant connect to cellular data” its so stupid!!!! now i have to reset my dam iphone AGAIN!!!

  • It is not user friendly-no media apple doesn’t screw u for and the screen is tiny.camera sucks,pauses video repeatedly…..I’ve only had it for 3 days and I hate it-going back to android

  • iphone company

    the iphone sucks balls dont get it!!! by narnia

  • iphone company

    i don’t recomend this piece of shit dont fuken get it u hoes…..

  • iphone company

    steven sucks balls by mel

    • Hoes in the street

      I’m the Fuken best!!!

  • iphone company

    marco lick stevens dick holy shit i do

  • Hoes in the street

    The iPhone looks cool but when u use it’s Fuken gay like stephen and maybe marco!!!!!
    By: Yesica

  • bob broley

    The Iphone 4S sucks fat dick… I have one and it’s a piece of shit. My friend has the Samsung Galaxy S-3 and it blows the Iphone 4S and Iphone 5 out of the water in every possible way. My next phone will be the Galaxy S-4 when it comes out and I will never buy another Apple product for the rest of my life. The Ihpone 4S was the first Apple product I have ever owned and it fucking blows… my 3 year old HTC Evo 4G is a better phone than this POS…lol.

  • I

  • momo

    Iphone definitely sucks coz ive been using HTC ANDROID for a few years and if you compare the wide options in android the apple OS sucks so much that it makes you sick,well sure the apple’s hardware is good but the OS is a complate failure i would say ……

  • momo

    Just bought a fucking Iphone 4S and theres nuthing smart about this piece of shit fone the settings and options of apple OS SUCK BIG TIME !!!. The real smartphones are the Android phones !!! DONT BUY APPLE !!

  • Jim

    Why when I upload a new update my iPhone loses all my personal applications and all my mp3s? Wtf apple? Bite me!

  • blank@blank.com

    its fukin terrible

  • Sarah

    Follow its September release, the iPhone 5 has become the world’s best selling smartphone with more than 27m handsets sold in the final three months of 2012, latest figures have revealed.

    According to figures collated by research firm Strategy Analytics, the iPhone 5 is now the world’s best selling handset, overtaking bitter rival the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has dropped to third behind another Apple handset, the iPhone 4S, bolstered by price cuts caused by the iPhone 5’s arrival. The latest figure give Apple bragging rights in the ongoing iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 battle that has been raging in the smartphone markets.

  • Chris Porter

    I have experianced none of the problems this guy is complaining about.For some people nothing will ever be good enough. I only have one issue with my iphone 4s, and it’s a pretty big problem for me since it is one of the main reasons I got this phone. the speak to texts sucks. It messes up your words even when you speak slow. it spells words that arent even words. doesent even try to come close to what your word was. my brother has a galaxy and the speak to text works great even in his truck with the stereo on. i’m just sayin.

  • Nathan

    Iphone is seriously thee shittiest phone i have ever owned. Over priced piece of shit. only dropped it a few times. My sound on the phone has randomly stopped working along with the mute and volume up button. It periodically refuses to connect to my wifi network and says it’s not able to. I’d rather have my lg shine back if those were still made. Don’t know how many times that fell out of my truck or threw it and it still worked. No bullshit lag or texting problems not getting or sending texts. Taking an axe to my phone and going back to a dependable phone that doesn’t have fragile glass as a front and back. I wish steve jobs was still alive so i could personally punch that cheap asshole in the face.

  • softball

    ugh i have the iphone 4 i need an iphone 5!

  • Alex

    I bought a second hand I phone 4 a year ago and really regret it, even though i paid a quarter of what you poor people probably did. How does Apple even survive? Seemingly because its fans are nerds who get hot and bothered at the prospect of spending hours trawling Internet forums in order to “release the potential” of these crappy devices. By which I mean, “make the broken things actually work”.

    Its the antithesis of user friendly this phone. which would be fine if it worked once you understood the rules but it is ridden with bugs and crashes.

    I’ve noticed a lot of glitches that to my mind, cross the line between am annoyance and an actual manufacturing defect. I want my money back!!
    1) the wireless signal constantly dropping and safari pages cutting out to a “no Internet connection” screen even after they’d already loaded 90% of the page. Total exercise in frustration, that.
    2) screen freezing for no apparent reason, presumably because the phone is overloaded while performing normal tasks. Which it shouldn’t be, since I have plenty of free memory on my phone. And since they’re, well, normal tasks(!)
    3) alarm does not work at times – this was documented in the mass media so is not down to user error. Someone out there probably missed a life saving op thanks to this glitch and I hope like hell they’ll sue. Might teach apple to be less cavalier about churning out crap unfinished products to make a quick buck :-/
    4) apps store never ever ever works or connects unless one is near a constant strong signal. Which is,of course, unlikely to happen when you are walking around with your *mobile* phone!!
    5) same issue as 4) when trying to update IOS – presumably updates are the only way to get fixes for any of these glitches but i guess I’ll never know, since I’m never standing still next to a cellphone tower for long enough for it to update…
    6) magazine store doesn’t work
    7) autocorrect seems like it was programmed by A guy whose native tongue is Swahili, takes a lot of acid and is semi literate at best
    8) Maps works when it wants to and not before that.
    9) battery life sucks
    And last but not least:
    10) It costs 10x as much as anyone should ever have to pay for a phone with all the above issues!!!
    Again: I want my money back, and I’m bitter at apple and everywhere for sucking up all this mediocrity like its Gods gift when They should be boycotting these clowns to send a message. Instead they keep shelling out more cash, like apple is some kind of charitable org. It’s not. It’s a parasite.

    I’ve since learned that its common for apple to release products that have severe flaws as if they are mere experiments that they can afford to piss around with… Because we’re the dumb f***s that paying for them to do it. If I wanted that sort of product I would have stuck with Samsung. And after trying iPhone I’m definitely going back to them!

    • Alex

      Sorry for the rant, I have a lot of anger stored up after a year of constantly trying to get these issues resolved and being ignored or told its “just a bug”

  • John

    Iphone sucks these days because its sensitivity and because of lack of features
    i dropped my iphone 4 on a rough soft and smooth floor over the sand in dessert while i was running near my university it broken its back which would cost u 27 to 32 dollars to fix (expensive) including the screen 32 + 27 = 59 dolars and its design is rude like come on apple you can not remove the sim card except ur pin or with a paperclip why i can not remove with anything else like stapler clip tumble or etc or with my fingers more easier and simpler and NO you can not open the battery except apple store or buy a tiny screw driver for it or even to modify the error inside and problems and issues continues on and on you have to pay 100 dollars to fix in apple store otherwise they tell you ”sorry sir we can not fix your iphone please buy another mobile or checkout our newer iphone model that it came this year :)” wth i don’t care of spending my money from pockets always but all what i need is to either to fix my iphone in cheap price or u will buy it otherwise throw it garbage and buy an tablet with sim card better for me and than any mobile wasting money mobile no money no honey what to do this is how marketing works and electronics works anyhow im using right now samsung star and i will buy soon samsung s5 mini after i sell my iphone 4 not 5 or 6 cuz they suck more there camera is shaking I just an question not to apple only but to ALL MOBILE PHONES COMPANIES IS WHY THE HELL DO YOU MAKE THE CAMERA BUTTON SHAKE? WHY DON’T YOU ADD SOMETHING TO MAKE IT HARD? also samsung is better because it has no shaking camera button but its sotware above the home key button which i love it but in iphone 4 i hated it because its too small and u have to press it hardly like x-men in order to respond to u also samsung for your information is better because its faster more features and u can download more apps than the iphone ones in iphone when u search for an app u can not find the specific one but in samsung galaxy google play store u search for it u find it and find its related and its father

  • Emily Muisenga

    So, I have had the iPhone 4, for about a year now (im currently using it) and the first time I got it, it was awesome till apple decided iOS 8. They stopped selling them, and supporting them. I hate iPhone 4! Snapchat does not work correctly, im sasfifyed with the battery. But I really want an iPhone 5. I hate iPhone 4. I would not recommended iPhone 4’s. I really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY, REALLY want to upgrade. The camera sucks, everything is lagging and slow. Someone once spammed called me and it broke my phone to the black screen. If i still have the iPhone 4 while the iPhone 8 comes out, ima kill someone/something. (Im 11 1/2) My friends in 5th grade have iPhone 5c’s!!! Already! Like wtf this is bogus. Hopefully likee soon ima get the iPhone 5…. Please..