iOS 4The long-expected iOS 4 is now out and available for download. Depending on where you are in the world, it might not be available in iTunes yet. For those of you who can’t update via iTunes, here are the direct download links (also available in our iPhone downloads section):

Before upgrading to iOS 4, make sure you weight the pros and cons of iOS 4, but most importantly, make sure your iPhone is ready for iOS 4. As usual when a new firmware comes out, jailbreakers should beware.

  • Alex

    I think I’m going to wait til the unlock/jailbreak comes out….I got to many apps that I can’t live without. As good as iOS 4 is….is not half as good as my iPhone 3GS is right now with 3.1.2.

    I heard through several different forums out there that the new iOS 4 is kind of buggy….is that true or was that only the BETA version?

  • GarethDPhillips

    I have an iPhone 3G. I was running the GM release of iOS 4.0 for the past week, and have today restored to the official release using iTunes.

    I have successfully jailbroken the OFFICIAL RELEASE using the same Redsn0w 0.9.5b5-1 version that jail broke the GM release.

    I simply pointed Redsn0w at the GM IPSW for iOS 4.0 as it won’t recognise today’s release, and the phone jail broke as expected. Also wallpaper and multitasking enabled perfectly.

    One note, as with the GM jailbreak, the Cydia icon is plain white square until updates are performed, at which time it reverts to the correct icon.

    I take no responsibility for anybody else trying this and messing their phone up! I just wanted to post my findings. I am officially unlocked by O2 in the UK so don’t rely on a software unlock.

  • Eric

    I am in italy using vodaphone with my 3.1.2 unlocked iphone so i have to wait cuz i rely on hacktivating my iphone 3gs! Come on unlock…and a 3.1.3 baseband unlock would be awesome too seeings how my wife updated her damn iphone and she cant unlock right now!

  • Alex

    ERIC….Is she saved her SHSH thing through Cydia…she could properly use Sn0wBreeze to downgrade to 3.1.2 and then unlock it that way.

  • altus

    Jus a quick question from a newbie. I have a iphone 3G. After I download from this site, how do i install the sotware?


  • Alex

    @ Altus….what are you downloading…you have to be a little clear on what you’re downloading.

  • Alex

    If you’re downloading the new iOS 4 then you just have to connect your iPhone to iTunes…have the latest version installed and then find the Update or Restore button (can’t remember what it says) and hold down the SHIFT key and left click the Restore/Update button and find your new iOS 4 software and click OK………I think you can find the tutorial for this if you have more questions under the Download tab too…I’m not sure but if not, you can always google any questions you have….that’s the way I learn how to do things on my iPhone.

  • kpr

    mine is ipod touch 2g mc version , i updated mine , im stuck i guess, any way to just jailbreak it?

  • altus

    Thanks Alex I will try that.

  • Eric

    Nevermind ultrasn0w is out now! Unlocks all baseband thanks iPhone dev team u guys are the best now the wides phone is unlocked!!!!

  • Alex

    @KPR….google Sn0wBreeze and go to the ih8sn0w website. Once you’re in there, download their program called Forecast, run it while your iPhone is connected to your comptuer and it should tell you if you could jailbreak it and if so, what software to use.

    @ EVERYONE…..a lot of your questions can be answer if you just use a little bit or effort and google it. It only takes 5 minutes and you can find just about anything and the instructions on how to do it. NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN….I’m just saying…stop relying on people to help you…help yourself!

  • Eric


    Up until now there was no unlock, I was ableto downgrade to 3.1.2 but the baseband stayed the same thanks to the dev team for the ultrasn0w update!!

  • Alex

    ????…So you’re saying that UltraSn0w unlocks the 5.12.07 baseband? When did this come out and where can I download it?

  • Alex

    Nevermind….I just looked it up!…This is AWESOME!

  • Said

    Happy new year everyone !!! Haha. Hey Alex I have a direct question… I have the 3gs with 3.1.2,, can I go straight to os4 or should I pass through 3.1.3 first? Please clearify me.

  • altus

    Thanks Alex

    It worked

  • Eric

    Hahaha Alex glad i could be the bearer of Great news! If you follow this kind of stuff or have an interest in it which you obviously do, you might want to follow everyone that i am following on TWITTER thats how i found out. my twitter name is vantheman169 cheers!

  • Alex

    @Said….Do you have it jailbroken and unlocked? If you do then it all depends because if you go to iOS 4 you’ll lose your jailbreak and unlock……but if you don’t care then just go straight to iOS 4.

    If you do want to keep your jailbreak and unlock….then just upgrade to 3.1.3 and like I told altus…use Forecast to find out what you can use to jailbreak it and unlock it.

    You can reach me at because I’m about to head out….I should recieve emails via my iPhone…so I’ll answer your questions within an hour at the most…..

  • Alex

    Thanks Eric…will do!…My twitter is iphonemonkey

  • said:

    I was wondering if im able to just JAILBREAK it not unlock it for the moment now with any tool????????????????????????????

  • Chris

    I updated my 3G, but I have no service. My phone number isn’t on the phone. Do I need to restore or will it just take time?