With the release of iTunes 9.1, those of you on a Windows machine and an iPhone jailbroken with BlackRa1n RC3 might experience syncing issues. Fortunately, iH8Sn0w, the developer of Sn0wBreeze and F0recast has released a tool called BlackBreeze to fix this.


How to fix syncing issues between iTunes 9.1 and iPhone jailbroken with BlackRa1n RC3:

Step 1: Create a new folder on your desktop and download BlackRa1n.exe and BlackBreeze to it.

Step 2: Launch BlackBreeze and click on Fix my Ra1n! and select the BlackRa1n.exe file you downloaded in step 1.

Step 3: BlackBreeze will patch BlackRa1n and place a file called blackra1n-fixed.exe on your desktop.

Step 4: Execute blackra1n-fixed.exe to boot your tethered iPhone. Once done, you should be able to sync your jailbroken iPhone with iTunes 9.1 on Windows without any problem.

Thanks PhilT for the tip and the tutorial!

  • Bobby mo

    What syncing issues are there with iTunes 9.1?
    I updated and synced a tv show to my iPhone this morning with no issues.
    I did get a message that syncing was turned off and asked me if I want to enable syncing. I closed it out

  • David

    Phew that save my ass! Thanks!

  • samone

    Please help after hours of tryin to fix blackrain, i have been unsuccessful. I am new to the iphone/touch and have been racking my brains with both! After step 3, I tried to execute blackrain-fixed.exe and he keeps telling me that its not working, the same message that im getting from blackrain! Please help im desperate, I thank you all in advance

  • Leo

    Am having the same problem, the “Blackra1n-fixed.exe has stoppe wroking” showed up! So sure what to do next. Any help will be much appreciated

  • i try hard also and didnt done so i think its 1st April Fool Day ..i read in forums no one test it all have same problem …

    B.R Normandy

  • Robert

    THe blackra1n-fixed.exe file doesnt show where i saved it
    how do i find it ?
    can someone please help?

  • Justin

    Same problem as Robert…

  • Sharon

    To Robert – I had the same problem. It’s probably your Antivirus. I tried on a different computer and it worked.

  • JOooo

    Hello guyssss.

    I found the solution for those who had same problem of mine ( blackra1n-fixed.exe doesn’t appear).

    here’s the file.. download and install.
    It worked with me like charm!

  • Maverick

    Hello, I got the blackbreeze and it tells me that it has a problems. When I click on “fix my ra1n!” it jumps telling me that it ran into some error. Then it shows “shutting down itune” and stays like that for a while. Help!!! Trying to jailbreak my ipod 3g 3.1.2

  • isaac

    mr JOooo thank ya fore ur charmng tach

  • reno

    u save me dude… thx a lot

  • tod

    I have the same problem as robert NEED HELP

  • the fixed blackra1n doesn’t work. It like stops responding.

  • Mistakan

    Did anyone notice recently the Blackbreeze link in this article is broken??

    Where can we get it now? Thanks to whomever can help.

  • djqv
  • little

    the blackra1n just stop. it never finish trying to make it rain. what do i do???

  • Kenseiden

    Guys, try the Blackra1n_for_iTunes_9.1. It’s kinda easy to find it, and it worked in my ipod before. Sorry for not having the link.

  • andre the best

    ola amigos po tenho um ihone 3g po fiz o jailbreack deu tudo serto so que este blackra1 for itunes quanto acaba de fazer o jailbreak nao tem aquele aplicativo da gota do blackra1 que poderiamos fazer o desbloqueio das operadoras como eu posso fazer o desbloqueio das operadoras se alguem souber poderia mim manra por mail (andrebody1986@hotmail.com )desde ja grato….

  • Jake

    i used the blackra1n for itunes 9.1 link and when i opened it , it froze. What to do?

  • Has iTunes 9.2 fixed this problem? Or it’s still happening. I’m thinking of upgrading but want to make sure I’m not going to have even more probs that I need to deal with. I would hate to cause even more of a problem that I have to deal with. Any help would be awesomely appreciated. Thx.