iphone hysteriaThe other day someone asked me how I got into the iPhone, which took me back to 2007 and the day this little piece of electronics completely changed my life.

I wasn’t in line at the Apple Store when the iPhone came out in 2007. I actually didn’t care much about it. That was until my best friend bought an iPhone.

The first day I actually got to play with my friend’s iPhone, I really fell in love with it. I loved the design and how it fit in my hands. I was so impressed that just about 5 minutes after playing with it, I got up and told my friend “hey, I’m going to the AT&T store, I’ll be right back”.

I came back to my friend’s house an hour later with my brand new iPhone. That was probably the quickest buying decision I ever made, considering the price of this product.

The first day I bought my first iPhone, I literally spent hours just looking at it. I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever designed. To this date, even though the first gen iPhone is completely outdated, I still think it was a radical design that changed the way we’ll look at phones forever.

Mind you, I bought my first iPhone about a month after it first came out. The following year, I was in line at a local AT&T store. Last year, I got smarter and pre-ordered my iPhone 3GS. I didn’t live the “whole experience” of waiting in line for it, but at least… I didn’t have to wait in line for hours…

Do you remember the first day you had your iPhone? Was it a very particular moment or just another day?

Photo Credit: iPhone Savior

  • Chase

    My friends and I waited in line for 9 1/2 hours at a local AT&T store for the first generation iPhone. We killed time by throwing a football around, listening to music, playing on our laptops, and getting to know the others in line. We ended up making quite a few friends that I still talk to today!

    Here’s my version of your photo above, just minutes after receiving my 2G iPhone! (Notice the sunburn… ouch!) http://j.mp/bDTAlv

  • pn2bade

    I remember getting my 3G about two weeks after it came out. My family and I was visiting New York City and we got it from the big Apple store there. I being in a wheelchair needed a ramp to get inside, was brought to the front of a three hour line. Once inside an Apple genius came right up to us and said ‘you here for the iPhone’, and we were like ‘uhh… yeah…’ (even though we were just going to look around). Then ten minutes later, we had two iPhones and left the store. That was an awesome day.

  • Eddiethehead

    My wife called in sick to stand in line for my 3g. Guys, be good to your women. Red lobster is a small price to pay!

  • Eddiethehead

    BTW, did I mention it was raining that day? Thanks Amy!

    PS: about our contract that’s up this June…

  • _eddy

    yes, i remember. next day i’ve installed 3.1.3 and i put it back to the box…

  • KMont

    I remeber like it was Yesterday. The day was January 4th, 2008. Prior, I had the new iPod touch. I decided that it was time to upgrade after 3 months with the touch. I wanted the Mail and Map apps. So I went to Costco and returned my touch. It was raining that day, but it didn’t matter. I went to my local Apple Store in So. California and bought the iPhone. I loved it so much. It was like a girlfriend.

  • Colten

    Oh heck yes I remember bought it for $200 with my upgrade and was so happy. I did the same just stared at it forever, I never leave it anywhere it’s like my own kid. That was until one day at work I dropped my 3G in the toilet and litteraly my heart stopped. It never came back on and eventually sold it on eBay for exactly what I paid for it $200 and yes the buyer knew what they were getting and then I was able to get my beautiful 3GS. And now I protect this more than I ever have anything else in my life. IPhones for life!!!!

  • Martin

    I had pocket pc with GPS and other features that I wanted to have and iPhone couldn’t offer back in 2007. I was always using macs for work at home since 1992 but first iPhone just wasn’t perfect enough for me. Later, November 2009 when I was on the way to shop to buy HTC HD2 , I went to o2 store right beside it, just to have a look and I bought iPhone 3gs. πŸ™‚ since then, I’m the most happy person in the world. I love my 3gs. And I’m absolutely sure, there is nothing better in the world. Couldn’t imagine one day without it πŸ™‚ iPhone is just my second wife :-))))

  • the first time i had my iphone i was in heaven………LOL

  • Spazbite

    Im not sure how i came across to wanting a iphone but i remember asking my girlfriend for it for xmas and she got me it, 1st app i got was touchgrind and i was going round showing ever1 it lol

  • Angicat

    Lol I sure do. And I’m still rockin my “outdated” 1st gen. Jailbroken and loaded with the correct apps it still serves my needs perfectly. And I remember getting that Apple “rebate” or whatever it was when the price dropped. Occasionally I think I’m gonna break down and grab a 3g or 3gs…but I love the look of my oldskool one. Last year at the Apple store a genius admired it and couldn’t believe it was a real original cause it still looks “perfectly” new. Glass screen and all 

  • Ivanbsac

    I bought for myself last year on valentines… After that I played with for days… Called into work the next day just o mess with it… Unlike a woman… It hasnt lost it’s spark… I still love to hold it…

  • Pieter

    That was a good day.
    Until this day I still use my iphone 2g, will get the new one in june.
    it just is the best phone I ever saw, couldn’t live without it.
    I use it mostly for internet, mails, twiter…

    The day the original iPhone came out, apple changed the whole mobile phone industry!


  • Marian

    Today is ny First Day with my iPhone and i want to Start crying.
    It has a SIM-lock and i am Even Not able to connect to iTunes, 3.1.3 and New baseband.

    If anyone Know how to downgrade (without Access to the iPhone) the baseband or Firmware please Write down here! I’ve Read Forums for 5 hours now….

    Not the First Day of my Dreams/wishes

  • Darq

    I loved the gps feature so much, that when I got out of the store, I opened up the map app, entered in my address, and used the gps to guide me all the way home. Even though I knew how to get home, it was just the coolest thing ever!

  • My son came to dinner and showed me his iPhone (1st Gen). He could hardly pry it from my fingers. Next day I drove to the Apple Store like a zombie and bought one. When 3G came out I stood in line 5 hours. The 3GS was easier to buy. In case you think I’m a crazy young geek, I’m 63 years old.

  • @LappyGirl

    The plan was for my husbanbotox buy me the 1st Gen iPhone for Christmas in ’07. My stupid flip phone died in October of that year, so I got my Christmas gift early πŸ™‚

    Yeah, I was COMPLETELY obsessed! And now that I think back, what did I do with it for HOURS at a time when the most exciting app was YouTube?!? The day the App Store went live, I called in sick, and played with my iPhone ALL DAY!

    I had no 3G in my area, so I had no reason to run out for the 3G when it was released. But I liked the white casing SOOO much! I actually held out until Spring of ’09 when I just couldn’t wait any longer!

    Now, my main complaint from the beginning was the quality of photos taken w/ the iPhone’s camera. I was very excited about the 3GS! I too, pre-ordered it on-line. I loved that it was delivered to my home on release day!

    I do like the camera better, but, COME ON! Where is the flash? I hope it’s on the 4th Gen.

    I do hope they don’t change the physical shape of it. Remember the square Nano that lasted a single season? Radical changes don’t do well.

    Regardless of features or shape, I’ll be pre-ordering again. I’m hooked now πŸ™‚

  • Paul

    The first day? Looke like i’va found “EL SANTO GRAAL”! πŸ˜€

    Having an iPhone makes you part of a team. We have the iPhone, all the other guys have simple mobile devices.

    Wherever you are, if you see someone’s using an iPhone, you stare at him, telling yourself:”Yeah! Another teammate!”

    Before the iPhone, usually, we all used generic names for our mobiles. Never heard, or very rare, about someone asking:”Did you see my N97? or V3 Razor?”

    And how many time you heard people saying:”Just a second, I’ll get my iPhone…”, instead of “Cell” or “Mobile”?

    I don’t know if you understood I’m an iPhone fan… πŸ˜€

    (Sorry for my english)