Do You Remember the First Day You Had Your iPhone?

The other day someone asked me how I got into the iPhone, which took me back to 2007 and the day this little piece of electronics completely changed my life.

I wasn’t in line at the Apple Store when the iPhone came out in 2007. I actually didn’t care much about it. That was until my best friend bought an iPhone.

The first day I actually got to play with my friend’s iPhone, I really fell in love with it. I loved the design and how it fit in my hands. I was so impressed that just about 5 minutes after playing with it, I got up and told my friend “hey, I’m going to the AT&T store, I’ll be right back”.

I came back to my friend’s house an hour later with my brand new iPhone. That was probably the quickest buying decision I ever made, considering the price of this product.

The first day I bought my first iPhone, I literally spent hours just looking at it. I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever designed. To this date, even though the first gen iPhone is completely outdated, I still think it was a radical design that changed the way we’ll look at phones forever.

Mind you, I bought my first iPhone about a month after it first came out. The following year, I was in line at a local AT&T store. Last year, I got smarter and pre-ordered my iPhone 3GS. I didn’t live the “whole experience” of waiting in line for it, but at least… I didn’t have to wait in line for hours…

Do you remember the first day you had your iPhone? Was it a very particular moment or just another day?

Photo Credit: iPhone Savior