There are several ways to protect your iPhone by restricting access to it from the lockscreen. You can use the stock feature that allows you to set a password containing 4 numbers. You can use this hack to add an alphanumeric password, or you can use AndroidLock.

AndroidLock is a new application available in Cydia that brings Android’s lockscreen protection to the iPhone. After installing the app, you have to activate it in the To do so, you first have to create a pattern and save it. Then, in order to unlock your iPhone, you have to connect the dots according to the pattern that you previously created.

On the example above, I have to go from bottom left to top right, then top right to top left, then top left to bottom right, in order to unlock the iPhone and gain access to the springboard. Obviously, you don’t see the pattern until you have completed it.

I do think it’s a great alternative to setting an alphanumeric password. However, the downside for me is that I can’t really see the picture of iVan the dog anymore, which is the picture I have on my lockscreen.

As I am traveling quite a bit these days, thus increasing my chances of losing my iPhone, I have set AndroiLock to protect it. I created a simple unlock pattern that doesn’t make it a pain in the butt for me to do, but it makes it very hard for a potential thief to figure out. That won’t protect me from losing or having my iPhone stolen, but at least it won’t be easy to access the data on it.

What do you think? It’s a pretty nice mod, isn’t it?

  • I got this and am loving it. Not only is it cooler but it’s quicker to unlock than with a normal passcode.

  • Excellent way to protect my iphone awesome dude

  • Emac

    It’s just too damn ugly. It looks like a 3rd grader designed it. Wish is was hidden till u touch the screen.

    • Dan

      @Emac you can go to its setting and select it so when you tap the screen it pops up
      Next time do some research so you dont look like a fool

      • Stephen farr

        He is a complete idiot

  • Annett

    The only bad thing is that there is an easy way to bypass AndroidLock on an unlocked iphone.

  • Blapp

    Loves it! only missing a time lock on too many incorrect attempts, just like the android one.

  • Nice mod, but they chould hide it completly, no indication that there is a way to unlock the phone.
    Then you just draw on the screen, and if you draw correctly it will unlock, If not, it will do nothing, not even show a trace, just whatever pretty picture you have on the screen.

  • mace

    well, i downloaded this when it came out, but ultimately removed it later that day. It would be nice if it was integrated as the normal passcode lock were: being after you slide to unlock, so that it could play nice with inteliscreen and album art covers.

  • Jerry

    all you have to do is call your phone and go to homescreen from there and you bypass this lock lol

  • chimmay

    hmm i just tried it and i dont like the fact that it covers my picture or cant be hidden, then after i opened that it also popped up my number lock too. so if you use it i guess you would have to turn the number lock off. but all in all i dont like it

  • AndroidLock is a new app which has just been released on Cydia and Rock and it brings this Android style unlocking to iPhone and iPod touch. It will convert your iPhone lockscreen into an Android 2.1 Styled one as found on Droid and Nexus One. You will have to join the dots in the customized pattern which you have set in order to unlock the device.However, one feature that Android does really better is the unlock screen.

  • Miles

    This thing locked my phone without me setting a passCode for it . So thanks to Jerry for telling me all I had to do was call my phone to unlock it !!!!!

  • Bullbee

    The other inconvenient with this application, in some case you’re able to see the pattern you have made by the fingerprint leave in the “grease” on the screen …

    So keep your screen free of grease!

  • Brie

    I have this but it’s not working. When i put my finger on the first one it doesn’t do anything it only lets me start at the bottom. So now i can’t even use mt iPod.

  • Daniella

    How do I download this app?

  • blargh

    I can’t download it.. It just says “Note: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”.. And underneath it says “AndroidLock : Depends firmware < 3.2" Please help?

    • kin

      you done it or not? if you do, how? we have the same situation.. teach how? thanx

  • Jodylee

    How do I find the app…..?

  • will

    you need firmware 3.2 or greater

  • Ed

    where can you download it? not in app store, not here? where?

  • Maegan

    Can’t find this in the app store 🙁

  • Mahdi

    Is this available for the ipod touch (4th gen)?

  • Mark Moellers

    Can you disable it