We’ve already established that your iPhone can do pretty much anything, but did you know you can use your iPhone as an aquarium? Or, to be more precise, your can turn your iPhone lockscreen into an aquarium…

There is a new Cydget available in Cydia called Aquarium that turns the boring iPhone lock screen into a fish tank with five animated fish swimming around. I first spotted this via Simon Blog.

The Aquarium cydget is available from Cydia Store for US$1. To install it, just launch cydia and search for Aquarium Cydget. Once installed, you can activate by tapping “Setting” -> “Cydget” -> “Lock Cydget Order” and select “Aquarium”. Now click the Home button and the Aquarium cydget will be loaded in the lock screen.

I don’t know how bad this Cydget is for your battery life but I think it’s still a pretty nice trick. Note that to install this you will have to first install Cydget from Cydia.

I’m just starting to get into Cydgets. Do you have any good ones to recommend? If so, please share them by leaving a comment below.

  • Jacob

    I wish didn’t read this post. I installed it and crashed my phone! now need to restore.. jaibreak.. everything from scracth!!!!

  • Spazz

    I feel for u man… Thanks for the heads up though.

  • iPhone 3GS

    I’m having issues too. I’m just going to delete it and move on

  • Jacob

    I am not worried about the $1 I spent, It is more than 3 hours and still in the process of restoring the phone from back up as I had more than 4 gb data in it. Now I have to decide whether to go with blackra1n or dev teams’ recently released redsn0w? I have been using blackra1n without any probs so far. I am a windows user. Any input from redsn0w windows users are highly appreciated. Thanks again and please stay away from aquarium if you are using BR for your JB/UL.

  • Eldaria

    Thanks for the headsup, i was just about to install this, when I saw the comments, I have a 32GB 3GS, that I used Blackrain to JB. And I have some 20 GB on it, and it would not be fun to restore.

  • Fred

    The uninstall never worked for me. I was never to able to get rid of it fully, only by doing a restore.

  • amit

    i got mine installed on 3gs, works fine BUT..

    its not fast and lags to start, and when turn on the phone(from standby) theres a black screen for about 3 seconds before the cydget is shown. it slows down the phone a lot and its noticable.

  • Nick

    Worked great for me on a 3G. Like Amit said, it takes a few seconds to load but it’s no big deal. Cool tip!

  • Paulius

    it’s too slow 🙂 you need wait 3sec while loading aquarium and then iPhone turns off 🙁 you can’t enjoy all a time this view, only when you don’t using iPhone. My personal opinion – totally sh…

  • Jacob

    Well, after a complete restore, I installed it again. It worked this time, but as others said, it takes couple of seconds to load and stays there for few seconds. Not enjoyable at all if you cant disable powersaver mode or to make the screen stay on for longer time. Any tweeks for that? 🙂

    Btw, i know this is not the correct place to mention, but today I tried to use redsn0w for windows on WIN7 with my 3GS (week 21 of 2009) five times, but no luck, so back to BR. Hope Dev Team will come up with a fix soon. It goes upto the level where RS says successful, but all I get a blank screen on phone that never do anything further. Thought to share, may be it will helpful for those who seeking to JB with RS for WIN (especially on WIN7)

  • It didn’t work for me for some reason. I have no idea why.

  • Reno Sanchez

    I’ve been having this cydget for about a week now and I don’t notice any burden on the battery. It usually lasts for about 3 secs but if u like it stay on longer just tap the screen once. It’s worth its price.

  • Jacob

    @Reno Sanchez : Thanks for the tip 🙂

    but u need to tap it in every 30 seconds to keep it alive. but still good idea 🙂

  • Louis

    This one works in iphone 4???