Turn Your iPhone Into An Aquarium

We’ve already established that your iPhone can do pretty much anything, but did you know you can use your iPhone as an aquarium? Or, to be more precise, your can turn your iPhone lockscreen into an aquarium…

There is a new Cydget available in Cydia called Aquarium that turns the boring iPhone lock screen into a fish tank with five animated fish swimming around. I first spotted this via Simon Blog.

The Aquarium cydget is available from Cydia Store for US$1. To install it, just launch cydia and search for Aquarium Cydget. Once installed, you can activate by tapping “Setting” -> “Cydget” -> “Lock Cydget Order” and select “Aquarium”. Now click the Home button and the Aquarium cydget will be loaded in the lock screen.

I don’t know how bad this Cydget is for your battery life but I think it’s still a pretty nice trick. Note that to install this you will have to first install Cydget from Cydia.

I’m just starting to get into Cydgets. Do you have any good ones to recommend? If so, please share them by leaving a comment below.