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AT&T has been under fire lately for many reasons, but mostly because their network can’t really handle the data monster that is the iPhone. A couple weeks ago, AT&T even went as far as mentioning that it may charge iPhone users on a per-byte basis in the near future. I predict that this will happen sooner than later.

In the meantime, Verizon seems to prepping up its network for the iPhone. According to BusinessWeek:

Verizon Wireless has even made upgrades that would make its network more capable of handling extra traffic that would be generated by the iPhone, Verizon Wireless Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone says in an interview.

“We have put things in place already,” Melone tells Bloomberg BusinessWeek. “We are prepared to support that traffic.”

It’s interesting to note that a few weeks ago, Verizon ridiculized AT&T andApple’s iPhone with their ad campaign called “there’s a map for that”, but now they expect to get the iPhone…

Even though Verizon appears to be a more reliable network than AT&T, I really doubt the iPhone will go to them next year. The main reason is that Verizon is a CDMA network while pretty much the rest of the world operates on the GSM network. This is just a hardware issue but I don’t think Apple will make the necessary changes just to catter to Verizon specifications.

Besides, Apple has a 5 year exclusive agreement with AT&T and this contract is supposed to expire in 2012. Now of course they could cancel this agreement but I believe it would cost Apple lots of this money it makes from the iPhone.

If anything, I think the iPhone would go to T-Mobile, but this is pure speculation and I don’t have any proof to back this up. It’s just a gut feeling.

Do you think the iPhone will go to Verizon next year? Would you make the switch from AT&T to Verizon if that was the case?

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  • dan


  • Caddouch

    Tmobile has to do a lot to verify they can handle the iPhone , ESP if the new iPhone 4g coming , then we need 4g network to handle , does tmobile has that ? In my opinion who races to have the best network , is the one who deserves to win the heart of Apple and Iphone !

  • iPhone 3GS

    thought AT&T had a 3 year contract that expires in 2010…?

  • iPhone 3GS

    BTW, I would make the switch to a Verizon iPhone in a heartbeat!!!

  • Jacobahalls

    I wouldn’t think that the iPhone would go to verizon because I think that it would cost apple alot of money, but it’s not like they don’t have it. Lol
    Now if I would switch, I used to be on verizon than I switched for the iPhone.
    Were I live I have 3g everywhere so I probaly wouldn’t switch because it is a whole lot faster.

  • Bchandler

    I would switch in a minute.. I barely have Edge where I live and my brother just bought the droid and he has 3g speeds and SERVICE everywhere!!!!

    Please, please, please go to Verizon

  • Eric

    Why switch? So I can only do one thing on the network at a time? What a joke their CDMA network is. I’m in a great ATT 3G area though. So much faster than verizon phones friends have.

  • I would switch to Verizon tomorrow…. AT&T sucks for coverage. They have good customer service… it just comes down to the lack of coverage.

  • Juan

    I would definitely pay the early termination fee and switch to verizon. In a heartbeat. AT&T can suck it.

  • Pablo Mac

    I’ve been on T-Mobile for 8 years (since they were AirStream), and their coverage in my region has only marginally improved in those years. In other words, their coverage sucks.

    I have used an unlocked iPhone 2G for a little over two years, and really want to stay with it, but my T-Mobile contract dies out in 3 months, and I am very tempted to go Verizon’s better coverage.

  • Megan

    Their contract ends in 2010, not 2012.

  • I am a Verizon user and I have a Blackberry. If iPhone comes to Verizon both my husband and I will be trading in our Blackberry’s for iPhones. My Dad has AT&T and everytime he comes to my house, he loses coverage.

  • i thank that at&t sucks because if you go on a mountain you will get no signal. if you have verizon you will have signal in some spots.

  • pepo

    i would want to to go to AT&T cuz of the iphone but knowing that verizon is going to have the iphone im just going to wait for it but i hope it does not take a long ass time at less 2 or one month

  • Monique

    Well I heard on the news the verizon was supposed to get the iphone this summer. around june. But it just depends on if that’s true or not. I had at&t when it was cingular and the coverage sucked everywhere i went that was out of dallas i could not get a signal. Now that I switched to verizon about 2 years ago when i go out of state or just to another town I still have coverage, but when I look at the people who have at&t they are just DYING to find a bar. I LOVE verizon, but their internet could be a little bit faster. I have the blackberry storm and I am ditchin that piece of crap when the iphone gets there.

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