Congratulations, today is your 6 year marriage anniversary. Like every good husband out there, you woke up extra early to prepare breakfast and serve it to your lovely wife in bed before she gets ready and goes to work.

You talk about how you met and how lucky you are to be together. She starts getting all kinky on you. Everything is doing great until you receive this MMS… Your iPhone is on the nightstand, she grabs it to find out who is contacting you so early, and there… SURPRISE!

I’ll admit I’m very bad at telling stories but you get the idea. The first time I received an MMS (thanks to this simple MMS hack), I was really surprised to see the full image being displayed on my screen. I thought “what if it was something I didn’t want people around me to see?” Luckily for me, it was a picture of Lars the dog with a stupid birthday hat on (kinda cute).

I’m pretty sure many people will find themselves in very embarrassing situations because of MMS or SMS being displayed on their screen for everyone to look at. Fortunately, there is a simple solution if you are running OS 3.X. You can hide SMS or MMS preview by going to Settings > Messages > and turn “Show Preview” off.

Have you ever had such an awkward moment because of an SMS or MMS showing up on your iPhone? If so, please tell us in the comments.

  • Melissa

    You’re a jackass! Guys like you SUCK!

  • Ouch!

  • Sebastien


    I am sorry if I offended you with the post or the picture. That was clearly not my intention. My intention was to use a story that could happen to anyone to highlight the fact that showing MMS or SMS on the screen can lead a tricky situations.

    I agree that the nude picture is a little too much but notice that I blurred the naughty parts.

    I run a little experiment with my female Twitter followers and it seems that there are more woman saying they are not shocked than woman that are.

    So tell me what it is that shocks you? The story? The picture? Both?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



  • georgia619

    You can see that much nudity on network tv after hours and anytime on cable or the internet. As for the content of your blog, I as a female am not offended in the slightest.

    Please people take it for what it is…a fictional story to illustrate a point. Geez!

    Thanks Sebastian for your daily ramblings 🙂


  • Thanks for the nice comment Georgia 🙂

  • W7User

    Sebastien, where did you get the Signal Bars ? They look cool, is it par of the theme ?

  • Sneekycheef

    This happened to me when I first got my iPhone (remember the days when everyone that saw your iPhone wanted to touch it and see how it worked). Well, as a friend was looking at the icons on the home screen I received an SMS that my wife sent me telling of the wondrously wicked things she wanted to to to me when I got home….she has never sent me one of those since….

  • Shannon

    Pic doesn’t offend me, I would kick the crap out of my hubby if he got a thing like that. Which is why I can’t wait till he gets iPhone he won’t know what to do for settings for a while mwah hahahaha he will ask me for help and those signal bars are pretty cool too lol

  • Billy

    Sebastien, Was the guy who caught you? Because the blurred out name is clearly yours. Or was this just a mockup of the text made for this story?

  • Mark

    Sebastien you are not a jackass and you don’t suck, this blog Is the best iPhone blog on the net with all the info an iPhone owner needs in one place, you must devote a lot of time to this and I’m sure that all of us regular visitors genuinly appreciate it!!

    Your post is clearly an example if what could happen, we all know that this sort if stuff is out there. The content of this or ANY post on this site is neither offensive or derogatory

    if someone is so easily offended then maybe they should avoid the Internet alltogether

  • Billy

    Sorry, meant to say “Was the guy who got caught you?”

  • Melissa

    Oh, I’m not offended by the picture, not in the least bit. I took the blog wrong the first time I quickly read through it. Took it as you got THAT picture on your anniversary, that’s why I said you sucked. Buuuut, i see that I jumped the gun and shoulda paid more attention to the rest of the blog. “my bad” 😉 In fact, I enjoy your blog and am a Twitter follower. I’m glad to know you’re weren’t a jackass cheating on your wife. Haha, maybe I should put down my phone and sleep more. Lack of sleep is making my head foggy. Btw…thanks for the wonderful tips!! They are VERY useful!

  • Thanks for the comments everyone… Here are answers to some of you:

    @W7User – the signal bars are part of a theme called iBox Carbon (available in Cydia)

    @Billy – damn, you caught me sending naughty pics to myself 😉 I did this to illustrate the story. So no, I didn’t receive this from my secret girlfriend….

    @Mark – thanks for the nice comment about my work/hobby. It’s always good to hear such great feedback from loyal readers.

    @Melissa – I’m glad we straightened this up and that you are not offended by my post anymore. If you have a sec, hola at me on Twitter 🙂


  • Seletha

    Okay, I have a first generation iphone and I tried to do the mms through cydia. My phone went to reboot and nothing will come up… I’ve tried to restart it over and over and nothing… is there ANYTHING I can do to fix this!?

  • this just happend to me. my boyfriend sent me a naughty picture of him self. my boss was holding my phone aghjhhhhhhhh wanna die