iPhone MMS or How to End Up A Marriage of 6 Years

Congratulations, today is your 6 year marriage anniversary. Like every good husband out there, you woke up extra early to prepare breakfast and serve it to your lovely wife in bed before she gets ready and goes to work.

You talk about how you met and how lucky you are to be together. She starts getting all kinky on you. Everything is doing great until you receive this MMS… Your iPhone is on the nightstand, she grabs it to find out who is contacting you so early, and there… SURPRISE!

I’ll admit I’m very bad at telling stories but you get the idea. The first time I received an MMS (thanks to this simple MMS hack), I was really surprised to see the full image being displayed on my screen. I thought “what if it was something I didn’t want people around me to see?” Luckily for me, it was a picture of Lars the dog with a stupid birthday hat on (kinda cute).

I’m pretty sure many people will find themselves in very embarrassing situations because of MMS or SMS being displayed on their screen for everyone to look at. Fortunately, there is a simple solution if you are running OS 3.X. You can hide SMS or MMS preview by going to Settings > Messages > and turn “Show Preview” off.

Have you ever had such an awkward moment because of an SMS or MMS showing up on your iPhone? If so, please tell us in the comments.