When I first heard and tried mQuickDo, I wasn’t really impressed at all. First, the description didn’t highlight the real benefits of this application because the developers sell it as a “virtual home and power buttons for the iPhone”. What the hell does that mean? Exactly! I tried mQuickDo and was very confused about what it did and how it worked. I quickly gave up on this app without giving it much more thoughts.

Then last week I read an article by fellow iPhone blogger Patrick Jordan at JAIB. Patrick’s article described mQuickDo as what it really is: an app switcher for the iPhone. This is what really made me think twice about this app, and ultimately led me to give it another shot.

Originally, mQuickDo lets you set up gestures to perform predefined actions (ie. slide left to right to close an opened application; or slide right to left to shut off the phone, etc…) but to be honest with you, I think this is kinda useless.

The real power and most exciting feature about mQuickDo is the App Switcher. As its name suggests, the app switcher allows you to quickly switch between apps. You have to tweak the settings to customize the gestures to trigger the app switching, but once you got it to work properly, this is a real time-saver.

I have to admit that it takes time to get used to some of the gestures. To make it easier, I set up mQuickDo to launch the app switcher for all the predefined gestures, which means I am not using any of the other features of mQuickDo, but as I said above, I find them useless anyways.

It’s hard to explain what mQuickDo actually does but this demo will show exactly how it works.

As you can see, the app switcher feature is pretty awesome. Add Backgrounder to this and you actually get a productivity booster that will allow you to multi-task and really get the most out of your iPhone.

mQuickDo is available from Cydia and comes with a 3-day trial period. After that, it will cost you $7.99 if you want to keep it. Although a little pricey, I still think mQuickDo is a must-have application and it undoubtedly makes it in my Top 10 list of favorite applications.

The developers of mQuickDo were kind enough to provide us with 10 promo codes for our loyal blog readers.

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    Nice app, i love it

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    This program is great! Just a couple feature requests:

    – Allow more than 5 App shortcuts
    – Assign gestures to specific Apps (for example, hold 3 seconds to start the Camera app)

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    I love this app. Even though you don’t find the virtual home button feature helpful, it’s been amazing for me and my niece. We both have a congenital condition making it impossible to press buttons on most phone. QuickDo with a touch screen has made our phones accessible for us; not to mention the cool apps switcher.