I am no psychic but if you read this blog on a daily basis, you should know that I am usually right when it comes to making predictions on future events or features coming to the iPhone.

My latest prediction is that within 2 weeks, Apple will release firmware 3.1. This is actually pretty obvious as they are about to unveil a new line of iPod Touch at an Apple even on September 7.

I also predict that this new 3.1 firmware will come with some type of carrier update that will allow AT&T users to finally be able to send and receive MMS through their iPhones.

As usual, as a measure of precaution, I want to say that I might be completely wrong and that Apple won’t unveil a new iPod Touch, and that there won’t be any 3.1 firmware or MMS for a while, but someone something tells me otherwise 😉

  • Anthony

    Note: Don’t instant-update your phone if you’re jailbroken folks, otherwise there’s a good chance it will be REAL difficult to restore that jailbreak if you do.

    Wait for commentary from the Dev team, and I’m sure Sebastien will update us here as well.

  • Sleeplessdwarf

    A rep at at&t said mms was supposed to come out with 3.0 upgrade. She had been with at&t for less than a year so I figured I would pump her for a little info. She actually thought it was the iphone itself that could not do mms and that the 2g/3g would never be able to use this feature. I assured her she was wrong, and that it was her company that was preventing the feature.(I was trying to get her to add the damn thing so I could buy swirly mms.) Last time she did that, the guy got a bill for 12k so she was too scared to even tough my account.. Anyway she was sure we would have it by July, at least that is what they were being told to tell customers, that it would be in the 3.0 update. According to her manual for excuses, there was a security issue that presented itself so they delayed the release again. If 3.1 is around the corner and does include mms, I will be thrilled. Lately the BS option I used to get when my folks would send me a pic stopped working. By the time I typed the username/password in safari page, the thing would time out. Sadly, until they get 3g coverage in my part of south AL, I’m not even going to bother parting with my 2g,(as tempting as the 99$ or 229$ for GS is, I just won’t do it.)

  • iPhone 3GS

    the Event is rumored to be on the 9th, not the 7th. Apple’s Free iPod touch promotion ends on the 8th so new iPods on the 9th definitely makes sense. Not to mention Apple has been regularly updating their iPod line-up in early Sept since 2005

    I have believed 3.1 would come out when Apple refreshes their iPod line-up for awhile now.

  • The_BORG

    I predict the end of the world.