A lot of people who recently jailbroke their iPhones are having issues with Cydia crashing when launching it. There is a quick and dirty fix for that and it requires to either SSH into your iPhone or use iPhoneBrowser and delete a few files.

Apparently the problem is caused by some corrupted repositories that make Cydia crash within the first few seconds of loading it.

To fix this, simply navigate to /var/lib/apt/lists and delete all the files in this folder except for the folder called “partial”.

Then reboot your iPhone and launch Cydia. It should load without crashing.

  • Giordano Battista

    I jailbroke my ipod ios 6.1.5 and it was working fine. It’s a tethered jailbreak with redsn0w. I had to reboot it because cydia was installing some stuff so i did that with my redsn0w application but I had to leave for something so i quit the reboot. Now cydia crashes when i try to use it. What can i do to fix it?

  • Mohammed Burn

    its a scam deletss every repo in cydia shame on you dblog

  • Jimmy

    Mine still crashes even after deleting the files. Any tips?