If you read this iPhone blog on a regular basis, you know that I’m not a big Apple fan, and I take any chance I get to talk smack about them. There are enough fanboys, so someone needs to be the devil’s advocate… Last week I wrote about 7 reasons to buy the new iPhone 3G S and today I’d like to give a few reasons why the new iPhone 3G S is kind of a joke.

The Name Sucks

Lets’ start with the obvious: the name – iPhone 3G S. I had speculated about several names for the new iPhone and I really thought they would simply call it “iPhone”. You have to admit that “iPhone 3G S” is a pretty clunky name. If you were going to have a “S” in the name, why not simply call it “iPhone S”. It would have been a shorter and more “esthetically appealing” name.

The Design Is Boring

I think what I hate the most about the iPhone 3G S is the design which is exactly identical to the iPhone 3G. When I pay $560.16 for a new phone, I expect to have something that looks different from everybody else. Yes, the iPhone is a phone for the elite, I admit it. I kinda miss the days of the first iPhone, when people came to me and candidly asked me “wow, is this the iPhone?”. I was proud of it. Now everyone has an iPhone, and even worse, everyone has an iPhone that looks similar.

I was really looking forward having a revamped iPhone design. To those of you arguing with this, think about it this way. What would you say if BMW came out with the same car design twice, even though the engine was different? Any car critic would just roast BMW for their lack of creativity. Strangely, no one seems to care that the iPhone design is the same as the previous one.

The Camera Still Sucks

We went from a 2 to 3 megapixels camera. It’s better than nothing but it’s still 4 years behind every other smartphone, possibly more. The camera doesn’t even come with a flash. My old BlackBerry pearl did all this 4 years ago…

New Features Are Old News

Voice dialing, video recording and copy/paste were welcome as the messiah during WWDC. That’s BS if you want my opinion. This is just a software update, and once again, any smartphone on the market has had these features for years.

The Pricing Is Scandalous

The attractive $300 price tag for the 32GB iPhone 3G S is only applicable to new AT&T customers. While I understand the whole subsidize thing, I am really pissed I have to pay $560.16 for this new phone, especially when I see that the iPhone 3G S costs about 17% more than the G1 and 32% more than the Palm Pre over the course of a 2 year contract. AT&T is cashing in on existing customers, yet it won’t give throw them a bone and sell them the iPhone 3G S at $299?

No Tethering Or MMS At Launch

This is not specific to the iPhone 3G S, but rather to AT&T. AT&T has most likely been aware of these new features for months, and it still couldn’t manage to get its shit together on time. That’s a huge fail for AT&T who claims tethering and MMS will be available “later this summer”. At least AT&T won’t charge extra for MMS but I can’t see their future tethering plan under $30. I’ll stick to PDAnet for my free tethering.

The iPhone 3G S really is a non-event for existing 3G owners but the success of the pre-orders shows once again that fanboys are willing to throw money at anything Apple releases. If it wasn’t kind of my job to have the latest iPhone, I probably wouldn’t have upgraded.

I look forward to reading your comments and see whether you will upgrade or not.

  • Joe Poire

    Unless they plan on selling the software upgrades for $500.00, I’ll download cut & paste etc on Friday and save the expense of a new phone for when they REALLY change it. Not that much new and they still don’t address the things I like least about the phone, camera included.

  • # 1
    Meh, whats in a name. Is not a rose by any other rose still not a rose?
    It may be clunky, which I totally agree it is, but I wouldnt say its a reason the device sucks. Its more confusing for customers, thats all.

    # 2
    Again, meh. The focus from what I gather is that the iPhone 3GS is a hardware update to encorporate the upgrade in tech since the original 3G. Its nothing spectacular, but its definitely putting the iPhone’s speed/responsiveness and gaming capability on par with, and bettering alot of the competition.

    # 3
    Your absolutely right. Apple is one of those companies, perhaps less and less, that can claim old technology and stick an Apple tag on it and suddenly its a genius idea. To be perfectly blunt, the iPhone’s only saving grace is the appstore – without it, it is years behind the competition.

    # 4
    Theres too much hubub about this, nobody gets free subsidised upgrades ‘just because’. If you signed up for a year’s contract, I have no sympathy for you. If on the otherhand you signed up for an 18month or even 24month contract, there should be some consideration for your loyalty. But beyond that, its not econimically viable to give people discounts on hardware before they’ve even paid off their previous discounts.

    If things are bad, you always have the early-termination riga-marole to go through if you’re that desperate. But as you well know, the iPhone 3GS is not a ground breaker, its an update to an already promising and popular platform.

    By the time apps are made which require features of the 3GS, all you 3G owners’ contracts will have ended. So its all moot anyway

    # 5
    Yes well I cant speak from experience but I have enough anecdotal evidence that AT&T are not the best carriers around. But to play devils advocate, they are a vary large infrastructure, probably more than many other carriers, so its unfair to compare. But still, its quite an embarressment to the company.

  • Eddie

    As annoying as the iPhone could be, I’m still going to buy it, and so will many others.

    There are so many things to hate about it, but I just love it. It has changed the lifestyles of many, and revolutionized the smartphone industry by creating competition. That alone allows us to benefit by having many companies try to one up each other.

    For me, the biggest attraction behind the iPhone is the app development. What do the blackberry and nokia appstores have? Calculators, cm to in converters?

    But I do agree, the most annoying thing is that everyone has it now, and they all love to demo their apps to people.

  • Thank you guys for your insight.

    @Joe Poire – you don’t have to wait Friday to download 3.0. It will be available for download tomorrow Wednesday.

  • Henry

    There’s really no point to spend money to upgrade your iPhone 3G to iPhone 3Gs.
    Many people are actually disappointed with the iphone 3Gs, except the Apple fans.

  • JP

    I think the fact they kept the design the same is a good thing because then I won’t have to wait 2-3 months for a functional case to be redesigned.

  • mrphatpat

    The whole friggin thing meh.
    Honestly I like everyone else am saying awe it’s not that big a deal the 3gs awe it’s not a big upgrade. Awe next years model will be just fantastic.
    Eveyone is talking garbage and yet tons of people including myself will be getting one the first chance I get.
    I agree with much that was said on most of your points. Name sucks-who cares. AT&T screws you-every chance they get, but then again so does anyone/everyone else. Same mode/stylel-err I totally agree.
    scandolous pricing- I’m sorry but your all stuck. Economy sucks and so does life. Just buy it or don’t people stop wanking about it already. LOL.
    The rest meh……
    My 2cents

  • crwdstpr

    I loved my iPhone and I HATE the iPhone 3GS. The new features are not worth what you give up in battery life. Today is the second day I had my iPhone 3GS and the first full charge barely lasted for 8hrs. The first hour off the charger I had already used 25% of my battery charge with 10 minutes of talk time only. By my second hour off the charger I had used another 15%. When I realized this I turned off location, 3G, wifi, and fetch and 6 hours later I had used a total of 82% of my battery life, this time included an additional 20 minutes of talk time used. This is unacceptable. I should not have to turn off all the features of the phone to squeak out more time with my phone. I may end up returning this thing.

  • Kelvin

    Why would you pay $500 for a phone which only offers outdated features? Besides having the touch screen patent, the iPhone doesn’t really seem appealing anymore. To actually name it iPhone 3G S is pathetic, that is probably the weakest and most uncreative phone name I’ve ever seen. I mean, come on, even Nokia wouldn’t be so stupid to name a new phone by Nokia N93(1) after the N93 was released.

    I’m currently using Nokia N95 and you know what, my phone have almost all of the features that iPhone 3G S is offering today like.. 2 or 3 years ago? The more I read about this “Jesusphone”, the more I feel it’s overrated. Tell me honestly, would you just splash $500 to just own the new iPhone which looks exactly the same as iPhone G1?

    In case you haven’t realized, we are still living in a recession and for me, $500 is quite a lot of money to be throwing away at the moment. But then again, of course there are some Apple fanboys out there who are willing to spend their money just to own a “newer” iPhone.

    In conclusion, the iPhone is not worth that much and I would strongly advise everyone to think twice before buying the “Jesusphone”.

    • slicer

      you are a fool

  • @Kelvin

    I find it ironic you use price as a benchmark compare how worthy a phone is, using the cost of an iPhone to explain its faults, when your own phone (Nokia N95) costs in excess of $530; and thats by *todays* prices, no doubt it cost more ‘2 or 3 years ago’.

    Also, to complain about the naming nomenclature being unsophisticated and/or unoriginal when your -own- phone is named by nothing more than a letter designation and a number – which is far more obtuse than ‘adding an S’ (which to simple minded folk, stands for speed) is just redonkulous.

    Recession or not, people dont stop living and living people tend to have hobbies, interests and so on. Some people really enjoy the iPhone experience, some (like myself) are enchanted by the innovation of the appstore – which has no real rival. Its popular for a reaon.

    Yes, $500 is alot of money, but I wouldnt judge so harshly. You thought your phone was worth $500, can we not feel the same?

    Honestly, your post spoke more to me about someone jealous they didnt have an iPhone than someone who thinks the iPhone as a product is flawed.

  • Mohawke

    I got the 2g 8gb and passed on the 3g, and now have the 3g s, say what you will, but this phone has allowed me to put my laptop in the closet and will save me the cost of buying another. I no longer have to carry a camera, video recorder, or print maps when out and about either… No other phone up till this point could do all of that I don’t care what you say. Jailbroke I had all the features everyone cried about for at least a year now I have them in the legit build, no complaints and it still has the best interface hands down… AT&T sucks, but I haven’t had any issues, but I’m not the idiot that hangs on a call while I’m with friends or driving so who knows about the service I’d your one of those rude morons who can’t shut up

  • A guy who HATES this post from yours.

    To all your six points:
    1-this is pointless,
    2-this is pointless,
    3-this is wrong as shit,
    4-this doesn’t make any sense,
    5-this is right as shit,
    6-this is desperate.

    1-The Name Sucks?
    It’s not horrible, neither is it a great name, but there’s no way in hell it can make a smartphone suck.
    And by the way, it’s identified as the iPhone 3GS, but it is still an iPhone! The S, just like the 3G, only designate it as the newer iPhone: you won’t start calling your phone ‘My iPhone 3GS’, neither will someone ever come to you and say ‘Hey can I borrow your iPhone 3GS to make a phone call?’ Of course not. iPhone, 3GS version.

    2-The design is boring?
    Well that’s your problem if you’re buying a smartphone only expecting to look cooler than people around you with it! I admit it is always a lot of fun to carry around something unique and eye-catching, but is it really a problem if it doesn’t make you look unique??

    3-The camera still sucks?
    This point is bullshit. The iPhone’s camera has been in the middle class before. It lacked video recording and was 2 megapixels, but it worked decently and most cameras on smartphones were and now still many, many are like this. And now, the new iPhone’s camera has 30 fps video recording that can be edited on the go easily (superiority), it is now 3 megapixels, just like the Palm Pre, but much more than any Blackberry phone and many others (upper class), it has auto-focus (upper class) and its lack of a flash is an issue, but smartphones with a flash are rare (middle class). It actually ranks high in the upper class.

    4-New features are old news?
    Video recording and copy-paste are BS to you? Listen. How can something that ranks you as high as the others make you suck? What, should have these features been either scrapped because they were too BS or implemented in a revolutionizing mind-blowing way to have the right to exist? Oh, and you forgot about Stereo bluetooth, and p2p bluetooth that allows you to connect iPhones together to exchange things and play together without a wifi network, on the go video editing, and many more. Oh and BTW, it doesn’t have voice dialing, it has voice dialing and navigation including music control! Find me another smartphone capable of that.

    5-Pricing is scandalous?
    Well, yes. That is a good point you made here actually xD You should have put it ontop of the list.

    6-No Tethering Or MMS At Launch
    Dude, that’s desperate. This couldn’t even reasonably make a top 20.

  • alma

    “If it wasn’t kind of my job to have the latest iPhone, I probably wouldn’t have upgraded.”
    Why? What is you job? I thought this webpage is only your hobby blog site.

    • Sebastien

      It is. Nonetheless, I have to be up to date on everything iPhone.

  • Ryan

    Well, if that is all you can come up with, I’ll buy one tomorrow 🙂

  • Panna

    Need to add a seventh one…Battery time sucks! Some tech geeks already dismantled the 3G S and found it to have a 15% smaller battery then the previous Iphone versions. Users are complaining that they have to send their little power hungry phones to the charger several times a work day.

    Get this though, the solution from Apple’s website: they say users should turn off certain features to give their iphones more life, INCLUDING THE FASTER 3G NETWORK ITSELF! Well so much for that S in Iphone 3G S.

    I personally like the look of the Iphone, it definitely looks like a nice toy to have, but this is the biggest downfall for me, the horrid battery life. I think I will be going with the Palm Pre instead. Ok it does not look as cool as the iphone (though it is a different design and a camera with a flash..zoinks!), but when this thing starts to die on me in middle of the day (yes it also is a power sapper) all I have to do is slap in another battery and voila I am good to go. So while you Iphoners will be scrambling for the nearest outlet jack for your cradle, I will be able to go on without skipping a beat in my day.

    Now if they ever make an Iphone with a removable battery, I might change my mind about getting one…but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

  • Meh

    Just got teh ip0d t0uch.

    It doesn’t have
    *stupid data plans
    * a camera (because it’s a great gaming machine)

  • vsicarbon

    It’s the razr of our generation.

    Any windows mobile phone can do way more and has for the past 5 years.

    You can get any windows mobile phone in any form, touch, type, or both.

    I mean I have to admit the iphone has revolutionized the cell phone industry. Only It’s not a smart phone. You really need to jail break it and jump through hoops to even make it function as a poor excuse for a smart phone. I guess if you’re a teenage girl or someone who is impressed by a phone that makes noises when u swing it around, then the phone is for you.

    I like that the iphone keeps the non tech savy people away from windows or android.

  • epgomez

    One of the biggest disappointments on the iphone is the battery. Under normal use, it wouldn’t last a whole day. The only way is to plug it in your car and computer as much as you can to enough juice in case you go somewhere without available computer or car or outlet to plug it. If you stay in a mall too long you’re doomed (unreachable). Another thing is the phone signal is bad. I was in a restaurant and I noticed there was no bars no signal but my wife’s cheap phone has full bars! It’s a nice touch phone bec of the capacitive screen and animations plus the fanboys hadn’t really used nokias or blackberries before. Because the comments they give that shows their ignorance of how useful other smartphones are. For a phone in this day and age it is still way behind. The only thing is the touch… the cool apps are everywhere even on androids, symbian, winmo etc. the garbage apps yeah there’s a lot everywhere as well so number of apps is not a big deal. I can count with my fingers what kind of apps are usable and they are available in all smartphones.

  • xXx

    iPhone 3GS doesn’t suck….You suck….

  • abanoub

    i have a samsung tocco lite its about $180 i like it it has the samse features as the iphone i dont see why anyone would pay that much on a phone

  • Beh Ong Lim

    I got my iPhone 3GS and I think it’s just mediocre. I just don’t like how Apple is such a control freak and trying to control everything on the phone.

    I can’t turn off my data network,

    Only programs approved from Apples are allowed to be downloaded,

    You can’t connect your iPhone to your computer via Bluetooth like any other phones,

    Some of the apps are nothing more than just internet link extensions,

    No access to your SIM card, what is going to happen when you want to transfer contact from SIM card to another phone?

    Most apps are games and do not really enhance much of my daily living standards but make me waste more time playing on the iPhone, those really good ones are extremely expensive and I already paid so much for the phone, do I really have to pay more to get softwares?

    I would jailbreak my phone if I could (I don’t want the tethered version) but in the mean time, I just get frustrated with some of the features of the iPhone and I hate Apple for trying to control my life!

  • tom

    the iphone 3gs has no video calls feature

  • Chuck-i traded in my iPhone for a SMARTphone.

    In 2007, thousands of people stood in line for hours to buy a cell phone that did not have a removable battery, had an easily breakable glass screen, couldn’t send MMS picture messages, had only a 2mp camera with no flash, lacked proper support for Flash websites and had a slow internet altogether, couldn’t record video, lacked 3G high-speed data transfer, had no multitasking capabilities, had no GPS and couldn’t even copy and paste. That’s not that bad, right? It wouldn’t be if the phone didn’t cost $600, plus an AT&T contract which brought the total close to $1500.

    A year later, a newer, cooler updated version of the phone was released. It was so updated that it still did not have a removable battery, still had an easily breakable glass screen, still couldn’t send MMS, still had a 2mp camera with no flash, still had no Flash support and slow internet, still had no video recording, still couldn’t multitask and still couldn’t copy and paste. Luckily, some new features were added. They changed the metal back to plastic and replaced the battery with one that died faster. Due to all the new upgrades, $10 was also added to the monthly bill and texts were no longer free.

    The next year, they again brought out the newest version of the phone. They actually upgraded it too! Even though it still had no removable battery, an easily breakable glass screen, is still lacking on Flash support and the inability to multitask, it could now Gets MMS! And could record videos! And the internet is slightly faster! They upgraded the camera by an entire mega pixel! (Still with no flash of course) ANDDDDD, YOU CAN NOW COPY AND PASTE! It’s on sale to new customers for $300, but if you’re an existing customer who’s fed AT&T your money for contracts before, they show you their appreciation by charging you $560 instead.

    Wait… are those really ground-breaking updates, seeing as every other smartphone have been able to do these things for a few years now? Let’s think about this with some metaphors:

    An individual knows they are attractive and the best choice for their partner, do they walk around all day telling their partner “I am so beautiful! No other person can make you as happy as I can!”

    No. They only try to prove themselves when they feel like they might not be good enough for their significant other.

    Someone knows they do a great job at their workplace, do they intentionally start up a conversation about all the things they accomplished that day?

    No. Only people with self worth issues, or people who know they aren’t doing well and are afraid of getting fired do this.

    Why does this relate to this topic?

    I just find it funny that the only people who will start topics about how great their phones are out of the middle of no where, or will get exceedingly defensive, even if you just say you would not personally buy their phone, and throw up all over you with their reasons as to why their phones are superior….

    Are iPhone users.

  • Chad-Bra

    I r love my iPhonez, a cus i r sooo kewl looking when i typez sumfing and i iz not care if phone does noffing, a cus at least it costed lot of MONNY!

    GOD! STFU and just admit that the iPhone is not as cool as you make it out to be.

  • Fred

    Wauw.. Most of your points kind of suck.

    I agree with the point about the camera, but the rest is kind of useless to call a point – it’s more an opinion you’re giving.

    Also, the design is so much different from all the others. All iPhones will look roughly the same, sure, but they are a lot different from all other phones.

    Bad review buddy (and I have a Blackberry).

  • Jambajuice

    Actually I have an Iphone, and the only “reason” I bought it was the pandora application. yes! i spent money for it. I just love technology in short im a geek. anyways..i got so bored because it was locked, it only had limited apps; therefore, i jailbroke. i had fun for a little while then i realized it sucked because it was so outdated and they were always late to update its features.
    people were attracted to iphone because it is touchscreen. however,the very first and 2nd iphone didn’thave all the features of a what you called a cellphone and a true smartphone
    eg. mms came late (which probably your old phone has), bluetooth syncing (your old phone has)…oh and does not have office..doesnt have flash support can’t download mp3 directly….tsk tsk tsk.
    Iphone has a lot of flaws. oooh the touchscreen looks nice but the features and hardware needs more improvement.

    the following explanation will sound geeky…but i like rap!….exactly!

    Currently I have N95 8gb (cool laid people) and E72 (mostly for business) and these phones are awesome!!! and the following are all facts: (if you want youtube it!) or go to symbian-freak.com so you’ll see the power of symbian OS and NOKIA!!! well i love sony ericsson to coz i have it also! they are almost the same coz most support jar.

    N95 can be a remote for you tv and also for RC
    both has 5megapixels hoohaa!
    can play NES…Doom…oh and it has TV out hooohhaa!
    can download mp3 directly
    flash support hoohaa!
    it can turn to a Wii remote hoohaa!

    E72 has office word, powerpoint and more
    can download mp3 directly
    flash support hoohaa!

    ……..just just…GO TO GSMARENA.com and you can find the latest phones that you have not seen yet…and now i think soon im going to get N900 which has a computer power!
    better than ipad.

    people don’t get fooled by the looks..if you are going to buy a device make sure it has most of the features that you want and don’t forget to compare.
    good luck! (i mean i still use my iphone alarm hehehehe jk!)

  • I’ve donethemall

    Hey guys, I’m a little late to the iPhone craze. I just got my 3gs 2 weeks ago. I’ve owned nokias, Sony ericcson(W & top of the line K series which I love), blackberry, and most recently HTC(which makes awesome winmo phones). I was mr anti-apple for no good reason & never thought I’d own anything made by them. Unfortunately I lost my HTC so had to get a new phone. Checked a few phones with Sprint who was my current carrier & AT&T who I had a few years back. It came down to the HTC HD2 or the 3g s. I picked the 3g s because I couldn’t wait for the evo phone on sprint.

    Now my opinion. In Dallas, TX Sprint service is excellent virtually all over the city. I miss it now. AT&T is ok at best. There are less bars in more places. I’m dissappointed with that. NOW the phone. I admit I like apple now. The phone is just so damn intuitive. Yes winmo phones are more high tech but it’s still microsoft and they still make things harder than they should be on phones. I didn’t really realize that until I got the iPhone and the ease of use right the box. Of course it still has it’s limitations but for what it does, and for apple to have almost perfected it in such a short amount of time to me is remarkable. I’m happy with the phone but wish I could have gotten it with sprint 🙁

  • reut

    f-ck iphone of all generations and their creators
    kinda shit this mobile crap
    its a traditional apple handling – user told what f-ckin to do
    screw that ugly dirt

  • Chelsea

    I totally agree, I just got the iPhone 3GS and it sucks. It doesnt have flash, or a camera in the front ( even though it looks like it does) and it’s extremely hard to take pics b/ c you have to hold it really still. And the newest feature it doesn’t have FaceTime video call, which is stupid. And these phones are ridiculously over priced.

  • real name

    ur forgor the apps keep crashing/closing and there is no real way to solve it apple sucks im happy that fucker died