7 Reasons to Buy the New iPhone 3G S. Is That Enough?

The long expected iPhone 3G S has finally been unveiled yesterday at Apple’s WWDC. While the list price is $199 to $299, it will actually cost you much more than that if you’re an existing AT&T customer willing to upgrade. But is it really worth it? Compared side by side with the current iPhone 3G, what extra features does the 3G S have that would be worth the fea extra hundred bucks?

Fellow blogger Clay put up a laundry list of features that will only be available on the iPhone 3G S. Let’s have a look at them and see if it’s really worth it:

  • Faster processor
  • Video recording
  • Better camera
  • Voice control
  • Increased memory
  • Digital compass
  • Better battery

That’s it? Yes, these are all the extra features the new iPhone 3G S will have compared to the 3G. That’s not much…

If you don’t have an iPhone yet, I think you shouldn’t think twice about buying the new iPhone 3G S. Sure you can get the 3G for $99, but I believe the extra $100-$200 is worth it.

However, if you currently own an iPhone 3G I really think these 7 extra features are not compelling enough to justify paying up to $699 for the 3G S. I pre-ordered the 3G S for $560.16 because I’m just an iPhone douche and I have to have the latest one. I blog about it everyday so what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t even have the latest iPhone? Besides, me and my fiance are going to be traveling for a year and I really need this extra storage, video recording and the better battery.

As a side note, I told my fiance I pre ordered the new iPhone for a lot of money. She didn’t even bother asking me how much I paid because I think she didn’t want to start a fight over a piece of electronics. Anyways…

Unless you’re an “iPhone power user”, there is no reason for you to upgrade and potentially get raped by AT&T. Now if like me you can’t live without the latest iPhone, pre-order now, or spend a few hours in line on June 19th.