Everything You Need to Know About the New iPhone 3GS

I didn’t get to go to the WWDC this year again but I followed several liveblogging coverages as well as a live video streaming. Here is a summary of everything that was said about the new iPhone. Thanks Engadget for all the pictures. Please note that this text is really rough and I will take time to write a better sumary of what went on at the WWDC but I wanted to give you the heads up asap.

The iPhone keynotes started with an overview of the App Store. Developers have downloaded the SDK over 1 million times, and there are now over 50,000 apps in the App Store. Then Scott Forstall went on what we already about iPhone 3.0 such as copy/paste, MMS, etc…

Copy/paste will work over all apps, which is kind of a given, but it’s good to have confirmation. MMS will be supported by 29 carriers at launch. AT&T will be ready at the end of the summer. Boooo!

Scott Forstall also confirmed the rumor we heard a few weeks ago that you will now be able to rent and purchase movies directly from your iPhone. How cool is that?

Now about tethering… It will work for Mac and PCs via USB or BlueTooth. You won’t have to run any software once it’s turned on. 22 partners in 44 countries will support tethering but unfortunately, no word about AT&T…

A really cool new feature is AutoFill: your iPhone will now remember usernames and passwords to login to websites. It will also use your contact info to fill out web forms. I’ve been hoping for that since day 1.

Apple also created Find My iPhone. If you lose or misplace your iPhone, you can login to MobileMe on any browser and it will show you where the phone is. Amazing! You can send a message to your phone. Whether or not the phone is in silent mode, an alert will play until you find your phone. If it is lost or stolen, you can send a remote wipe command which will delete all of your data.

Now about push notification, there are 3 types of notifications you can push, text alerts, numerical badges, and sounds alerts.

One big thing I was hoping for but didn’t expect was the first real GPS app: TomTom.

3.0 will be free for iPhone users and $9.95 for iPod Touch users. It will be available June 17th 🙁

The new iPhone is officially called iPhone 3GS!!!

The “S” in iPhone 3GS stands for speed. Everything on the new iPhone is faster! It comes with a brand new 3 megapixels autofocus camera, you just tap on what you want to focus on.

But the best thing about this camera is that it also captures videos… So how does that work? You go into the camera application, select if you want to do video, 30fps, VGA, with audio… auto focus, auto white balance. When you go into the app, you can see the video and scrub along with your finger… you can also edit it with a tap of your finger. And you can share it with anyone, you can tap “share” and send it in an email if your carrier supports it, you can send the video as an MMS.

There’s another great feature called Voice Control. You can hold down the home button, and a brand new UI pops up: the voice control interface. You can make calls with your voice, you can control your iTunes by voice.

There’s also a built-in digital compass. The compass app is a new one that comes on the iPhone. You can tap to go right into Maps, and if you tap a second time, it will orient the map to where you’re facing.

All these great new features and Apple managed to improve battery life. Up to 5 hours 3G talk time, 9 hours of WiFI internet.

The iPhone 3GS 16GB will be $199 and the 32GB version will be $299. It will be available in black and white. The iPhone 3G is now going to be priced at $99.