Exclusive: The Name of the New iPhone Will Be…

We’re just days away of finally finding out about the new iPhone. Will all these rumors be confirmed at the WWDC? We’ll figure it out soon enough. Something that no one has speculated on is the name of this new iPhone.

A little before the iPhone 3G was revealed last year, we all called it the “3G iPhone”. I guess we were close enough. Given everything we know about this new iPhone coming up, medias have started calling it the “iPhone 3G 2009” or the “iPhone HD”.

Let’s try to be creative for a minute and come up with a few possible names:

  • iPhone III – I kinda like that one but I think it could be easily confused with iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3.0 – could be, but how will they call it when firmware 3.1 comes out in a few months?
  • iPhone 3G Pro – no, too long, and too elitist. To me, “pro” means business
  • iPhone 3G 2009 – if you want my opinion, that’s gay (no offense)! No way Apple would pick such an unoriginal name
  • iPhone 3G 2nd Generation – blahhh, this long name just made me puke in my mouth
  • iPhone 4G – no, it would require a 4G network, which we don’t have yet
  • iPhone HD – nahhh. HD what?
  • iPhone Video – could be, but video is just one feature among many others. Why not call it “iPhone Copy/Paste” while you’re at it?
  • iPhone Pre – no comment!

Alright, if I had to take one wild bet, I think the new iPhone is actually going to be called the “iPhone that finally has a decent camera, copy/paste, video recording, and MMS 3G” 😉

More seriously, I think Apple will simply call it “iPhone” to avoid alienating users who have the previous models.

What do you think the new iPhone will be called?