Create an iTunes account without a credit card

By , Oct 18, 2008

[digg-me]So you have a spanking new iPhone or iPod Touch and you can’t wait to download all these applications from iTunes until you realize you need a Credit Card to have an iTunes account. Or, maybe you do have a Credit Card but the app you want is not available in your country? Don’t panic, there is an easy solution to this problem, and best of all, it’s totally legit and should take you about 2 minutes to set up.

This tutorial will teach you how to create an iTunes account in any country whether you have a credit card or not. All you need is 2 minutes, an Internet connection and have iTunes already running on your computer.

1. Select country

First things first. Go to iTunes homepage, and select your contry, at the very bottom of the page. For the purpose of this tutorial, I chose South Africa, although I live in the US.

2. Click on a free app

Once you have selected your country, you want to click on a free app in the “top free apps” section (see image above). For this tutorial, I clicked on Mocha VNC Lite. After clicking on the app, it will open the app description page. From there, click on “Get App”.

3. Create a new account

After clicking on “get app”, a window like the one below will pop up. Simply click on”Create New Account”.

4. iTunes welcome message

You will see this welcome message. Click “Continue”.

5. Terms Of Service

You will now see the usual Terms Of Service. Check the box saying that you agree and click “Continue”.

6. Create your iTunes account

Enter the information required to create your iTunes account. DO NOT lie about your email address as it would be pointless. You have to provide a real email address to activate your iTunes account. After creating your account info, click “Continue”.

7. Payment method

Now, where you would normally be supposed to enter your credit card information, you have another option showing up: “Payment method: None”. Select “None”, enter your personal information and click “Continue”.

8. Verify your account

You now get a message saying that a confirmation email has been sent to the address you provided.

9. Check your emails to activate

Go check your emails. You should have received the email below from Apple. If it’s not here, make sure to check your spam folder. Click the link in the email to activate your new iTunes account.

10. Sign in your new iTunes account

Now you should be prompted to sign in. Enter your email and password.

11. Congratulations

Done! You now have an iTunes account that you created without giving your credit card information.

You may wonder why you had to go through these steps instead of just creating an account straight from the login box when you try to purchase music on iTunes. I don’t know why but if you did this, you wouldn’t be able to see the “payment: none” option that we saw in step 7. So make sure to follow this step by step if you want it to work.

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  • Wind4953

    Why do you want to use iTunes anyway Kathy?

  • Hassan Simrah

    Thats really working..thanks dude….

  • Jeffrey Raymond

    thanks bro it works

  • Yenesey Ramirez

    I tried this several times and then went back realizing that I hadn’t chosen a country so I did that choosing Mexico, and then I finally got the “None” option so it works just try it again carefully.

  • Mahmoud Nahle

    Dude thanks for the tutorial

  • Faizan Ern Prince

    This Blog was created in 2008, so it is probably outdated. You might not ser the ‘none’ payment method button now.

    Just use your country and enter your real credit card information, it is not a big deal 😀

  • Marian bocalan

    thank you so much .. you did such a big help -salutes-

  • Kai Denham

    what there is no option that says none stupids

  • Yar Ma

    I have already activate my account but when i log in ,it appear (your account does not activate yet)

  • nicki

    thank you so much!!!

  • Praveen M Paul

    I did it to create an id for my friend,,, nice one

  • ranga

    ya there isnt thx for trying tho

  • Sultan

    thanks alot :)

  • leo

    I think we have to register the account from the iphone not from itunes on the laptop …

  • Penny Holt

    I have gave you every credit card # I have and you will not e xcept any of them why is that Penny Holt


    same here still asking card no or saying wrong card no

  • DODD

    People if you want to sign up on itunes without using a Credit card first download a free app from the itunes store
    then THe NONE option will show up

  • Amy Shirar

    I found this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo helpful thanks a lot

  • Penny Holt

    I am on a samsung galaxyI am NOT paying for nothing I pay for non stop just have this phone

  • Amirreza

    Thank you it worked for me. I selected US.

    Why Apple is so cruel ???

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