Yahoo Mail

Yahoo totally revamps Mail, now with 1TB of free storage

Yahoo's beleaguered Mail has long given up its leadership position to Gmail although many people would agree that Yahoo's web-mail service is far more elegant, sophisticated and streamlined compared to Google's Gmail, which often times looks very much like work in progress. Taking another crack at dethroning Google, Yahoo today started rolling out a significant Mail makeover across the web, mobile and desktop.

Further sweetening the deal, the company has raised the storage cap so everyone now gets one terabyte of free storage. The new design looks absolutely gorgeous, jump past the fold for the full reveal...

Yahoo Mail iOS app gets folder management, improved attachment handling

The struggling Internet giant Yahoo released its native Mail app for the iPhone last December, but it fell on deff ear.

Fourth months later, a revamped version with native iPad support has arrived and Yahoo has since enhanced the experience by adding a couple improvements, including the useful business-focused support for multiple personal and Business Mail accounts.

As part of the sweeping streamlining announced on its blog this morning, Yahoo has pushed an incremental update to its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad client, the new version now allowing you to open attachments in other apps and manage multiple folders with ease...

Yahoo! Mail app now supports multiple personal and Business Mail accounts

Yahoo may have been buying popular iPhone apps lately, but that doesn't mean it's not giving Apple's platform some love. Quite the contrary, in the past few weeks the original Internet giant has released a stunning Weather app, updated Flickr with Instagram-y filters, overhauled News and re-released the native Mail software.

And in today's update, they've added two major features appealing to enterprise and power users.

First up, the application now lets you set up multiple Yahoo Mail accounts on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and quickly switch between them without ever signing out...

Yahoo! Mail launches on iPad

With Google continuing to allocate significant resources towards improving its Gmail service and the excellent iOS client, you'd be forgiven for disregarding Yahoo! Mail. I mean, who in their right mind uses Yahoo! Mail, right? Turns out more than 281 million people do, making it the third-largest web-based email service as of December 2012, according to comScore. And the iPhone from the onset supported Yahoo! Mail.

As promised, hot on the heels of releasing a gorgeous new Weather application for the iPhone, Yahoo this morning also refreshed its existing iOS email client with native support for the iPad's bigger canvas. Go past the fold for more tidbits and a nice promo clip...

Yahoo releases brand new Mail app for the iPhone

Surely you must remember Yahoo! Mail? The more than 310 million people who still use it swear it's the best webmail service out there, bar none. If you're a fan of Yahoo's email offering, you'll be delighted to learn that the search firm today released a brand new iOS email client. It's got the basic you'd want from an email app nailed: the clean inbox view with infinite scrolling, auto-complete for email addresses you type, notifications for incoming email messages, multiple message selection, swiping left and right for quick access to options, in-line images, search across folders and more...