WWDC 2013

You can now watch the full WWDC 2013 keynote

Folks who missed Apple’s WWDC keynote this morning, or would just like to watch it again, will be happy to hear that Apple has just posted the full video online for your streaming pleasure. Obviously, you can read everything you need to know about today’s event right here on iDB. But if you have the time, the video is definitely worth watching…

Watch the iOS 7 intro video here

About halfway through Apple’s keynote today, Craig Federighi brought Tim Cook back up onstage for one of the biggest reveals in the company’s history. It was the moment everyone had been waiting for: the preview of Apple’s biggest iOS refresh to date, iOS 7.

Rather than jump right into listing new features and improvements, Apple chose to introduce the new software with a hardware-like introduction video featuring Jony Ive talking against a white background. And in case you missed it, Apple just posted it online…

iOS 7 to allow FaceTime audio calls

Ask and you shall receive.

This is what I thought when I found out that iOS 7 will have a new feature which will let you perform audio calls via FaceTime. It was only two weeks ago that I publicly asked for this new feature and it’s is now a reality. Did Apple hear me? Probably not, but it’s good to know this is coming to an iOS device near you soon.

Dubbed as FaceTime audio, it’s not hard to imagine this feature being a direct competitor to Skype…

New ad: ‘Designed by Apple in California’

Apple executives on several occasions during the just-finished WWDC keynote made note of both the fact that the new Mac Pro is being built in the United States and that the redesigned iOS 7 software and other apps are being conceived, designed and implemented by its team of engineers in California.

In fact, Apple’s been proudly putting stickers on its products saying ‘Designed by Apple in California’ for years and has now even made a compelling new ad which focuses in its California design roots…

Apple announces iTunes Radio, coming this Fall

Ending months of speculation, Apple here at WWDC talked about its Pandora-like service, dubbed by the press iRadio. The company is actually calling it iTunes Radio and pitches it as a free Internet radio service that features over 200 stations and “an incredible catalog of music” from the iTunes Store. Built right into a redesigned Music app in iOS 7, iTunes Radio streams music for free, in exchange for ads.

The new service also gives you access to “first listen” premieres from top selling artists and other exclusives. Tim Cook called it “the best way to discover new music.” Here’s your fine print…

iOS 7 availability and the devices that will be supported

Although the beta version of iOS 7 is already available to registered developers, it was announced today that the public version won’t be available until this Fall, presumably around the same time the new iPhone will be released.

The question that might come to your mind is “will my device be supported?” Chances are it will…

iOS 7: Music app redesign

The big news with the Music app in iOS 7 is iTunes radio, but the interface to the Music app in general received a huge update. Compare what we’re currently using to what we’re going to get with iOS 7, and the current Music app appears hopelessly outdated.

iOS 7 beta 1 download available today for developers

Eager to get your hands on all the goodness that’s packed in iOS 7? The good news is that if you’re a developer, you can get access to it today, assuming you can get into the Dev Center, which is crawling under massive amounts of traffic right now.

Everybody else, you’ll have to wait for the Fall to be able to enjoy iOS 7, once it becomes available to the general public…

App Store gets auto updates and more in iOS 7

Folks hoping that Apple would make some changes to the dark-themed App Store in iOS 7 will be happy to hear their wish has come true. In line with the rest of the UI design changes in the new software, App Store is now flat, white and easier to read.
In addition to the makeover, the App Store also receives several enhancements in iOS 7. Perhaps the most compelling change is the fact that users can now opt to have their applications automatically updated. Keep reading for more on the update…

iOS 7: Photos + Camera

Thew new Photos app and Camera app included in iOS 7 is, as expected, a pretty significant departure from what we currently know and use. First and foremost, the new Photos app. The new Photos app auto organizes pictures based on when and where you took them, a featured dubbed Moments.

One interesting aspect of Moments is the ability to zoom out, and selectively pick specific photos from the grouping by tapping and dragging your finger over the photos. Photo streams have received a significant update as well, as you can now share your photos directly into other’s photo streams, and vice versa.

Siri gets a makeover, new features and improvements in iOS 7

Apple’s system-wide overhaul in iOS 7 brings a new look to everyone’s favorite snarky digital assistant. Siri gets a complete makeover in the update with a new UI, new animations, and more realistic-sounding voice samples—now available in both male and female voices.

In addition to the redesign, Siri also gets a handful of new features and other improvements. Phil Schiller says that it’s smarter, with faster responses, in-app Bing search results and links to Twitter, and deeper vehicle integration for automakers to take advantage of…