FreedomPop confirms LTE iPad clip, launches in H2 2013

Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom-backed FreedomPop startup made waves with its Freedom Hub Burst no-contract wireless appliance that serves one gigabyte of free 4G data each month to up to 10 wireless or wired devices simultaneously.

Monday, Forbes reported that FreedomPop could unveil an iPad sleeve with 4G data via Sprint’s LTE network. A new report out today sheds more light on the matter: a FreedomPop LTE clip compatible with iPads is indeed due in the second half of this year. We've got more tidbits right after the break...

FreedomPop tempts with no-commit 1GB of free home Internet each month. Interested?

The way things are now, fourth-generation cellular networks already match - and often top - data speeds offered by your home's typical DSL broadband connection. So why not just replace your broadband line with a wireless 4G router?

Enter FreedomPop, a startup backed by Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom, whose new device dubbed the Freedom Hub Burst ups the ante by giving away one gigabyte of 4G data free of charge, each month. Those needing more data will pay fair prices.

Plus, it’s a no-contract device and it supports up to ten wireless or Ethernet devices simultaneously, which should cut it for a typical Apple-branded home comprised of a few Mac or Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads and iPods...

Did Sprint Just Sign a $20 Billion Deal with Apple for iPhone 5 Exclusivity?

After four years of waiting, it appears that Sprint will finally get the chance to carry Apple's smartphone on its network. Among other things, Apple is expected to announce a new partnership with the carrier at tomorrow's iPhone event.

A few moments ago, The Wall Street Journal (who confirmed the Sprint-bound iPhone back in August) posted an interesting article regarding the new partnership between Apple and the third largest US operator.

The deal reportedly requires Sprint to purchase 30.5 million iPhones over the next 4 years, costing the company nearly $20 billion. But why in the world would Sprint make such a staggering commitment? BGR believes it's for iPhone 5 exclusivity...

iPhone 4 WiMAX Case Delivers 4G Speeds in South Korea

There's been plenty of debate as to when the iPhone will have 4G speeds. Some think it will happen with Apple's very next release, but most agree that we won't see any sort of LTE/4G speeds on our beloved iPhones until at least next year.

While any sort of iPhone 4G may be a long ways away here in the United States, a new case in South Korea is already equipping the iPhone 4 with WiMAX/4G data speeds...